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    what an episode!

    By scillaward, Jul 11, 2010

    Chloe is in way too deep with Davis. She claims that she is doing this to protect Clark, but she really loves Davis. Oliver is telling Clark to kill the beast which is Davis and Clark refuses to listen, which is going to cause some grim consequences in the season finale. Jimmy seems like he's going to get off popping pills and start working for Oliver once again. I'm glad that they formed a bond. Smallville is really dark this season and next week's episode looks very promising. But the season finale will be the darkest hour Clark must face.moreless

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    This is it. The episode that Chloe Sullivan is going to regret for the rest of her life.

    *Spoiler Alert: Unless you've already read the various clues and hints about what takes place in the upcoming season finale, don't read the review*

    By KingDavid365, May 04, 2009

    I don't get why Chloe has been doing the things she's been doing for Davis recently, but I think that it's obvious by now that this is more than just about protecting Clark from Doomsday. She's letting her personal feelings get in the way of her common sense and it's going to haunt her until the very end.

    Unless I'm wrong, there's absolutely no way that Chloe can survive past the season finale. In case you haven't seen the hints, here they are:

    - Two series regulars are going to die in the season finale. Meaning Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Tess Mercer, Davis Bloome, and Oliver Queen are all in danger.

    - Unlike previous Smallville deaths, both deaths are PERMANENT.

    - There is a twist involved concerning a death, but that twist does not involve that character coming back.

    - One of the regulars dying is considered a veteran Smallville character.

    - One of the dying characters is a man.

    -Tom Welling and Erica Durance have signed on for a season nine, so that pretty much secures the safety of Lois and Clark.

    So unless they throw a major curve ball and disregard any DC continuity by killing a classic character like Clark, Lois, Jimmy, or Ollie, it doesn't look too good for Chloe.

    Moving on to the actual review, I really enjoyed this episode. The teaser at the beginning was really scary, and definitely qualifies as the most horrific moment of the season. Sam Witwer and Chloe Sullivan did not disappoint in "Beast," but that's no surprise.

    I cannot stress this enough. I LOVED Oliver Queen in this episode. I wasn't too crazy about his downward spiral earlier this season, but I do believe that he has redeemed himself. Justin is incredible and I believe he was the standout performance of the episode. It was great that he's developing a friendship with Jimmy, but does anybody else think that the drug problem enabled the writers a great opportunity to start the legendary Clark/Jimmy friendship? And the Chlollie scene where he yells at Chloe was one of the episode's best. I agree that he totally needs to man up and destroy Doomsday. In the words of Ollie, "Kick his ass, Clark!"

    Of course, Clark wasn't in this episode so much, but this is a Chloe/Davis centric episode after all. The face off in the Fortress was great, but not as great as I had imagined. Hopefully, the showdown in the finale will fulfill all expectations.

    And you can't say you didn't feel for Clark when he realized that Chloe was gone and he couldn't do anything about it. Tom Welling played that scene extremely well and I thought it was an appropriate ending.

    Before I conclude the review, let me end this by saying I am NOT a Chloe hater. I actually love her, but I'm really fearing her safety right now. But you never know. Maybe the Aussiello hint really does say "The person dying is not Chloe"

    Overall, FANTASTIC episode. It was dark, but that was expected. "Injustice" and "Doomsday" (Season 8's final episodes) look amazing. I can't wait. This truly is the best season EVER.

    9/10 - Superb episode!!moreless

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    An anti-climax in every least now we can guess why the justice league has no record of chloe.

    By TVanimal, May 03, 2009

    This show has gone from filler episodes to rock bottom in a few weeks as i see it.

    bringing in doomsday was actually a good idea in terms of closing the whole smallville saga. As he is the only person/thing to actually kill superman in the mythology it is a good inclusion to smallville to push clark kent to becoming superman.

    back in the episode where we saw the justice league they mentioned they'd never heard of chloe, at least we now know gets killed by doomsday is my guess (chloe is annoying me lately and its time for her to disappear) and i would like to see clark step up for the first time and actually do something. Oliver queen is actually my favourite character as he is who clark kent is supposed to be.moreless

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    Much ado about nothing.

