Small Wonder


Season 1, Ep 13, Aired 11/30/85
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  • Episode Description
  • When overexposure to Harriet infects heuristically mimicking Vicki with Harriet's personality traits and shrieking tantrums, Ted must purge the brat out of her at his factory -- but not before Harriet and Bonnie Brindle wonder where Vicki suddenly vanished to and summon the police.

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Bogert

    Brandon Brindle (1986-1989)

  • Alice Ghostley

    Ida Mae Brindle (1988-1989)

  • Dick Christie

    Ted Lawson

  • Marla Pennington

    Joan Lawson

  • Jerry Supiran

    Jamie Lawson

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  • My favorite Small Wonder season 1 episode!

    By doyalmeadows9, May 31, 2013

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  • Quotes (6)

    • Ted: Now, in case I'm delayed, start dinner without me.
      Joan : I'm too upset to eat.
      Jamie: I'm never that upset.
      Harriet: (standing at the door as Ted opens it) Hi, everybody!
      Jamie: I just lost my appetite.

    • Jamie: (about Vicki) Can you fix her, Dad?
      Ted: I think there's some sort of damage to the internal circuits.
      Jamie: That figures. Harriet can even drive a robot crazy.
      Ted: I just don't have the equipment to fix her here but there's hardly anybody at the plant on Saturdays. I can take her apart here, sneak her into my office and fix her there.
      Joan: Take her apart? Our adorable child?
      Jamie: Mom, don't think of her as a child, think of her as Harriet.
      Joan: (thinks for a moment) Take her apart.

    • Ted: (walks in with the suitcase) Hi there.
      Joan : Hi.
      Jamie: Hi.
      Ted: Well, I did it. Vicki's tapes are erased and she's back to her old self, again.
      Joan: (sighs in relief) Oh, great. Is she um...?(points to the suitcase)
      Ted: Yes, she's uh...(shakes the suitcase)
      Joan: (somewhat horrified) Oh, Ted.
      Ted: (chuckles) Come on, honey. I walked into the factory, alone. I couldn't very well walk out with a whole little girl.

    • Harriet: (To Vicki) This is my room. It's pretty neat, huh?
      Vicki: Pretty neat.
      Harriet: There's my stuffed animal collection. Do you have one?
      Vicki: No, I have never stuffed an animal
      Harriet: (Giggles and claps her hands 3x) You're funny!
      Vicki: (Laughs and claps her hands 4x) I'm funny!
      Harriet: Every girl should have stuffed animals. And here's my favorite doll, Baby Puddle. If you squeeze it hard, that what it does, makes a puddle! What's your favorite doll?
      Vicki: I don't have a doll.
      Harriet: You don't! You're deprived. A little girl without a doll is like a grown woman without a mink. Why don't you just buy a doll with the allowance they give you?
      Vicki: They don't give me an allownace.
      Harriet: Oh I can't believe this, do you know what your problem is? You don't know how to ask for things.

    • Bonnie: Harriet, we'll have to leave soon for your appointment with the orthodontist.
      Harriet: That's all I need, braces on top of freckles! I'll never get married!
      Bonnie: I don't know why we bother with the orthodontist anyway. Pratically half your teeth have fallen out. Oh and straighten up your room before we go.
      Harriet: I'll do it later mom.
      Bonnie: No, no, no, no, no! Now.
      Harriet: Later.
      Bonnie: Now.
      Harriet: Later.
      Bonnie: I'll give you fifty cents.
      Harriet: Now.
      Bonnie: That's my good little spoiled brat!
      Harriet: (To Vicki) See how easy that was. Fifty cents here, fifty cents there. I plan to retire before I reach high school.

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    Notes (2)

    • Production was completed on October 17, 1985.

    • The production title of this episode is "The Brainwashed".

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