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    Wow!, We see Alicia from the third season come back to Smallville for Clark and despite his parent's warnings, he gives his relationship with her another shot and when she wants more from him, he's hesitant and that causes her to use red kryptonite on him

    By M-Yu, Jul 22, 2010

    Wow!, We see Alicia from the third season come back to Smallville for Clark and despite his parent's warnings, he gives his relationship with her another shot and when she wants more from him, he hesitates and that causes her to use red kryptonite on him and

    they whisk away to Las Vegas to get married!, Elsewhere Lana thinks about losing her virginity to Jason in an effort to win him back and she realizes he left her because it was about his mother's meddling and Martha is irate about what happened with Clark & Alicia and she yells at him and he is left in tears

    This is an impressive & emotional episode, and in my opinion one of the highlights to season 4moreless

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    Very good episode.

    By kal915, Jan 17, 2009

    I never thought that the Smallville directors would consider bringing Alicia back, but am I glad they did. This is episode is very good because it shows that Alicia can still go a long way for her love to Clark, only this time, she doesn't try to kill anyone. It also shows how Clark is trying to deal with his relationship less situation. He is waiting for the right person to pop up. Luckily for him, Alicia is let out, and they soon get back together. Alicia then "drugs" him with red kryptonite. They go to Vegas, get married, and come back without the red kryptonite. Then McBride tries to shoot Clark, but Alicia gets in the way.moreless

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    Clark's friend Alicia is released from confinement at Belle Reve, with her powers under control, but she's still pursuing Clark, and she uses red kryptonite to get him to succumb to her desires

    By cxtasy, Sep 05, 2008

    At the Talon, Clark turns down invitations to a party, feeling sorry for himself. Alicia, from the Season 3 episode "Obsession," is released from an inhumane dungeon - how could she improve mentally in such a place? - and comes to Smallville. She's "fixed" so she cannot use her Krypton-like powers. That Belle Reve is creepy. Clark is mistrustful, and Jonathan and Martha advise against his relating to her again. Is she cured? Clark yearns for a relationship with someone like him, so he's drawn to her anyway.

    While Lana heads to the Central Kansas A & M campus to see Jason, Clark and Alicia (Sarah Carter) are having a day at the skating rink, where he demonstrates a complete lack of skating skill. Alicia's doctor from Belle Reve is furtively observing her - sinister dude that he is - and whispers to her to stay away from Clark. Picking up her obsession where she left it, she searches the Talon office for the red kryptonite ring - why doesn't someone get rid of that troublesome gem? Well, because it may be needed to write a future episode! She begins urging Clark to go to California with her, but when he declines, she slips him the red rock in a necklace and he's hooked, meaning inhibitions and common sense gone.

    Lionel is at the mansion, talking of redemption and creating a charitable foundation, and we wonder if this is an enduring change of character. Lana tells Chloe about her relationship with Jason, but it's not been intimate. Meanwhile, Alicia is seducing Clark, and he removes her lead wristband, which has been all that kept her stable and free of the temptation of power uses. Next thing you know - they're married! In Las Vegas!

    Lana has set up a romantic rendezvous with Jason, but he's reluctant - time to fess up, Jason. He believes his mother set up their meeting in France, and all that story about Isabelle and the spell-book (see "Spell"). At a honeymoon suite with typical Vegas decadence decor, Alicia removes Clark's necklace, hoping he will remain her lover of his own free will. No such luck; Clark regains his senses, berates Alicia, and the wedding is off. Alicia disappears, but is back when McBride threatens Clark for taking her away - she takes a bullet for him, and McBride winds up in Belle Reve himself for the assault. In the hospital, Clark leaves her the lead bracelet, hoping she will use it to stay sane.

    Lionel is still living at a cheap motel, and visitor Lex leaves, still exceedingly suspicious about Lionel's "reform." Clark gets a dressing-down from Martha about the sanctity of marriage and the values they have tried to teach him - yet he desires to be normal and special. Hey, he wasn't himself! Tom Welling shows his ability to shed real tears on cue. Alicia stops by once more to pledge to keep Clark's secret...and his love. A sad ending of another relationship which can never be for Clark. Pretty good acting all around, but it looks like the end of the Alicia appearances in Smallville. Re-run rating C+.moreless

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    Alicia Baker returns from Belle Reve, claiming to be cured, and rekindles her relationship with Clark. However, Clark hesitates when Alicia presses for more, so she gives him a red kryptonite necklace and the two teleport to Las Vegas to get married.

    By scorpionqueen86, Nov 16, 2007

    After being released from Belle Reve, Alicia Baker (see OBSESSION) seeks out Clark, who's initially skeptical of her rehabilitation. However, when Chloe confirms that Alicia is indeed cured, Clark and Alicia rekindle their relationship, with Alicia unable to teleport due to a lead bracelet her psychiatrist, Dr. William McBride, designed for her. While ice skating with Clark, Alicia runs into Dr. McBride, who cautions her against "associating with Clark" for fear of another psychotic break. Afraid of being sent back to Belle Reve, Alicia asks Clark to run away with her, but when he refuses, she fashions a necklace out of red kryptonite and gives it to him under the guise of a "goodbye present". When his morally-challenged alter ego comes out, Clark breaks off Alicia's bracelet, then has her teleport them to Las Vegas to get married. Meanwhile, Lana considers taking her relationship with Jason to the next level, and Lex is unfazed by Lionel's moral turnaround.

