Vicki Doolittle

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Quotes (2)

  • Jamie: (Lifts a barrel) Vicki this weighs a ton, would you give me a hand?
    Vicki: Give you a hand. (Claps hands)
    Jamie: Thanks.
    Harriet: Hi.
    Jamie: Oh, hi Harriet. How's your bird?
    Harriet: I've been losing my voice trying to teach Waldo to talk. I think he's defective.
    Jamie: Maybe Vicki can find out why he won't talk. She can understand animals.
    Vicki: I'm a "nuts and bolts" Doctor Doolittle.
    Harriet: What do you mean she can understand animals? That's ridiculous.
    Jamie: Just trust me. Make him say somethng, go ahead.
    Harriet: Waldo, say something.
    Waldo: (Squawks twice)
    Harriet: Come on you fraud, say something.
    Waldo: (Squawks twice)
    Harriet: Open that beak and say something!
    Waldo: (Squawks twice loudly)
    Harriet: See that's all he says! (Squawks twice) If you can understand animals, what does that mean?
    Vicki: It means, "But Harriet, But Harriet". He can't get in a word edgewise.
    Jamie: Just like the rest of us.
    Harriet: You mean he'll talk if I just shut up?
    Waldo: (Squawks) Works for me, works for me!
    Harriet: Vicki, you're a genius!
    Jamie: Yeah and I figured a way to use Vicki's talents and make some money. You're lookin' at Doctor Vicki Doolittle, the world's greatest animal psychologist!
    Vicki: (In Waldo's voice) Works for me, works for me!

  • Harriet: (After Vicki blows the leaves away) That was so weird! I just got caught in a leaf storm.
    Jamie: Well, weird attracts weird. Who's your feathered friend Harriet?
    Harriet: Oh, well this is my new parrot Waldo.
    Jamie: Does he talk?
    Harriet: Well, he hasn't said anything yet. Waldo want a cracker?
    Waldo: (Squawks)
    Harriet: Waldo want some birdseed?
    Waldo: (Squawks twice)
    Harriet: Dumb bird!
    Jamie: If he's so dumb, then why'd you buy him?
    Harriet: Because we're color coordinated!
    Jamie: (To Vicki) How are we going to tell them apart?
    Vicki: The quiet one has feathers.

Notes (1)

  • The production title of this episode is "Vicki Doolittle".