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    This is what Clois fans have been waiting for. A necessary step forward in the Superman saga. *Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it first, then read the review*

    By KingDavid365, Jun 14, 2010

    What else is there to say that hasn't already been said. This is the episode that Clark took a bullet for Lois without thinking twice. And did I mention that he was in a room filled with kryptonite, so the bullet actually hurt him this time. If that's not love, then I have no idea what love is. You can talk all you want, but he NEVER did anything like that for Lana.

    Besides the fantastic Clois moments in this episode, I really loved the inclusion of Bruno Mannheim (who is an actually comic book villain) in this episode. He was evil, ruthless, pretty much all you can ask for in a villain. Dominic Zamprogna was absolutely great as Bruno.

    And the supporting storylines weren't bad at all either. It was pretty fascinating seeing Doomsday take care of that AJ guy, and Chloe's horror when she had to dispose the dead body was played really well. I have to give Allison Mack credit for that scene. She rocked it.

    Another thing I loved was the inclusion of Aaron Ashmore in the episode. He's really stepped it up this season, and even though it feels as if he's rarely been in that many episodes this season, his acting relating to the drug problem is awesome. But we all know that it won't last. After all, he is going to become the Wholesome-Olsen we all know and love.

    Finally, I just HAVE to mention the ending scene with Lois talking to the Red-Blue-Blur on the phone, without realizing that it was Clark. I loved that he used a voice-changer when he was talking to her, because it would have made Lois look really dumb if she was talking to RBB on the phone and didn't realize that it was Clark. It certainly foreshadowed the relationship that Lois will have with Superman in the future, so that's really cool.

    Overall, "Stiletto" was an amazing Smallville episode (Seeing Lois in tights didn't exactly ruin the episode either). When I read the premise, I was sure that it would be this year's "Sleeper," but they certainly proved me wrong. -10/10 Absolutely Perfectmoreless

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    Another hero that's not Clark Kent.

    By c07111, May 03, 2010

    Storyline was weak. The only person not lying in the whole episode was Jimmy, and the writers seem determine to make him a weakling. Not a fan of Lois Lane being in the storyline yet anyway, but did the writers have to mess with her integrity button. The one thing Lois rarely does is lie about a story. Her making herself a super hero was a desperate move that didn't really need to be made. And I'm sorry I didn't see what she did to make what she did that special and the belief she would fly down from a roof, through glass and not be injured is farfetched at best. And the hero of the whole show was Jimmy, and he got no Kudos. In fact the writer rewarded him by making him seem no more then a strung out drug addict. Which brings me to Chloe, you would never thought she even loved Jimmy. The way she cringes when his name is mentioned. Did she forget Jimmy was the one that was almost murdered and spent months trying to get well to come back to her to only find she had taken the side of a total stranger over that of her husband. The same man she knows now tried to kill Jimmy. I must say, I do like Lois's loyalty to Jimmy. When Lois told Chloe that Jimmy might be in trouble, Chloe should have went with Lois to find him. Enough of that though, I do like Clark in all the episodes, but I still feel he is at his best when he's around Oliver and other like him. I thought this was a filler episode to give Lois something to do.moreless

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    After Chloe is mugged, Lois steps in to fend off one of the attackers and uses the opportunity to pretend a new superhero, Stiletto, has come to town and is giving exclusives to Lois. (Review taken from

    By TheAnomaly24, May 01, 2009

    Let's be honest. When most of the Smallville faithful saw that Lois Lane would be taking to the streets as Stiletto, Metropolis' newest "superhero", we all suffered a universal cringe.

    We all knew this would be another one week, plot-irrelevant stunt and predictably, this gimmicky episode failed in every attempt at humor and overall enjoyability (and was it just me, or did the show make it a point to have every on-screen character mention the name "Stiletto" at least 10 times?)

    Long story short: Lois stops convenient attack on Chloe. An overconfident Lois becomes a "superhero". Clark goes after Chloe's attackers. Clark is weakened by conveniently placed kryptonite. Show tries to redeem itself by having Lois make an improbable rescue of Clark. Chloe is seen dumping the dissembled body of her attacker in the garbage (making the final two minutes the only interesting points in the show). Show attempts romantic ending. The End.

    In that short synopsis, I think I managed to give the show more credit than it deserved.

