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  • Nanny: Honey, if he's as nice as you say he is, he'll give you another chance anyway. Tori: You really think so? Nanny: You're a sweet girl, with some brains, a good heart and a rich Daddy. Boys like all that. Tori: Thanks Nanny! Nanny: And you got those big, big boobies. Boys like those, too.

  • Kiki: I don't understand all this emotion. You never liked that capelet, you never liked anything I ever bought you, I was just clearing out some space. Tori: You have 64,000 square feet! Kiki: 64,500 and it's getting tight. We might have to move Nanny to the basement.

  • Tori: She bought my capelet on eBay! Kiki: Well let me tell you she got a steal and she stiffed me on shipping. I gave her negative feedback.

  • Tori: That stain is from my Shirley Temple barf. Sasan's Mother: It's from MY barf. Sasan: Mom, you barf? How chic, I thought you were just dieting.

  • Janie: You're tall. I love tall guys. I bet you've got really big... Sasan: ... nuts?

  • Ruthie: Don't give him any right away. The minute they get what they want, they disappear. You know, I kept Philip waiting for six months so when we finally did it, meant something. Tori: Oh, are you still seeing him? Ruthie: Who?

  • Sasan: It's ok, I'm gay. So Tori and I can sleep in the same bed and the only thing that happens is giggling... depending on what Tori's been eating.

  • Tori: We've all been friends since Junior High. Scott: I wasn't even sure you if you went to school. I mean, other than the one on TV.

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Notes (2)

  • In reality Farah was actually Tori's neighbor for a number of years and the party storyline involving her here was a true event.

  • This episode aired on LOGO, VH1's cable sibling, rather than during VH1's first run.

Trivia (2)

  • The mini-monologue Tori had to say about the movie "Stolen Lola" was always messed up. The scene was edited to make it look like she said it right, but she really only said parts of it at a time. Tori only said it right once, which ended up being in a deleted scene for this episode.

  • Charmed: Sasan makes a reference to Charmed when Tori and him are discussing where her mother can learn to put curses on people. Tori's father, Aaron Spelling, is an executive producer on the show Charmed.

Allusions (4)

  • Charmed: Tori's father says there is always room for another witch on Charmed, a TV show running on TheWB from 1998-2006.

  • Charlie's Angels: Tori communicates with her father via intercoms and cameras, like on the show Charlie's Angels. Charlie's Angels was the brainchild of producer Aaron Spelling. It aired on ABC from 1976-81.

  • Wholeness is a spoof of Kabbalah.

  • When Tori pulls up to her parents gate, they show an S emblem on the gate and a shot of the top of the home like the show Dynasty, and when she enters her parents' home and hear the Charlie's Angels theme after her father's voice come through the speaker. Both shows her father Aaron Spelling produced.