    By the12w84, May 02, 2009

    This was another step towards the end of the series, that's all. So, now we've gotten rid of Chloe, who's next. The writers, the actors and possibly the entire crew have lost their interest and are just following the scripts, while their hart is clearly not in it anymore. Even Chloe's tears are void of any emotion. The second half of this season has been a turning point, there is less and less superman and ever more darkness and emptyness. The show has clearly run out of money, as even the fortress can not be illuminated with more than one lightbulb. Yes, I know it's in the storyline somewhere, but come on, this just looks sad. The endless nighttime shootings and dark settings are more depressing than story building. Clark (aka Superman) hasn't done anything heroic in a long time and seems more like a helpless little guy now, than in the first few episodes of season 1. Whatever it is, it's not Superman worthy.moreless

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    Oliver emerges as Jonathan Kent, Lional Luthor and Lex Luthor all roled up into one. Jimmy continues to loses is innocent,while Clark still tries to hang on to his.

    By c07111, May 02, 2009

    Disappointed in Chloe's choices. So, Clark can't live w/sending Davis to hell, but he can live w/his BFF being in the presence of a monster everyday. Even w/Jimmy on a stretcher once again, she could only think about Clark & Davis. Scenes w/Clark, Oliver reminded me of Jonathan,"you can't save everyone", Lex "you have to make the hard decisions, kill him" & Lionel "people change". He has emerged as the rational & realistic one on the show. Chloe became a liability & it brought me back to why Pete left Smallville. He didn't want to be a liability to Clark.moreless

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  • 8.5

    The conflict between Chloe's protection of Davis, and his threat to Clark makes for good drama. Oliver and Jimmy get some of their best scenes of the season.

    By cxtasy, May 02, 2009

    Back on track from last week's interruption, Smallville's writers pump out heavy drama, using only five cast members. Chloe continues to hide Davis, but his transformation to the Beast is always just moments away, and he draws Chloe ever tighter to himself to keep it in check. We have to feel sympathy for her on one hand, knowing she's determined to protect Clark, but we also question whether her seeming attraction to the human side of Davis is simply delaying the inevitable. Ms. Mack's performance is right up there with her best, while the directing, lighting and sound are superior - and all noticeably better that "Stiletto" last week. When the screenwriting is at this level of excellence, it elevates all the production elements.

    Aaron Ashmore's role, and his performance, are darker than I've ever seen, as he struggles with a painkiller addiction. The script still has him playing a bit too much of a whiner, especially when he tries to wheedle money out of Oliver. It's interesting to watch him act on his belief that Davis is merely a serial killer, while his closest friends all know the much larger truth. His defiance of Davis while he and Oliver are held captive shows a strength of character not often seen in Jimmy - let's hope the writers continue to let him stay at this level of maturity. Eventually Jimmy will return to the staff photographer job at the DP, but that seems a long way off, given this lengthy detour into jealousy, divorce, and addiction.

    Mr. Hartley does a great job as Oliver - the mature one of the cast, more sure of himself than Clark, and I liked the way he continues to press Clark to make difficult decisions - in this case, destroying Davis. His scene in the Talon basement with Davis was a classic. While Clark's belief in redemption for anyone means Davis continues to be a killing machine, he finally attempts to send Davis to a zone far, far, away, only to be thwarted by Chloe.

    Does Chloe really know best what Clark can live with? Her line about Clark not being able to live with himself if he destroyed Davis is the summary of her motives. We don't see exactly how the spacecraft key transported her and Davis from the Fortress to some stateside location, but I fear that her continued commitment to keeping Davis under control puts her in constant danger of fatal fallout from Clark-Davis battles. And I do not support ever writing Ms. Mack out of the cast. Eventually Clark must succeed in disposing of Davis, and this story line has been so central to Chloe's role this season that I wonder how she can come out of this as the Chloe we have always known. For the season-ender, I hope that she and Clark eventually can agree on and work together to send Davis to a better place. It won't be peaceable - I'm sure most of the fans expect a titanic battle.

