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  • 9.0

    this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, Jun 08, 2010

    in this ep of the show smallville clark goes and want to join the football team and he does and goes and becomes starting quaterback and thing is him and louis find out that the cheerlearders are dumping krptonight in the water and making the football players become controlled by the girls and so clark and louis must put a stop to it before things get out of hand this was a good ep i thougt and very interesting and that is why i gave the show 9 instead of anyting lower becasuse of a interesting story and it had some funny parts in itmoreless

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  • 7.0

    Cheerleaders take over the football squad by spiking their Gatorade with moon rock juice. Chloe shows her more feminine side when she dons a Crows cheerleader uniform and changes the face of cheerleading forever.

    By pookiemon, May 16, 2010

    This was another Freak of the Week episode. But Chloe was so funny in her "devoted to you" phase that it was worth the watch. The cheerleader bit was great! She made the episode fun to watch. Lois comes across very brassy which makes her hard to like. She's definitely not Teri Hatcher.

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  • 10

    A perfect mixture of exciting fights and sexy scenes....

    By Kadodian, Feb 13, 2009

    A bunch of crazy cheerleaders create this kyrptonite based love potion so they could conrtol their men. Now I think it's really obvious that if cheerleaders and science mix the results would be catastrophic. The victoms who drank this potion included Chloe and Jason and it's up to Clark and Lois to save the day. Original storyline, non stop action with great scenes and very funny moments. Chloe was a hoot in this episode. Not only did she make a fool of herself but she also told Clark how she felt. Jason and Lana want to keep their relationship a secret and Lex Luthor works hard to win back Clark's friendship. This episode was brilliantly written. The writers aren't afraid to take risks. It's obvious that the show is kept simple. Clark loves Lana, Lana loves Jason and Chloe has a crush on Clark. Not complicated,very obvious and it's been this way for a while and that is a good thing. A show being able to stay consistent in it's storylines and still manage to make the episodes great is a show worth watching. It's also great that the Lois/Clark storyline isn't being rushed. In conclusion I think this episode was really fun to watch. As a critic I would describe it as proof to what this show can accomplish...simplicty storyline wise but greatness in the way every aspect is set out. As a fan I would say, I freakin loved it !!!!moreless

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  • 7.5

    SHS football players become love slaves to "Cheerleaders gone wild," and not much else, but it's fun to watch the cast enjoying fall sports. Lois helps Clark counter the effects of a meteor-based love-potion, with Chloe as one of the victims.

    By cxtasy, Jan 02, 2009

    High school football season is here, along with a loud rock track to add to the excitement of idol-worshiping cheerleaders spiking their heroes' gatorade with meteor juice. This makes them into love slaves, and one player is sidetracked enough to open up an opportunity for Clark to show his quarterback stuff on the field. Jason's mere glance at one cheerleader moves her boyfriend to 'roid rage with a shotgun, and Clark appears in the locker room just in time to push Jason out of the line of fire. This is different - we don't usually see the heroics in the opening sequence, but it's not very promising for a story.

    Somehow Jason avoids medical treatment for his superficial pellet wound, waiting until that evening for Lana to patch it up. Maybe he was busy giving statements to the police about the attempted murder. They're still hiding their relationship - teacher dates student and all - and his father has cut off his funding. When Clark and Lois see the players waiting hand and cleat on the cheerleading squad, she quips, "Are we in a freakish parallel feminist universe?" Lois is still trying to get into Met U., and it's even more amusing to hear both her and Chloe comment on Clark's letter jacket, which are "not exactly your colors." Lois gets all the hilarious lines in this episode, and they're so good they should be enshrined over the entry door to Smallville High.

    Lex presents the team with new jerseys, and drops by the locker room to receive their thanks, but Clark sees this as an attempt by Lex to buy back his friendship. When Chloe gets a sip of meteor mixer, the first one in her sight is the new heart-throb, and that's Clark. Chloe drops the murder story off on Lois, who protests, "I'm busy trying to get out of Mayberry." Chloe realizes she was not "devoted" to Clark, and Lois moves on in a huff to cover the pompon beat, but she's put off by ones-who-are-sassier-than-her.