    I'm glad that, with Alicia's return from Belle Reve, Clark has a girlfriend he can share his abilities with, though I wasn't too keen on the idea of the two getting married. Although Tom Welling did look good in a tux, as well as shirtless. Anyway, I'm also glad the writers took the opportunity to send a message about waiting until one is ready for an "adult relationship", rather than preaching about the immorality of sex outside of marriage (and I personally believe it isn't). I think a lot of teens can relate to at least parts of this episode, with Chloe interjecting her own regrettable experience with Jimmy (as in Olsen) and Lana's dilemma of whether or not she's ready to take her relationship to the next level. By the way, I loved seeing red-k Clark again; haven't seen that sexy scoundrel in a while (when was it last, EXILE?). Overall, nine of ten. :)

    Highlights: two of Clark's classmates flirting with him at the Talon; Alicia appearing in Clark's loft; Chloe confirming Alicia's claims, much to Clark's relief and happiness; Alicia and Clark's skate date; Lionel and Lex's "prodigal father" conversation at the mansion; Alicia giving Clark the red-k necklace; Lana and Chloe discussing "adult relationships"; Clark and Alicia's make-out session in his loft; Clark and Alicia's wedding; Lana and Jason's conversation in her apartment; Clark and Alicia in their honeymoon suite; Alicia taking a bullet in order to keep Clark's secret; Clark explaining to Martha why he got married; and Clark and Alicia's hug in the barn.moreless

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    I've got a funny little feeling

    By vickool, Aug 24, 2007

    First of all, I've always like Clark under the influence of the red kryptonite so a really like this episode for that, and second I'm so jealous: lol:. This episode was about sex, I mean we learn that chloe did it for the first time, lana think that jason wants to do it because he said that he didn't think she was ready to that kind of relationship. clark his getting married and alicia almost get some. When I saw clark with the necklace, I fell on the floor because he is really hot with that necklace! :D so I really like that episode because of the red kryptonite, long live the red kryptonite. :lol:moreless

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    Great Episode

    By Beer75, Aug 22, 2007

    Alicia Baker is considered cured and released from Belle Reve institution. She meets Clark Kent, they confess to each other that they are virgins and she gives a red kryptonite necklace to him, and they go to Las Vegas to get married to each other. Lana Lang confess to Chloe Sullivan that she is virgin, but Chloe tells her that she loved a guy called Jimmy during her working period in the Daily Planet. Lana decides to have sex with Jason to keep their relationship. Lex Luthor and Lionel Luthor give a break in their fight and have a closer contact.moreless

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    loved this episode! alicia is(was) a great character!and her chemistry with clark definitly sizzles! .... oh and shes hot!

    By s_agent33, Jul 25, 2007

    liked this episode alot. it was quite steamy for smallville, but was still good fun with its serious moments! plus i love any episode with the character alicia in it! she definitly lights up the screen everytime shes on with her lovely big smile... ehm, sorry getting carried away there!

    basically, a good well written episode. with good performances all round, particularly from clark and alicia. it moved the characters on well if not the overall story! enjoyed immensely!! filler filler sorry cant think of anything else to say to fill the word count..ok will finish with, alicia is hot!moreless

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    Clark belongs wit Alicia. She's not crazy anymore, she has a great personality, she's hot, and......she's hot.

    By solstice333, Jul 06, 2007

    i'm gonna make this short and straight to the point. alicia's hot hahaha, and she belongs with clark cuz she loves clark and lana gets tiresome. anyways, alicia transports in front of a bullet and says she loves clark straight to his face. lana throws clark aways and goes for that punk named jason teague. sarah carter is an excellent actress and i wish she stayed for a few more episodes WITHOUT (spoiler)................dying later.....anyways, alicia is hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hotmoreless

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    here comes alicia ;)

    By silent_medium, Jul 01, 2007

    Alicia is released from Belle Reve and goes to see Clark. She is wearing a bracelet that allows trace amounts of lead to go into her system so she can't teleport. She and Clark go to the ice rink where she runs into Dr. McBride who tells her that the bracelet is also a tracking device. He doesn't want Alicia to be together and tells her that it's because Clark was the object of her obsession, and it could lead to a relapse. Lana visits Jason on campus, but he tries to break it off because he doesn't think she is ready for their relationship to go on.

    Alicia tries to get Clark to come with her, but he doesn't so she puts a red kryptonite necklace on him. Clark and Alicia get married in Las Vegas. He removes the bracelet when they get into the honeymoon suite. She removes his necklace, and he freaks. Meanwhile Jason tells Lana the real reason he is resitant about the relationship. He thinks that his mom was the reason they are together.

    McBride shows up in the barn with a gun. He confronts Clark and tries to shoot him after Alicia said that she loves Clark. He could have caught the bullet, but, to protect his sercet, Alicia teleported in front of it. Clark takes her to the hospital.moreless

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