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    The most boring and pointless episode of Smallville!

    By Hypno86, Dec 21, 2012

    This episode marks the decline of Smallville. An entire episode filmed like a soap opera sentimental? What a joke? Boring!

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    Great Great Episode...

    By clois_r65, Apr 03, 2011

    Lois and Clark try out for the good morning Metropolis, with their first assignment, going on blind dates with people that find on the Internet, Oliver tries to help a troubled girl, and chloe tries to hack into Luther corp...

    Oliver taking the position as lois date, tells her that he still loves her, and for her to be truthful, she did too "Clark"... Oliver and Lois getting run down by bad man with oliver new friend, with no other choice... A great start to an even better finish... Chloe making a deal with someone from Luther Corp, Tess getting rid of a kandor, And CLARK finally showing us his feelings for LOIS, AMAZING EPISODE, AS LIKE ALWAYS...moreless

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    By Canogaparkcindy, Nov 04, 2010

    Not a bad episode of Smallville and it's definitely better than the last episode as predicted, but the whole plot overall was not the best. Everyone rated this a 10 because Lois & Clark kissed in the end, well let me tell you folks, if you did that, you don't know a thing about television.

    Rating an episode high because your favorite couple got together is just biased, you have to rate an episode based on quality, not on shock value. Also why is everyone getting so excited for Lois & Clark anyway. When they kissed, it felt forced, like Tom Welling was forced to kiss his step sister, there is no chemistry there. As for the plot goes, we did get some good moments even though the writing continues to be lacking and the plots are losing their originality. Clark & Lois on a morning show for an episode? Smallville jumps the shark yet again, what was up with this plot? The backdrop fulfilled the plot but not subtly or cleverly. I got to say, the most enjoyable scenes were with Chloe, who is the best thing about this show right now. Her getting Stuart in the end was a great scene. Tess & Zod, another great plot, it seems as though the supporting characters are stealing the show here.

    Why has all the season 9 episodes been so Oliver-heavy. I enjoyed the focus on him in "Echo" but now it's just annoying and uninteresting. Did anyone else care that he's helping a hooker with incredible strength? Overall a lackluster episode, but enjoyable in small doses.moreless

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    A big moment does not make an episode

    By entil2001, Nov 04, 2010

    After a couple of episodes devoted to Oliver, positioning him as a hero again in time for the real fireworks to start, this seems like a bit of a transitional installment. It's focused mostly on the relationships and setting up subplots, and for that reason alone, it feels a little bit like filler. If progress hadn't been made on the Clark/Lois relationship, it might have been completely unnecessary.

    As it is, there's not much to the episode. The playful banter between Clark and Lois does speak to their chemistry. After so many years together on the show, they've fallen into a good rhythm and the verbal sparring comes naturally. Erica Durance has really settled into the role, even to the point where she seems to be enjoying the chance to be more than the eye candy.

    I suppose the writers had to address Lois' previous relationship with Oliver, especially now that he is back on the mend. It makes sense that Oliver would turn to Lois as "the one that got away", and it's a good mechanism for forcing Lois to admit openly that she's in love with Clark. Thankfully, the writers didn't try to leave the situation as a love triangle, because that would have gotten annoying very, very quickly.

    I noted in the review for the previous episode that the writers were on the verge of repeating the mistakes of the past with Clark and Lois. It's too easy to have the two of them run hot and cold like a yo-yo to maintain the tension. For that reason alone, avoiding the love triangle was a good move.

    But it's even better when taken in context. For quite some time, it's been clear that "Smallville" is not bothering to align with the other versions of the Superman mythos. While some plot points still pretend to adhere to expectation, others are a clear departure. I like the fact that they've stopped stalling with Clark and Lois for that reason alone. I still think the writers undermined the credibility of this obvious plot progression with the Lana arc in the eighth season, but at least they're trying.

    The rest of the episode fell flat, particularly Oliver's subplot with Mia. A little research has revealed that this is yet another example of the writers porting a comics character into "Smallville", and I assume that this was supposed to be noteworthy, as it sounds like a fairly faithful representation. Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, it felt forced.

    If Mia doesn't appear in later episodes to give this subplot a point, then it will feel like an even greater waste of time. The sad thing is, I think this has potential, if handled correctly. My concern is that the writers tend to assume that the audience knows the character history, leading to poor characterization for the "Smallville" version. (Catherine Grant was also apparently a well-known secondary character from the comics, but her appearance here seems incidental.)

    The business between Zod and Tess is clearly setup for the long-term story arc. I was a bit worried that the writers would forget that Tess is supposed to be deadly in her own right, especially after they kept having Mia, the underground fighter, forget her skills whenever it was convenient for the plot. I thought the reference to Krypton's star was clever, and I look forward to whatever it is Zod is preparing to do.

    Transitional episodes tend to be all about the setup for future payoff, and I can see how some of these elements could play into that kind of design. But the episode itself just didn't seem to shine on its own. Fans of the Clark/Lois relationship will be pleased, but now that the November sweeps period is finally here, it will be good to see the writers turn their attention to something a little more substantial.moreless

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    Lois and clark are cast as the new hosts of a show. Oliver tries to help out a young girl put her life back together.

