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    Lex is getting closer to know Clark's secret

    By scillaward, Sep 11, 2010

    There's a lot of story here. We find out that Jor-el sent something to destroy "the traveler" if he was going to be controlled. Which Edward Teague was going to do since Clark never killed the evil which is Lex. Lex now knows where to find everything that he has been searching for his whole life. Unanswered questions will be answered and judging from the previews for the season finale next week, Lex will be able to control "the traveler" which is Clark and all hell will break lose. I like how Lionel's name was mentioned a few times and they didn't just forget about him. The only thing that I didn't really care for was Jimmy. He wasn't really necessary for this episode. But other than him, this episode was a real eye opener and my favorite part of this episode was when Edward Teague ripped off Tom Welling's shirt with the sword. What a body that man has. I was praying that he would rip his pants off also!moreless

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    So the long, lost Edward Teague, father of Jason Teague (the coach who was Lana's boyfriend during S4, and husband of Genevieve Teague) is still alive and protecting Swann's secrets about Clark.

    By edualym, May 19, 2009

    I loved this episode because of its resolution of the VERITAS story-line and the appearance of an otherwise mysterious character: Edward Teague.

    Hiding from Lionel to prevent ending up as his wife and son, Teague kept the secrects of Veritas and Swann's knowledge, helping Clark realize that Lex is evil and must be dealt with.

    Clark, still hesitant of taking a life, comes to Teague after he attacks Lex and is confronted by the man who believes so firmly in the Light VS Dark conflict that he is willing to sacrifice Clark to prevent Lex from controlling him.

    Of course, Chloe rescues Clark and he escapes but Lex still finds the last piece of the puzzle that reveals the location of the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE.

    And so, we near the FINAL (as far as this season goes)conflict between Lex and Clark in the next episode... Artic.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Jason's dad.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Dec 09, 2008

    In the beginning, I didn't quite get the episode, I wasn't really sure what to think f it since I didn't know where the whole thing was going. Lana is still sick. Kara magically disappears. She isn't mentioned. Chloe bails on Jimmy some more. It turns out Jason's dad(Edward) wanted to kill Clark, sacrifice him. this guy is nuts. Chloe saves the day oddly in this episode, Lex deciphers the clock and gives him coordinates to the fortress. I wasn't sure if the sacrifice controlled him or going to the fortress does. A great cliffhanger, boring in the beginning but made up for it in the end. Amazing!moreless

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    Lex is attacked and wounded with symbols cut into his chest - Clark recognizes them as kryptonian, a message for him. The cryptograph mystery leads to a cathedral in Montreal, and an unexpected survivor of Veritas.

    By cxtasy, Nov 13, 2008

    Lex continues his pursuit of the Veritas secret control of the Traveler, using an antiquities dealer to examine the cryptograph found in the Zurich safety deposit box. The storyline becomes a "Quest" for one object after another - first it was the keys to the box, then the object in the box, and now, it seems, this will lead to yet another mysterious object. Just when you think the Grail has been found, the writers slip in another complication.

    After the dealer leaves, Lex is assaulted by the bank manager who attacked him in Zurich - we have to assume he's someone dedicated to protecting the Veritas secrets. He slices into Lex's chest and leaves him on the floor. At the hospital, Lex recognizes the sutures as forming symbols, and believes the assailant is after the cryptograph.

    Jimmy shows Chloe photos of the wounds on Lex. Nice tension buildup as Chloe knows enough to understand that the symbols mean something - to Clark. He reads "Traveler," and "Saviour," which may mean a member of Veritas has survived. The manager has found the dealer, still examining the cryptograph, and receives instructions from an unseen conspirator to retrieve it, but the attempt fails as Lex arrives in time to commit another murder. Two guards and the manager - three bodies to dispose of - no small task, even for Lex.

    Examining the photos of Lex again, Clark discerns another symbol - for "Sanctuary," and some too-quick insight has him and Chloe looking for the patron saint of Travelers - or Saint Christopher, and Chloe quickly identifies the only cathedral by that name - in Montreal. So some pretty big deductions here, but we'll go along with it - it's better than a couple recent episodes where the entire cast acted clueless. If I complained about that, I can't complain when they become brilliant.

    The dealer has identified the maker of the cryptograph - a German watchmaker named Dietrich Brauer, who went into seclusion after being commissioned to manufacture a magnificent clock, which disappeared after WW II, resurfacing only recently as a gift from a wealthy philanthropist - Dr. Swann. Well, that revelation brings Lex full circle - and he now knows the clock's location. But Clark arrives first, easily finding kryptonian symbols along the rim of the baptismal font.