    If you're jonesing for well written, well acted, plot relevant entertainment, look elsewhere.moreless

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    great episode

    By mackadoshious, Apr 30, 2009

    i enjoyed this stiletto episode because it shows a chapter that is is crucial between the whole lois and clark thing.lois understands and respects the whole save the day mentality.its just not for her.yes there were parts with the mob boss guy that i was like yeah watever,but the overall meaning of this episode is else would a rough n tough girl understand one day about clark not bein from earth,yet has been saving lives inlcuding hers dozens of times and always thinks of others.makes sense.this i believe will bring her and clark alot closer when she actually finds out who clark is.great episode to me.moreless

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    Screenwriter Dries disappoints again, with a trivial plot, total disregard of continuity, and a mashup of confusing roles and an absence of drama. Skip everything but the last two scenes.

    By cxtasy, Apr 28, 2009

    This story was almost an 80% loss, and screenwriter Dries continues to be stuck on romantic schlock. Cartoonish, trivial, lacking in any coherent story line - it was all over the place. I was on the edge at the end of "Eternal," with Chloe virtually trapped in a basement with the horrifying Davis. She was the one doomed this time, committing herself to an unknown future with a monster, in order to protect Clark. That's where this episode should have picked up, maintaining that tension. Instead, we get another, "oh well, never mind," as Chloe is out and about with Lois, her usual chipper self, as if nothing ever happened. Why create a dramatic masterpiece, only to drop any attempt at story continuity?

    Apparently someone got the bright idea of Lois-as-Superhero, and came up with a thin plot as an excuse to dress Ms. Durance in wet-look vinyl and stiletto heels. Then they threw in Jimmy, absent the last few episodes, and he's now tending bar? His entire role was shoehorned in, without much purpose, other than to get everyone, including himself, in deep trouble with the 30-somethings running the local mob and counterfeiting operation, with kryptonite-laced greenbacks, no less.

    The production values bordered on irritating, with the painful lighting leaving everyone's face in half-shadows, as is the current fad in the film industry. It's getting tiresome and pretentious, just like the product placement mentions of a social-networking website...twice. Since they're selling advertising in the script, let's hope they gain enough cash to hire a story editor.

    The last two scenes, the remaining 20%, were worth watching, as the interplay between Lois and Clark back at the DP at least allowed them to show some maturity and a bit of self-assessment about their feelings for one another. Clark was self-assured, while Ms. Durance gave a good account of her acting skills as her feelings for Clark floated across her face. Never mind how Clark managed to recover from the bullet wound without revealing anything to anyone.

    I like to watch Ms. Mack do almost anything, but her role was confusing, and only at the end do we hear the word "divorce," rather than "breaking up," or "my ex." So the marriage is truly ended, but it plays out as if they never saw each other in court. It's all a throw-away again. And Davis didn't get a single scene, only an off-screen reference while dragging away Chloe's assailant. I didn't even catch the purpose of her dumpster trip, and emotional break in the dark alley. Her last scene with Clark and a table full of casseroles for the creepy guy in the basement was done well, as she had to put Clark off from finding out what was really bothering her. Are we to assume that Davis only needs occasional attention and feeding to control his inner beast, sort of like a primitive housepet?

    Clark's "red-blue blur" phone call to Lois was out-of-character. I almost laughed when they came up with a pay phone down on the street - haven't they disappeared everywhere except airline terminals? Did he arrange the call to throw her off his trail again? Seemed like he was playing with her emotions, and that's not fair. Ok, so he gave her some moral support, but otherwise it all seemed forced in order to close out her interest in pursuing that secret superhero thing...for now. Let's hope future episodes by this screenwriter are few and far between. Smallville can and should be much better. I'll re-watch those two good scenes, but the rest is painful. Re-run rating C.moreless

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    doesnt matter how many times they say it it a crappy episode

    By cale1234567, Apr 28, 2009

    Louis fakes a news story lies in a major newspaper

    and generally behaves like a real


    Okay so a paper called the Daily Planet

    focuses its headlines entirely on metropolis

    and a 3rd rate fake hero/S&M stripper.

    I know Americans are clearly focused on america

    when it comes to news but i find the title

    slightly misleading.

    As for the episode even by the low standards of the show recently its a mess.Uninvolving ,boring ,silly & contrived.Yet another very poor excuse to get louis

    into a sleazy outfit.

