Season 5, Ep 5, Aired 10/27/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Lana joins a sorority to get housing for her last-minute college registration, but the sisters have a deadly agenda which involves turning Lana into a vampire like themselves and sending her against Clark. Meanwhile, Chloe applies to become an intern at the Daily Planet and runs up against the editor-in-chief, Pauline Kahn.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Welling

    Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

  • Kristin Kreuk

    Lana Lang

  • Michael Rosenbaum

    Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

  • Allison Mack

    Chloe Sullivan

  • James Marsters

    Professor Milton Fine

  • Fan Reviews (93)
  • Probably the stupidest episode of any superman franchise, ever.

    By MagellanTheCat, Jan 09, 2014

  • Blows

    By Yaspaa, Jun 27, 2013

  • You never know whether you're going to get nail-biting suspense. Or tongue-in-cheek humor.

    By Carycomic, Nov 18, 2006

  • It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a farce! Sorority stereotypes are tiresome. Vampire stories are tiresome. "Thirst" is fun for some, a disappointment for others. The ratings span the full scale - is it a "1" or a "10?"

    By cxtasy, Dec 08, 2008

  • worse of the Smallville episodes yet. Vampire plot in a half-ass sorority house

    By mposterfv, Aug 07, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (31)

    • Chloe: (while Ms. Kahn reads over Chloe's article) Is that a good "hmm" or a bad "hmm"? Kahn: Oh, it's a good "hmm". If we printed tabloid nonsense like the Inquisitor does, but we're the Daily Planet and tall tales about slaying Buffy the vampire don't make it into the pages of a real newspaper. Chloe: Ms. Kahn, I didn't make this up. They weren't vampires of the mythical sense, they were victims of an unusual disease. Look, here, it's all researched. Interviews, eyewitness accounts, the CDC report--everything. Kahn: Hmm. Chloe: Was that a good "hmm" or a bad... Kahn: (interrupting) Shut up. Here's the thing: your writing shows you aren't completely without talent. Chloe: Thank you. Kahn: But, you're not a real reporter either, yet. Everyone has to start somewhere. Welcome to the Daily Planet, kid.

    • Clark: How much of what happened do you remember? Lana: Bits and pieces. Nothing coherent, thank God. But there was one thing that stuck with me, something I felt when I bit you. Clark: What was that? Lana: Warmth and love and an overwhelming feeling of strength. I think that for a moment, I felt what was inside your heart and I've never felt closer to someone in my entire life.

    • Buffy: (after Lana brings back Clark) Nice work. He's quite a catch. One-hundred percent corn-fed Kansas beef. Let's eat. Lana: Wait. Isn't there something else we can do with him? Buffy: Like what? Barbeque? Lana: No, like convert him. Into one of us. (the Tri Psis laugh) Sorority Girl: We're a sorority, not a fraternity. Sorority Girl #2: No boys allowed.

    • Lana: (about Clark) What're you going to do to him? Buffy: Oh, me? Oh, honey. This is your freshman mess. Find Clark and bring him back here with just enough life in him for all of us to have a taste, or you're the one who we're feeding off of tonight.

    • Buffy: How could you be so stupid? You never leave anyone alive, you have to finish them off. Sorority Girl: Or turn them by making them drink your blood. Oh, that guy Carlos saw you. Lana: His name's Clark. Buffy: Oh, whatever. He saw you feeding and he was sneaking around my room. That's two strikes. I'm not waiting for a third. Lana: He's my boyfriend. Buffy: So? Lana, you're going to live forever now. He's going to get old and withered and sag in places you don't want to see sagging. You're special, he's not. Deal.

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    Notes (8)

    • Injoke: Clark's comment about hating costumes refers to the fact that, in the future, Clark Kent dresses up in a costume (Superman) in order to hide his true identity.

    • Deleted Scenes: 1. Lana and the other girls listening to Buffy's speech on the sorority. 2. Lex administers the cure to Chloe, after which she proceeds to tell Lex about Lana.

    • In England, depending on the time of day this episode is broadcast, you either see Lana bite Clark's neck (at the later hour) or the scene is cut just as she is moving down to bite him.

    • Music By: Esthero (Wicked Lil' Grrrls), Martin Grech (Unholy), and Bauhaus (Bela Lugosi's Dead)

    • On the episode's first airing, clips of music videos were featured from the upcoming Metropolis Mix collection. Clips included Josh Kelley's "Almost Honest," Diamond Nights "The Girl's Attractive," and Breaking Benjamin's "Forget It."

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    Trivia (15)

    • Although Clark is bitten by Lana the night before, neither Lana nor Lex seem to think it's strange that he has no bite marks on his neck the next day.

    • When Lana and Clark are in Chloe's dorm, the morning after she was turned into a vampiress, Lana drinks something and her hair is kind of messed up. But, when she turns around her hair is combed and perfect.

    • When Lana gets between Buffy and Clark, Buffy punches Lana with her left hand, hitting Lana on her right. Naturally after being hit, Lana's head is thrown to her left, but she falls to her right.

    • Lex says some of the things the Professor says in class come dangerously close to libel. Libel only applies to printed lies, slander is for spoken ones.

    • When Professor Fine goes to see Lex Luthor to give him the file on his past, Lex is playing pool and the white ball is to the left of Lex, when Professor Fine shoots the ball into the corner pocket, the ball is now on his right

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    Allusions (8)

    • Kahn: And tall tales about slaying Buffy the Vampire... Along with the villainess' name of Buffy Sanders, this is an in-joke/homage to Buffy Summers, the title character from the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    • Zorro Clark dresses as Zorro, the legendary Spanish hero of the California people that served as an inspiration for Batman. Clark makes note that he doesn't like the mask, but he likes the cape. Superman, of course, wears no mask but is famous for his red cape.

    • Pauline Kahn The character's last name and general position/authority alludes to Jeanette Kahn, onetime Publisher and President at DC Comics.

    • Bat references:
      Clark escaping through the window references Batman in the comics, who would always leave through a window after talking to someone when they weren't looking. The wind would then blow the curtain, as what happened here. There is also a long focus on a bat decoration for the Halloween party, another Batman homage. Finally, Clark finds an article entitled "High School Senior Survives Bat Attack in Cave". Batman's hideout was the Batcave.

    • Chloe: ....up, up, and away. This phrase was used in every episode of the 1950’s syndicated series The Adventures of Superman.

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