Thy Neighbor's Wife

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Quotes (3)

  • Joan: Kids I need your help.
    Jamie: Sure mom.
    Joan: Brandon Brindle is bringing this Japanese gentleman over to interview him for the new job and we gotta act like we're Brandon's family and that we love him.
    Jamie: Mom, that's not just acting. That's Academy Award time.
    Vicki: Academy Award time. In accepting this Oscar, I'd like to thank all the little people I stepped on to get here. You like me, you really like me!
    Jamie: Why are we doin' this mom?
    Joan: Oh, neighbors should do nice things for each other.
    Jamie: We're talkin' about the Brindles.
    Joan: And if we can get that clown that job, we'll get rid of him forever.
    Jamie: Works for me.
    Joan: Good. Now I'm goin' to be his wife Bonnie and Vicki, you're goin' to be Harriet. Think you can act like Harriet?
    Vicki: (In the style of Harriet) If it isn't dream hunk, the love of my life! (Embraces Jamie)
    Jamie: Down! Down you crazy erector set!
    Vicki: Yes dear! (Pinches Jamie's cheeks)
    Jamie: Ow. Well mom, if you two are Brindles, well who am I?
    Joan: You're Jamie Lawson, the boy next door.
    Jamie: Great, I was born to play that part.

  • Harriet: When you and I are married Jamie, we'll never fight. Not as long as you keep repeating those two magic words.
    Jamie: What's that?
    Harriet: Yes dear!

  • Harriet: (To Vicki): Hi-eee!
    Vicki: (To Harriet): Hi-eee!
    Harriet: (To Jamie): Oh! If it isn't dream hunk, the love of my life!
    Jamie: (To Harriet): You're right, it isn't.
    Harriet: (To Jamie): You know dimples, you really shouldn't play hard to get.
    Jamie: (To Harriet): Oh I'm not Harriet. I'm playing impossible to get.
    Harriet: (To Jamie): That's stupid sugar bear!

Notes (1)

  • The production title of this episode is "Thy Neighbor's Wife".