So Weird

Disney Channel (ended 2001)
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  • S 3 : Ep 26

    The River

    Aired 9/28/01

  • S 3 : Ep 25

    Annie's Song

    Aired 9/7/01

  • S 3 : Ep 24

    Dead Ringer

    Aired 8/24/01

  • S 3 : Ep 23

    Mr. Magnetism

    Aired 8/17/01

  • S 3 : Ep 22

    Gone Fishin'

    Aired 8/10/01

  • Cast & Crew
  • Erik Von Detten

    Clu Bell (Season 1-2)

  • Mackenzie Phillips

    Molly Phillips

  • Dave Ward

    Ned Bell

  • Belinda Metz

    Irene Bell (episodes 2-65)

  • Cara DeLizia

    Fiona "Fi" Phillips (Season 1-2)

  • show Description
  • So Weird was a half-hour, live-action drama that explored paranormal phenomena. In the first two seasons, the series followed Fiona 'Fi' Phillips and her search for the paranormal, while she toured the country with her rock star mom, Molly, and her brother Jack, and their friends, Ned, Irene, Clu and then later Carey. In the third season, 13-year-old Annie Thelan hopped on the tour bus, when Fi left to live a normal life. FILMING LOCATION: So Weird was filmed entirely on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. THEME SONG: The theme song In The Darkness was performed by series star, Mackenzie Phillips. ORIGINAL TITLE: The original title of the series was Too Weird. DVD/VHS RELEASE: So far this series has not been released on DVD in North America (US and Canada). If you'd like to request it, try this great site

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  • Quotes (87)

    • Fi: You know they used to keep dead bodies here. Jack: Thanks for sharing.

    • Fi: But if he died in the fire, why is he wet? Jack: You know how the fire started when Mrs. O'Leary's cow knocked over the lantern? Fi has obviuosly found the ghost of Mrs. O'Leary's cow. Mooooooo.

    • Fi: It's high noon for Fi's theory of weird stuff.

    • Fi (narrating): Scientists say that memory is a result of an actual physical process that takes place within the brain. Billions of neuronal connections burying words and images deep in our minds. But if everything's really in there, how come we can remember something so clearly that happened 10 years ago, but not what we had for dinner last night? Scientists say they may be able to help us recover lost memories. But it still makes you wonder. Why did we lose them in the first place?

    • Jack: Why do you insist on looking for trouble? Fi: Why do you insist on looking for a swimming pool? Jack: Because it's hot out! Fi: Exactly! Jack (whispers): Exactly?

    • Fi: This place must be swarming with unsettled spirits.

    • Fi: (narrating) This is Australopithecus, everybody's great-great-grandfather. Well, great-great-great-great whatever. Way back there. Let's call him Grampa. But was Grampa the only one who made it? Or did he have cousins? A lot of people think so. In fact, in almost every part of the world, there have been reports of unclassified primates. Ape-men, even ape-women and ape-kids. They're called different things, depending on where they are. The almas in Mongolia, the yeti in Tibet, the yowie in Australia and the sasquatch in North America. They've been caught on film, left footprints and hair samples. But scientists still refuse to believe they could be real. Still, you have to ask yourself, are we really the only ones in this family?

    • Fi: Wait, wait Big Foot where are you going? Hey Big Foot. Right Fiona. Call him Big Foot. What's his middle name, Fuzzy?

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    Notes (38)

    • Although credited, Belinda Metz (Irene) does not appear in this episode.

    • According to the executive producers, the Celtic/Irish witch backstory of the characters came mainly from Tom J. Astle's idea of giving the Phillips' Irish first names.

    • This is the only appearance of Teryl Rothery as 'Irene Bell', and Corinth MacKarthy as 'Rick Phillips'. For any future pictures of Rick like this, they merely added a beard to Chris Gibson.

    • The original title of the series, and this episode, was Too Weird.

    • This episode was about the real-life boat called the Eastland that sunk in the Chicago River in 1914, two years after the Titanic sank. This is known as the Eastland Disaster of 1914 in which many men, women and children died, with very few survivors.

    • This is the first appearance of Belinda Metz as 'Irene Bell'.

    • The song "In the Darkness" is a reference to Molly's past. She had several drinking issues after Rick died, but luckily she recovered. However, the song was written BEFORE Rick died, on the album "Half-Light", largely hinting at Molly's abilities.

    • Song: flubbed version of "In the Darkness", performed by Mackenzie Phillips.

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    Trivia (99)

    • In Family Reunion there is a small scene where the I think the club owner says something if you look that is the guy who later plays James Garr in the episode "James Garr"

    • TRIVIA: The gunk in the pool would have been discovered as ship fuel in the original season three. Also, it would have been learned that the aliens had come to see Fi.

    • TRIVIA: The song Lorena, performed by Mackenzie Phillips, is a classic Civil War song about a soldier missing his lover.

    • TRIVIA: The song Star-Dot-Star is performed by the whole cast and was merely a quick way for Molly to make some quick cash. The 'remix' is about how people can live without technology in the city of Simplicity, where the episode takes place.

    • TRIVIA: The angel from this episode was intended to have made a return in season 3 had Cara DeLizia and the original executive producers had stayed. The angel would have played a major role in helping Fi discover her true destiny.

    • TRIVIA: Mackenzie Phillips performs the song "More Like a River" in this episode. The song is about Molly having trouble expressing her feelings for Rick, and how even after he's gone, she has trouble moving on from the memories.

    • TRIVIA: In a scene where Molly is playing her guitar and singing the notes of a song that she plans to write in the future - the song is "She Sells", which she does sing in a later episode in season 2.

    • In the beginning of the episode, the bus is on the left side of the road, which is the wrong side for North America.

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    Allusions (22)

    • Title: Family Reunion
      This is a reference to the plot in which Fi reunites the ghost of a boy with his also-deceased parents.

    • Title: Web Sight This title refers to a name for a web page, web site, the change to sight refers to the webpage giving Fi a glimpse into the future.

    • Title: Memory
      The title of this episode refers to the plot in which Fi tries to get Irene, Ned, and a local boy to remember what happened the day before.

    • Title: Sacrifice
      This refers to Fi risking her own life to get Bigfoot to safety and unseen.

    • Title: Escape
      This title refers to Claire who uses astral projection to escape from the troubles and cooped up feeling in her home.

    • Title: Simplicity
      There are two possible explanations for this episode, one is Tad Raxall's obsession with technology making everything simple or the town's disregard of technology and simpleness of life.

    • Title: Angel
      The title of this episode simply refers to the Angel who Fi meets.

    • Title: Strangeling
      This refers to the name of the creature who Fi accidentally conjures with a magic spell.

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