    Clark is found by Edward Teague (Robert Picardo), the last survivor of Veritas, now serving as a brother at the Cathedral. He kneels before Clark, ready to serve the Traveler, believing him to be the next Saviour. Teague confirms that Lionel Luthor killed the Queens and Teague's family to gain sole control of the Traveler. One clue to control exists in the cathedral, unknown to anyone - but Lex. Clark has no intention of being worshipped, or accepting a destiny defined by Veritas - in anger, Teague turns on Clark, using kryptonite (why would he have it so close by?)

    Lex is near the truth - he tells the reluctant dealer that his father's obsession with the Traveler made him a virtual orphan - and the cryptograph will give him the answer to his life. The dealer continues reassembly of the mechanism. Teague prepares to sacrifice Clark in an ancient Kryptonian ritual to prevent Lex from gaining control of a being who would become the destroyer of Earth. More chest-carving ensues; the symbol he slices into Clark is the El family "S," and Clark bleeds as a mortal.

    Lex has landed, and in the cathedral, he finds a grandfather clock, inserts the cryptograph into the clockworks, and...stand back! It starts to play, as the gears mesh, and Lex listens and watches quietly. Is this finally the scene in which Lex discovers the truth about Clark? Then the clock hands and face move, revealing another shield-shaped object - somehow Lex knows this is the key to the next step. But Teague enters and tells Lex he is too late - why bother with Lex if he is confident that he has done away with Clark?

    Teague - "If there is no Traveler, there can be no Destroyer," and a battle with Lex begins. The rescuer arrives - it's Chloe, strolling in to spot Clark near death. She drains the lethal fluid - Clark's healing is instantaneous. He intervenes in the battle, saving both Lex and Teague, but does not realize that Lex dropped the shield, only to find it after Clark disappears.

    More obscure deductions come from Lex and his bodyguard - from a small island off the coast of Scotland. An old book reveals that a wealthy American bought a castle on the island and moved it to the U.S. - it was Lionel - and the castle is the Luthor mansion. Lex believes that the next clue must be in his own home, something Lionel never found.

    Chloe struggles to keep Jimmy from getting too much information from the caves and about kryptonian symbols - she has to deflect his interest just as Clark has had to deflect Lana for so many years. Cave symbols infer a final battle between the good and evil, with the outcome unknown. This is an obvious lead-in to the next episode, and a good tension-builder as the season approaches the conclusion of the Quest by Lex.

    "Some day you are going to have to play God," Chloe tells a reluctant Clark, who has yet to formulate a plan to deter Lex, the only real threat. Lex has the mansion searched in detail to find the next step, finally realizing that a Scottish folk song has lyrics giving clues - "above the hearth of home shines the north star." And in the fireplace mantel, Lex spots a symbol matching the shield - behind it a cloth bag - containing an octahedron with a space for the shield. When it's inserted, the object animates - projecting a translucent sphere - the Earth, with a shrinking circle pinpointing a location in the north of Greenland. The next stop for Lex.

    "Quest" is a stirring episode, almost overloaded with developments, and some of the complications approaching mumbo-jumbo, but it all works largely because of the relentless pursuit of the truth by Lex. He is more single-minded than Clark, who has yet to accept his destiny without reservation. This difference means that Lex will continue to thwart Clark and move closer to discovering the Traveler, while Chloe and Clark will be on the defensive. Clearly this episode is essential viewing by Smallville fans, and is now part of four episodes that should be seen together, starting with "Traveler" and "Veritas." These are some of the best of the series, re-run rating B+.moreless

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  • 4.0

    A really boring episode.

    By krazy4crack, Jun 02, 2008

    Is it just me or is Smallville just going all around the place? Something about the current plot just makes me feel uneasy towards the show. The story is sort of out there as of now and characters are just popping out from everywhere without proper introduction. I think the show is moving on a much faster pace than I hoped it would.

