Slings and Arrows

The Promised End

Season 3, Ep 6, Aired 8/28/06
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  • Thanks to Charles, Lear gets cancelled and Geoffrey's future at the festival is in doubt. Also Ellen finally fires Barabara. The end of the series ends in typical Shakespearean fashion, with a wedding and a song.

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  • a wonderful episode in a wonderful season in a wonderful show!

    By emma5000, Sep 28, 2006

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    • Andrew McTeague: If we could hurry, I have a wedding to minister. (Geoffrey takes a bow tie out of his pocket.) Geoffrey Tennant: You know how to tie one of these things? Andrew McTeague: No, sorry, I don't. Geoffrey Tennant: What do you mean? You do thousands of weddings. Andrew McTeague: I marry people, I don't dress them. Geoffrey Tennant: The bow tie is a disaster, the whole thing is a disaster. Andrew McTeague: Well, maybe you should just call the whole thing off then. Geoffrey Tennant: What are you talking about? I already said yes.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: And as for Charles ... well, I imagine that you know all about him and thanks for all that. And as for you, I wanna thank you and I wanna curse you and I have to say goodbye now, Oliver, I love you, I wish you could be here today.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, Ellen, well ... Ellen is being sued by the producers of that TV show and she kind of said, more or less said "go ahead, take it all!". So they did. They took her house which is why we're moving to Montreal. Well, I kind of thought that I could resurrect my theater company "Theatre sans argent", I think it could work, you know, it's bilingual for a start ... . Andrew McTeague: You're good. Geoffrey Tennant: I'm not quite done.

    • Andrew McTeague: Okay, so, you know the routine. Geoffrey Tennant: I face the empty chair and I talk. Andrew McTeague: Talk to Oliver. Geoffrey Tennant: Okay. (Geoffrey is talking to a finally empty chair.) Geoffrey Tennant: Hi, how are you doing? Oh, yah ... let me see. Oh, Anna is finally taking a vacation, in Bolivia. Well, apparently there's some kind of counter-revolution going on but I'm told that Anna has taken up with the leader of the revolutionaries, so ... . Richard? Oh God. Well, Richard, Richard is directing next season. Yeah, Oklahoma!, in fact he has announced his intension to work his way through the entire canon of Rodgers and Hammerstein. God help us all!

    • Anna Conroy: Just say it, Richard. Say "you're fired". Richard Smith-Jones: Anna, I'm not firing you. Anna Conroy: You're firing me. Richard Smith-Jones: No, Anna, I don't fire friends. Anna Conroy: Richard, we're really not friends. Richard Smith-Jones: Okay, c'mon Anna, that's, that's just the way you feel right now, you know, at ten fifteen in the morning on whatever day it ist, in whatever year, you know, besides, you're upset, you know, I think that invalidates your opinion. Anna Conroy: All right. I'll do it myself, I do everything around here: "Anna, you're fired! Go, clean out your desk!" Richard Smith-Jones: Anna, I'm not firing you, okay? I don't fire friends, I don't! Please! Please ... Anna Conroy: Okay, you're not firing me ... Richard Smith-Jones: Yeah, good. (Anna starts to cry.) Richard Smith-Jones: Oh, Anna, don't cry. Look, I know you're upset, Charles dying and everything ... Anna Conroy: It's not Charles. It's you. You came so close, Richard, to becoming a human being. You lost your soul and now you're just a fool. Richard Smith-Jones: Okay, Anna, clean out your desk. Anna Conroy: Thank you, Richard.

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