    This has all been about the supporting cast - what about the star? Mr. Welling gets a good range of emotions to play, trying to uphold his principles, considering Oliver's advice on decisions befitting a superhero, and trying to understand Chloe's actions. But for now, he didn't achieve his objectives, and Davis is still on the loose. That leaves much to be resolved in the final two episodes, and we can see that "Beast" is the first of a three-part season-ender. I won't miss a moment of these, and hope we see Lois featured in the next two - wouldn't it be fun to see Ms. Durance play a pivotal role with Clark and Chloe on the Doomsday threat? For now, I'm going to watch "Beast" again. Re-run rating B+.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By jared85, May 02, 2009

    The episode per se wasn't that bad. A lot happened there. I still don't like the Tess Mercer character. I find her out of place and another alien paranoid add-on like Lex Luthor, but this one had more class..

    The Chloe martir story arc is, well, a little weird at best. I mean, Chloe made that guy 'download' a bunch of info from her, basically putting the dude into a coma. She knows Oliver killed Lex and never told Clark about it. She seemed fine keeping secrets from Clark and even killing someone to protect him. But now, she doesn't want Clark to throw Davis into the Phanton Zone, the only way the planet would be safe permanently from a guy like him.. what's wrong with that??

    The writers have been pushing the Doomsday storyline for so long that it's getting too slow, filled with filler episodes like the stiletto nonsense and Lana's superpowered arc.. viewers are starting to lose track of the 'season plot'. Myself, I prefer to laugh watching the sexy Lois Lane in action than shake my head while seing Clark struggling for a solution to the Davis/Doomsday problem and Chloe's babysitter new job..

    Anyways, we all know what's gonna happen. Chloe dies, Tess is written off and next season, hopefully Clark and Oliver will have more "Justice League" kind of adventures. Yay!


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    Beastly self-delusion

    By entil2001, May 02, 2009

    One of the main complaints about previous seasons was the inconsistency in characterization between episodes. The first half of this season was notable for how often that problem was avoided. Since "Bride", however, the writers have fallen into old habits: first with the ridiculous Lana arc, and then with Chloe's decision to harbor a psychopath. This was never more obvious that in the previous episode.

    The writers try to bring the season back on track with this episode, and for the most part, it's successful. Chloe's recent decisions are almost impossible to justify, even with the acknowledgment of her inner conflict between attraction and revulsion. The entire scenario feels contrived to place Chloe in a position to die, sacrificing herself to save Clark after his final battle with Doomsday.

    After all, it would be too easy (and too dismissive of the character) for Chloe to die at Doomsday's hands. Instead, as this episode helps to demonstrate, it makes more sense that Chloe would try to keep Davis away from Clark and fail. It's already been said that Clark and Davis are fated to kill each other, so it's not a stretch to imagine that Clark could be mortally wounded in the process of taking Davis down. From there, it's a small step to Chloe using her healing ability (not mentioned in quite some time) to restore Clark at the cost of her life.

    Still, the writers are trying to justify some of the poor characterization, and it's only partially successful. This episode shows Chloe in the midst of some serious self-delusion. When she tries to convince Clark that her actions have all been about his protection, she sounds like she's also trying to convince herself. But it still feels forced, because it's obvious that the writers are covering previous inconsistencies.

    That said, it was good to see Oliver Queen back in action. Oliver should have been more prominent this season, given how he has been rather important in Clark's heroic development (as both a positive and negative example). Oliver's role as the voice of pragmatic reason in this episode is so necessary that it makes his absence in other episodes all the more glaring.