    At the loft, Clark is surprised to find a very come-hither Chloe, so this would be a good time for Clark to exhibit superspeed. We don't see how he got rid of her - next morning he talks it over with Martha, admitting he's not over Lana.

    Chloe assumes a cheerleader role, so she can be supportive of Clark all the time. "Oh, my god," Lois exclaims, "she's taken the fast train to Stepford." Clark drinks krypton-ade, which has the usual weakening effect on him, and his teammates beat him up good on the field. Jealous Jason, having seen Clark talking to Lana, shows up at the loft to beat up on Clark that evening, interrupted by Lex. He sees Clark bleeding and beaten, so that's a good thing for Clark's secrets. Lex has brought all his files on Clark, hoping for a restoration of friendship with Clark to stave off the darkness that comes upon him. Lois discovers the love molecule, wondering why Chloe has gone "Martha Stewart without the jail time," another great line. She sets Clark up at a team-cheerleader pool party to get the antidote, but when Chloe attacks her in a jealous rage, we all discover that heat cancels the potion's effects, and Chloe is herself again. As the team threatens them, Clark uses heat-vision to fracture a steam pipe, and everyone is back to normal.

    Clark drops in to see Lex, confirming that the investigation is over - Lex offers another chance at friendship, so Clark asks for help with Lois.

    In a cliffhanger football game, quarterback Clark has to throw a "Hail Mary" to win the game in the final seconds. Prayer answered. It's almost an normal life for Clark as he enjoys the accolades from his team for a 60-yard pass. Chloe congratulates him, confessing that, even though she was potion-addled, she still has feelings for him, but Clark is honest - he does not feel that way about her. She is disappointed, but resigned, for now. As to that help from Lex, it seems he used his influence at Met U. to get Lois admitted - she's leaving Smallville High. She's happy, Clark is happy - if only he knew he was sending her on the next step towards her career - we know their paths will intersect soon, and that's the fun of this scene.

    "Devoted" has the weakest, most trivial plot of any Smallville episode to date, but it has a boatload of snappy lines by Lois, and for once, only one major plot line to track, so it's not bad to watch at all. The cast seems to be having fun with their high school outing, so we do, too. Re-run rating C+.moreless

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  • 5.0

    More like "Annoyed"

    By lenzinoH20, May 22, 2008

    Devoted-Clark decides to join the football team over Jonathan's wishes and gets the starting quarterback position when his predecessor attacks Jason over a girl. Clark and Lois investigate and discover that the cheerleaders are using kryptonite in the team's water supply to turn them into obedient mindless boyfriends.

    It has been said by the writers that after a dark 3rd year, they want to follow-up with a light hearted and fun 4th season. To bad the majority of the time, this concept fails and there are way too many ridiculous fillers like this one. "Devoted" plays out like a straight to dvd teen comedy, without the upside of returning it after you rent it! Who in the world thought it would make for an interesting episode with brainless cheerleaders creating kryptinade (I'm serious!) for their football boyfriends to drink and be their willing servants? All the cheerleading guest stars are awful in their roles (not that there was much of a roles to begin with) and their football player boyfriend are even worse as they are just stand-ins! The only part of the storyline that's interesting was the opening teaser where one of the football players try to kill Jason and Clark comes into for an impressive save.

    Despite that there are some nice developments in this episode hard to believe. It's nice to see Lex trying to mend the rift in their friendship after their fallout in "Covenant". Even if Clark and Lex's future rivalry is inevitable, it still nice to see this characters as friends and trying to keep that relationship. Lois continues to be very entertaining as Chloe makes her a reporter for the Torch. Lois has some hilarious scenes with her trying to investiagte, especially when she makes some witty comments towards the cheerleaders when she confronts them. Also, Allison Mack is hilarious when Chloe becomes..uhhh.. devoted to Clark. The scene in the barn where she's wearing Clark's jersey and seduces him is too priceless. Yet I hated when Jason got infected and beat the crap out of Clark. That scene just annoyed me! Despite some nice humor and witty scenes, "Devoted" is can be completely overlooked and it as bland as the kryptonite induced drinks!moreless

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    Clark and Lois find that the cheerleaders spiked the football players' drinks with a kryptonite-enhanced love potion, making them devoted to their girlfriends. When Chloe takes a sip, she quits the Torch, deciding to devote herself to Clark instead.