    By ahaverman5dana, Oct 15, 2010

    This episode was great. Were to begin, how about the beginning. The first scene with Lois and Clark was funny, I like that they were cast because they fight like a married couple. The rest of the stuff with them through the rest of the episode was great just as usual. I liked when they were on there online dates and the other one disapproved of the other ones date. I will get back to them later. On the other note Chloe got a little bit bigger part in this epsiode and she was kinda like the Chloe of old. The stuff with Tess and Zod was cool, she made him mad when she killed a fellow kandorian. Waiting to see what happens with them next. With Oliver, I like that he's finally back and helping people, but it still doesn't seem right that he's not doing it as the Green Arrow. I'm sure he will soon though. The parts with him and Mia were good. Then with Lois and Oliver, Clark thought Lois liked Oliver back and he was definitley jealous. The end fight scene was cool, I bet Oliver wet his pants from a bullet that close. Finall the ending scene was great, not because they finally kissed, but because Clark stepped up, was a man, and made the first move. That was great. This season is being written really well, I hope they keep up the good work.moreless

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    By kalel1989, Oct 15, 2010

    k ill start with the beginning of the show with lois and clark,the chemistry between them was there and in clark eyes it can be seen that he want lois.

    oliver and speedy it was okay. chloe and the hacker it was cool i didnt know that there is somebody better than chloe at hacking.

    that amazing part with the bullet it was "MAD" i love it i had to back up and watch it over and over again. felt sorry for clark u could see the pain inside when he saw lois and oli.

    chloe giving clark (the guy she love all her life) advice that was good.

    tess and zod "WOW" i love those two wont say more. now that kiss wow it was amazing they looked good.

    great show over all everybody take part, we need more off this and im asking for more action from clark only 1 in this episode.

    now friday episode the trailer looking mad cant wait to see it. keep it up peepsmoreless

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    The kiss that finally came

    By scillaward, Oct 15, 2010

    I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw the clois kiss. Finally, a full on kiss. I almost died. But I'm glad that the whole episode wasn't about them. Poor Oliver wants Lois, but Lois finally confessed that she wants Clark and Oliver's face dropped into sadness. Clark did the whole jealous thing on point. He thought Oliver and Lois still wanted each other and the look of pain came across his face when he was watching over them from the rooftop hugging. I'm glad Chloe had more of an important role and is being used properly. Tess is a strong woman to take down a Kandorian. Can't wait for next's week's episode. Looks epic.moreless

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    Great Episode!

    By Beer75, Oct 15, 2010

    Loved the episode.

    enjoyed Speedy/Mia. Her opening fight sequence I was very much enthralled. She's an animal. Her story, my first impression is that I like it. I feel for her, she's made a lot of wrong turns in life and ended up in this horrible situation where she is "owned" and cannot get free. She's obviously had a tough life, with no breaks at all, then suddenly here comes Oliver. I believe he really will save her, in every way imaginable.

    Chloe was great, I enjoyed that this new guy challenges her. She obviously got a lot of enjoyment from the back n forth with regards to who-can-out-hack-who. It was very thoughtful of Chloe to tell Clark to leave the Kandorians to her for one day, almost like heroes need a break to recharge once in a while since the world wasn't currently ending at the moment. Nice to see Chloe smile and have some story of her own. Also, I was very surprised that it was Chloe who told Clark to go for it...!

    Tess was excellent. Tess was beautiful in that dress and with her hair like that. She seemed very vulnerable to me in that moment. I was so darn proud of her at the end scene. That's what you get Zod!! Tess isn't just any human. muaaaahahaha (that was my sad version of an evil laugh, LoL!)

    Zod was killer as well. Man, he certainly knows how to scare me. I do not know how the actor does it, but I fear the man. LoL!

    Clark as the Blur was niiiiice! I really liked how that moment played out, I sensed some anger from Clark toward the guy. I was very much pleased with the effects, as well as the homage to sr... very schweeet! LoL!

    Need to watch again to fully put together my thoughts on Lois n Oliver, Lois, as well as Lois n Clark... Still kind of speechless with the end scene. I looked at the time and was thinking, crap! Will there even be any time for it? Is it not going to happen?

    Again, loved this episode.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Lois is trying to get on tv, poor Clark Kent is just trying to help, and the whole time I'm screaming at the tv, "Just get together already!"

    By heavenmidori, Oct 15, 2010

    Firstly, did you know that the girl that Clark went on a date with is actually a character in the comics? If you did not then her name is Catherine (Cat) Grant, look her up. So, Lois is trying to get a job as a hostess on a television show and poor Clark Kent is pulled in to help. It doesn't help that the sparks are flying. It was surprising that they did not ignite.

    But enough about Lois and Clark! Ollie meets his kid!! Well, one his kid of his kids. As all Green Arrow fans are aware of he has multiple kids (adopted, biological, and a possible biological). Not to mention that he is married to the Black Canary (with an adopted daughter of her own). Mia is a prostitute who Ollie rescues and takes under his wing. I will not bother to compare Ollie from the comic books to Ollie as he is portrayed on the show. They have similarities but a lot of differences as well. It is a shame that they skipped Ollie's oldest adopted son, Roy, and went right to Mia. Then again, they skipped Barry Allen (Bart's grandfather) and Wally West (Bart's cousin) and went right to Bart. Though it would have been weird if they had introduced Bart and then Roy (major age difference). I am glad that they included her nickname, "Speedy". They even used her main colors of choice, yellow and red. There is also still room (if the writer's wanted to) to introduce the son that Ollie knew about and dismissed, Conner Hawke. Now that would be interesting. And as always, I love the character Tess. Man, she is a great actress and adds so much to the show. I love how she interacts with the other cast members and how developed (and yet interesting) her character is. I also really like the new character, Stuart the hacker, for some reason. I just feel as if the writers could really expand on his character. And mostly... I loved the last five minutes! It was worth watching the entire episode if only for that last five minutes. :)moreless

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