    Shame about the no talent/boxer,s nose combo

    An ep focusing on smallville,s worst character

    was never going to be great but it is really obvious they are n longer tryingmoreless

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    The Lane, the Kent and the Red-Blue Blur followed by Little Red Riding Chloe

    By goa103, Apr 27, 2009

    Even if this season has already plenty of great episodes the writers keep surprising us. Again this one was mostly about the whole new Lois and Clark arc but the Doomsday one was also covered. Finding out who Stilletto was even surprised me because I hadn't read anything about it before watching the episode.

    In Bride, Erica Durance's emotive performance astonished me and in this one she confirmed that impression. In fact I had to admit that when she was first introduced as Lois Lane I wasn't really into her but now I even compare her to Teri Hatcher. Indeed even they often use her sex appeal to appeal the male audience the character remains genuine, funny, clumsy… Considering how human she's I'm pretty sure many girls identify to her, and that's a great thing because she kicks ass. An other great thing was Clark's development because he keeps getting closer and closer to the whole Superman icon. The time when Tom Welling's acting bored me is also long time gone and now I keep waiting for the weekly Dailyplanet scene where we see Clark and Lois teasing each other. You can't get tired of it, it's pure cosmic love. This time it was even better than usual considering what he did and what happened thereafter.

    That was for the bright part because the creature is now lurking in Chloe's lair. She's my favorite character but I have to admit that Allison Mack's previous performances weren't as strong as they should have been. For example I remember a scene when she was supposed to be really sad but only looked like an actress faking the emotion. In this episode she got darker and darker but it felt real. So it's great and very inspiring to see that hard work pays off. She keeps growing on us but also on Allison apparently. In fact now she's almost a tale character and could be featured in Charles Perrault or Lewis Caroll's works. But this time Jimmy also joined the party and in some way it seems the marriage isn't over yet because their characters mirror themselves. It's quite smart from the writers because it makes Chloe and Jimmy even more genuine. If you already liked them you'll care even more for them after watching this episode.

    Last but not least, like if it wasn't already enough, all these elements were brilliantly edited together. Of course there were two distinctive story arcs but it felt like they were about to collide, for an ultimate episode. It's even more exciting considering three episodes remain. The last scene will also probably be remembered as one of the best Smallville one, right beside the scenes from episodes like Identity or Bride.moreless

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    Cheesy but not fun.

    By mrslimm, Apr 27, 2009

    This has the cheesy feeling of the 1960's Batman television show without, unfortunately, the sense of self-knowing glee that Adam West et al brought to that particular endeavour. The central idea of Lois going after a story in an unorthodox and dangerous manner was okay but, as usual for Smallville now, it was handled clumsily and lazily. The writers, director and actors are all on auto-pilot and even Erica Durance - the best thing about Smallville this season, surprisingly - has a permanent let's-get-this-over-with look about her. There's a bit of Lois-Clark magic at the end of the show but in almost every way Smallville is embarrassing to watch.

    This Smallville episode contains strong melee violence, graphic gun violence.

    Read more of my mini-reviews for Smallville, TV, anime, games and movies at

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  • 6.5

    Lois become a heroine for a moments!!!

    By whiterose81, Apr 25, 2009

    this episode was realy wacky for me maybe others like it..

    we still remember when lana became a heroine more than once and many ppl didn't accept the idea that her and clark become equal, but at least each time was because she get infected with meteor rock in the first time and last time wore this shell that lex made..

    But Lois become a heroine by herself!! come on at least if they make her get infected with some rocks or she is find these magic boots make her makes these jumps it would be more convincing..

    coz jumping from the roof and through the glass without hurt herself and have the time to kick the man before she land that was too much..

    normal woman will scream terrifying when they fall but not lois!!

    Clark himself without his powers can't do that and we've seen him lost his powers he was almost be close to death

    and what about chloe and all this darkness around her she killed a man, she is involved in lex murderer

    and now collecting the flesh that davis kill and throw it,, for how long she will walk through this roads, if clark find out will he be able to forgive her??

    I know she is doing all that for clark but she is his close friend and she has to know his ways in solving the problems by now

    the only progress in this episode was finaly lois start to talk to superman..moreless

    6 10

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