    By scorpionqueen86, Feb 10, 2008

    During football practice, Mandy the cheerleader gives Dan, her jock boyfriend, a bottle of green liquid that makes him instantly devoted to her. However, Dan mistakenly perceives Coach Teague checking out Mandy and tries to kill him, but Clark steps in and saves the assistant coach. The next day, Lois and Clark notice the rest of the jocks behaving strangely, obediently carrying the cheerleaders' books and purses, and soon discover that the cheerleaders have been spiking their boyfriends' drinks with a kryptonite-enhanced love potion. When both Jason and Chloe sip from the spiked drinks, they each suffer its effects, with Jason trying to kill Clark after seeing him with Lana, and Chloe quitting the Torch to be Clark's personal cheerleader. Meanwhile, Lex hands over the file he kept on Clark in an attempt to win Clark's friendship, and Lois gets accepted into Met U, thanks to Lex.

    OK, love potion definitely beats plastic surgery, but of course, there's the drawback of an overly-jealous, homicidal significant other. That aside, I enjoyed the story, the Clois banter, and Chloe's out-of-character moments, earning this episode a perfect ten. I'm not too keen on the Jason/Lana relationship, though, but I'm willing to forgive it for this ep at least since 1) I liked Jason's remarks after the attempt on his life, and 2) I see the majority of the Jason/Lana moments as just furthering the whole love potion storyline.

    Highlights: Dan drinking the love potion; Clark saving Jason; Lana bandaging Jason's wound; Lois arriving at school and arguing with Clark; the jocks finding the new uniforms Lex bought; Jason and Chloe drinking the love potion; Lois's interaction with Mandy and the cheerleaders; Chloe wearing Clark's jersey; Clark's separate conversations with his parents; Chloe showing up to football practice in a cheerleading outfit; Lois and Clark sharing notes on the jocks' strange behavior; Lois sending Clark after Mandy so as to get the love potion antidote; Lois, Clark, and Chloe fending off Mandy and the football players; Clark and Chloe conversing on the football field; and Lois saying goodbye to Clark.moreless

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  • 10

    Great Episode

    By Beer75, Aug 22, 2007

    The cheerleaders of the Crows prepare a beverage with kryptonite that makes the soccer players extremely devoted and in love for them. Chloe Sullivan drinks the love potion and harasses Clark Kent, while coach Jason Teague becomes absolutely jealous of Clark. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor tries to retrieve the friendship of Clark Kent. Clark and Lois investigate and uncover the truth, and the key to removing the trance. "Devoted" is a great episode of Smallville and dedicated in the memory of Christopher Reeve. Chloe discloses her love for Clark, and Lex is fighting to be his friend again. Clark Kent is becoming a leader of his team.moreless

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  • 8.4

    Funny Episode.

    By tvfan332, Jun 25, 2007

    This episode is hardly spectacular, but it is very enjoyable, and has a ton of funny parts throughout, which makes it enjoyable enough for me to give it a pretty high rating.

    The plot, is basically that the cheerleaders (or "The Pom Pom Squad", which either Chloe or Lois said in the episode) are spiking the footballer's water coolers with a love potion, infused with Kryptonite, that makes everyone who drinks it, act crazy or jealous when someone talks to the person they like, resulting in the coach getting shot at, and Clark being beaten half to death.

    So the plot isn't that great, but it has enough enjoyable parts to make me like it so much, Chloe being one of them. As usual Allison Mack is excellent in this episode, and made me laugh several times, especially when Chloe went all cheerleader because of the Kryptonite infused water. Lois, was again entertaining, as was Clark, who seemed to enjoy being the new quarterback, even though his peers didn't fully accept him as the starting player until the end of the episode. All in all, this was an entertaining episode, that is great fun to re-watch.moreless

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  • 10

    i love it.

    By tyl353, Jan 28, 2007

    I love it when Clark gets up and runs behind Los and chloe to get away from the girl but i really love it when she comes back in the some guys and then Hot Clark steps in front of them... i loved it, How he can go from runing behind them but when trouble show up he is being a hero...

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