    Jimmy's character arc doesn't quite seem to be going anywhere yet, though his job for Oliver was kept a secret for a reason. I hope Jimmy's addiction isn't resolved too quickly; it would be all too easy to give it this barely-there treatment, which is a bit of an insult to those actually struggling with painkiller addiction. It's bad enough that Jimmy was treated like a maniac when he was exactly right about Davis from the start.moreless

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  • 9.0

    ''What is with this show and brilliant phone calls? Last week we had Clark disguised as the Blue Blur chatting with Lois, and this week we have Chloe biding her adieu to long time pal, Clark.''

    By MovieMark, May 01, 2009

    What is with this show and brilliant phone calls? Last week we had Clark disguised as the Blue Blur chatting with Lois, and this week we have Chloe biding her adieu to long time pal, Clark. This is a solid 8 until those final moments – Chloe's goodbye was quite the tearjerker, and Allison just knocks it out of park. I love Chloe. I have to give ample kudos to the writers for dragging her down off of her pedestal right to the basement. ____

    It's not until the last 10 or so minutes that the episode really picks up steam (although what comes before it still impressed, even if it was tonally all over the place). When Clark whooshed Davis to the fortress, the orchestral music blaring, the camera easing in towards our two leads, I got chills. It actually brought on Flashbacks of Buffy Vs Willow. Yeah, I was tad disappointed it only last a few seconds, but as a preview as to what to expect, the finale can't come quick enough!


    This is a Chloe-centric episode and it's a Smallville first, but the storyline is far more complicated than I initially thought (so much so this episode warranted a second viewing). The hour toys with the idea of whether or not Chloe is doing all of these things simply because she's jonesing for Davis or if it's in Clark's best interest. I wasn't so sure until I re-watched the episode and it's apparent that Chloe is doing all of the wrong things for all of the right reasons.


    She has no feelings toward Davis whatsoever. She sees him as this literal beast – hence the title – and views herself as his keeper. Her dream at the start references a time when she did have actual feelings towards Davis (during her Brainiac infected days) and the entire scenario plays out the way, one assumes, she would have wanted it to had things been different. But, of course, even in-dream, she realizes why she stays with Davis and it's to protect Clark, the protector of the world (oh, and that was some fantastic imagery, albeit somewhat startling, of Clark's bloodied torso with the letter S carved into his chest).


    That phone call also tries to reassure fans that Chloe hasn't joined the dark side. She's simply dipping her toe in the pond to stop the world from drowning in it (wow – that was cheesy and a little nonsensical, it's like I'm channeling Chloe herself!). It's evident that Chloe doesn't want to do any of this. Oliver only knows the one side to her story; Clark can't ever seem to look at the big picture and Jimmy just sees his rival. Chloe's realised Davis is unstoppable and that she is the beasts Kryptonite. It'll all go Pete Tong for her come finale time, but it's good to know she means well. I still have a feeling she's being manipulated by's still lingering at the back of my mind. Whatever the case, the writers need to make this crystal come the end of the season.


    The rest of the episode went from hot to cold, to downright lecture-y. OK, we get it – Drugs are baaaaad. The initial scenes with Jimmy and Ollie played out like a bad awareness advert. Having said that, the scene in the basement was terrific - Ashmore, especially, really rose to the occasion. It also seemed to beat around the bush on quite a lot of things. Beast has its fair share of filler moments and I don't know if it was just me, but it felt like the hour was referencing more than what actually went on over the past year. The good came in the form of Ollie, although the writers have seemingly forgotten all about Clark. Where has that assertiveness gone? We're back to Ollie handing him his lazy ass on a plate. It's always good to have characters at each others throat, but it all seemed like so start-of-the-season…ago. ___

    All in all, it's a decent episode of Smallville. Actually, it's probably in my top 5 of the season. I was SO glad that opening sequence was a dream, cos I seriously had issues with Chloe's hair (let alone the fact you needed subtitles for that whole segment); NO ONE wakes up with hair like that. No One. It was bugging me beyond belief! If the next two episodes can keep the likes of this up, Smallville will be going out with its head held high (and hopefully its feet OFF of the ground…)

    I'll get my cape…I mean coat. Arf.moreless

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