    The story takes us further into the mysteries of Veritas and it seems like their linage hasn't quite ended yet. Lex is still madly obsessed over getting control over the traveler, but little does he know who this traveler is.moreless

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  • 7.5

    A decent episode

    By SweetMissJaye, May 19, 2008

    This episode briefly introduces us to Edward Teague. It was puzzling how the guy praised Clark one minute but wanted him dead the next. It happened to quickly and didn't really make sense. I liked Lex in this episode. He has a single-minded determination to find the Traveler and he will not let anything sway him. Lex is the ultimate in evil and Clark is the ultimate in good. Clark is just about the only person who could stop Lex but he just doesn't have it in him to let Lex die or to take him down himself.

    Chloe and Jimmy are causing me to feel bewildered. I do like Jimmy but Chloe's character is just changing too much. She doesn't seem nearly as tenacious as she was when she was working for the silly little high school newspaper. I know that she wants to protect Clark, but we need some of the old Chloe. I am also sick of Oliver Queen being mentioned whenever it's convenient. I mean, I love Green Arrow but if you can't get the guy to be in an episode, he shouldn't be mentioned. When Chloe shows up to help Clark, she says that Oliver Queen let her use his jet or something. It's stupid. If he knew that Clark was in danger, he'd come or he'd send security guards or something. I'm sure he wouldn't let Chloe walk into danger like that.

    Even though I'm annoyed with some of the stuff in this episode, I have to concede that the episode was pretty good. Not great but good. It's a definite improvement over previous episodes.moreless

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  • 5.9

    over the top

    By aj_the_kidd, May 19, 2008

    Personally speaking I don't like the whole Veriatas / Traveler storyline, they kinda make Clark out to be Jesus. Despite the blasphemy this episode was OK, and my score was very generous. Jason Teagues father popping out of nowehere really was a bit Soap Opera 'esk. His reaction to clarks reluctance to accept his destiny, I saw a mile away. After hearing that Clark knew what Lex Luthor was and what he will be to him in the future, Father teague set out kill Clark so he won't be used against mankind. Blah Blah Blah, Chloe saves Clark life and Clark does nothing to Lex. Very boring.

    I really didn't like this episode, but i can't really explain why. Anyway its still worth seeing if you want the next episode to make sense.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Better then some of this season's episodes, but what is with all the plot holes.

    By freakydave36, May 19, 2008

    This was definately an exciting episode in my opinion. We delve deeper into the mythology of the Smallville story which goes back several seasons, including the cave walls from season 3 I think, and Lex remembering his father had moved the castle to Smallville brick for brick. Interesting idea on how Lex finally discovers what he's been looking for for so long. THis episode had quite a few intriguing ideas. Very Da Vinci code like as many have stated on other reviews. I liked it.

    Of course it could've been one of the finer episodes of Smallville if not for all the plot holes. THe biggest two that stand out is reporter Jimmy and him being able to get certain pictures of Lex. FIrst let's discuss Jimmy as reporter. He's supposed to be just a photographer? I can't remember him ever doing anything along the lines of breaking such a story himself without assistance. This was where they needed Lois. THis would've been a perfect opportunity for her to discover what Jimmy learns, but no. And will someone explain to me how Jimmy was able to get those pictures of Lex. From the angle they were taken, there was no way he would've been able to do that with bodyguards surrounding Lex the way they were when they were taking him to the hospital. I also have a small complaint with Chloe getting to Montreal so quickly. Okay it was explained, but are you telling me Oliver Queen always has a plane waiting to take CHloe wherever she wants to go? That's a little hard to swallow.

    Other then those blatant plot holes, which Smallville is very well known for, I enjoyed the idea of an existing member of Veritas and the way Clark's destiny was intwined into the story. We were given some more information on the series arcs from season's past. It is good to see that the writers haven't forgotten those things. It seems to be leading up to a very interesting season finale, but not series finale since Smallville was given an eighth season. Personally, I think they should end the series after next week. With the main writers leaving, as well as two of the series biggest stars, (Kristen Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum) it's going to be very difficult to keep the series going. Of course Lana (Kruek) Should've been gone about two season's ago, but Lex (Rosenbaum) will be really missed.moreless

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  • 10

    great episode

    By sfviewer, May 15, 2008

    lex gets attacked by someone who leaves a kryptonian mark on his chest. clark kent finds out that the message leads him to a church in montreal. when clark gets there, he finds a member of the the veritas group who is kinda crazy and he actually endangers clark's life. chloe comes to the rescue to get clark out of danger. it's a really exciting episode, there's a beat of dan vinci code in here, but it's really exciting, i enjoyed watching this from start to finish, i can't wait for the next episode. i'm so excited about it, the episode's leading to something really exciting.moreless

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