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    season 11

    By Pamelakay123, Sep 09, 2014

    Stop this screaming and whistling is so distracting! I'm so annoyed and distracted it takes all the joy out of watching the dancers!!! There so wonderful and amazing why would you ( the producers of this show) allow this.. It's reminding us of other shows. For god's sake give the dancers some respect, wait till their performance is over!! I cant hear anything but the screaming! Don't ruin this show! I have many acquaintances who are complaining of the same thing. Sad to say, some have stopped watching the show. Seriously to those of you controlling this show, shut the audience up....moreless

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    Really disappointed in Season 11 - have the judges lost their minds?

    By faithbronaugh5, Aug 29, 2014

    I agree everything last poster MariaMichelle said. I really wish the producers wouldn't even put tap dancers in the top 20. Zack is pretty darn good but it's obvious he has had training in other styles. Valerie, on the hand, should not have even made it into the Top 20 much less the Top 4. She is several levels below any other dancer in the competition in ability or style. Some may defend her lack of technical ability by pointing to other seasons where street dancers won, such as Fikshun or Russell. Big difference there. Fikshun and Russell were both immensely talented and amazing in their own styles. I wish Season 11 had had a Fikshun or a Russell would have made a much more interesting show.

    Nigel has always annoyed me, but never as much as this season. During one episode he shredded poor Marquet to pieces (though I thought his performance was charming), then went on to praise Valerie for committing much worse technical faux pas than Marquet ever did. I can't believe he saw the same performance I did.

    Finally MariaMichelle, I was beginning to think I was the only sick to death of Ricky's leg extensions. I didn't notice he was using only his right leg, though. LOL!


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    This year was horrible, I am sorry. and the finale, that I waited for all week, a complete let down.

    By mariamichelle9, Aug 28, 2014

    What the heck is going on this year. I mean they are all NOBODY is really jamming the floor, and honestly I cannot believe that I was fast forwarding over dances. None of the judges are really that excited, it is so obvious. Mary Murphy, is giving compliments, that seem to be forced. No they are forced, fake, and a complete let down this year.

    If Ricky does one more right leg extension, I am going to shut off the tv or watch a movie. Can he do that with his left leg? Nope, haven't seen it yet. Here is my prediction. They want tappers to win this year, obviously. Sad to say, tapping was or is exciting to the age group now from the 40s and 50s, who are now in their late 70s or early 80s, honestly the people really watching the show are not that excited over it. I was a tapper , even went to college for dance in Philadelphia..... Yes tapping is hard, but boring now. Honestly I liked the show better when thier was a group of guys and a group of girls. There really isnt anybody in the finale that is that outrageously good this year. Complete let down. I hope they fix this next year, because I've never been this bored with this show. There isn't one dance, (with the exclusion of Zack, a little?)that covers a huge part of the dance, floor, again, boring, a let down, nothing special, and probably will not watch next year. What a bummer. Looking for a movie on a pay channel instead and turning it off. Jessica and Ricky probably should win, but again, nothing that great, but watch valerie and zack take it cuz they are tapping , They never had tapper winners, guess they are trying to be different. Who cares, they ruined it this year.moreless

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    Never too old to learn

    By mcritz1, Aug 26, 2014

    71 years old and never knew or cared about dance until my wife and I started watching SYTYCD. Watched season 1 and haven't missed an episode since. Most entertaining show on TV. Amazing talent and beautiful choreography. I feel like I've received an education in dance. I know I could be a better judge than some of the big name singer/actor judges who don't know anything about dance. Their flippant cliche comments are embarrassing (almost as bad as Randy Jackson on AI). Especially enjoyed Misty Copeland. I'm too old to do much dancing (although my twist always draws a crowd at wedding receptions) but I have gained a great appreciation for dance because of this show.moreless

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    Season 11 sucks

    By brooklynnserenity, Aug 24, 2014

    The best seasons were 3-10. 1 and 2 were good also, but each year continued to get better than the last one. Season 11 is no where close to any of the previous seasons. I stopped watching especially after the best female dancer on the show this season (Tanesha) was booted off.

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    Utter Disappointment

    By sarahmariev, Aug 21, 2014

    I've been watching this show for 6 years and although there's always been the tween voting factor and a fair amount of producer manipulation (it is reality television after all!) I'd always appreciated the fact that SYTYCD attempted to be innovative, genuine and encouraged talent and growth.

    Now the show is overblown, lazy and completely biased. I'm of course annoyed by factors other people have pointed out (distracting camera movement, vanilla cast and unfair voting practices), but worst by far is the blatant bias. Valerie is the worst example of this; she has been one of the weakest dancers, propped up only by the choreographers' help (she got one of the strongest partners to start out with and got to sit for half of the dances this week) and the judges' empty praise. I'm also pissed off about Ricky and Jessica. Don't get me wrong, they're both amazing, but I would have probably liked them (and not minded them winning, which they obviously will) were it not for them being shoved down my freaking throat. They were both always highlighted in the group dances (Ricky especially was always front and center, with the cameras and lights always focused on him) and were endlessly lauded by the judges and choreographers ("You're the one to beat" to Ricky practically every week. Very subtle!).

    In the end I will probably still end up watching, but I'll fast forward through half of it and not even bother to vote. At least I'm happy to know that like most reality television shows, winning means absolutely nothing (see all their most popular alumni who didn't take first: Travis Wall, Twitch, Mark, etc,). My favorite dancers have the actual talent and will continue to do amazing things.moreless

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    Voting Process Suck

    By Strlet, Aug 21, 2014

    I don't think the dancers fate should be left up to America! I think this whole thing is a popularity contest based on factors other than their dancing. Valerie should have definitely been in the bottom 2, her routine the week before was so weird. She didn't pull it off at all. I think it should have been Kasey and Valerie. I bet people are like OMG look how fast and how many spins Kasey can do, I'm going to vote for him. Also, I wonder how many people have been voting from the beginning and have seen the dancers from the beginning of the season. See the flaw! If somebody tunes in here and there and see an amazing routine and like them immediately and then don't pay attention to there overall performances then I don't see how America can be in charge of judging. It's really unfortunate.moreless

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    Facebook's Favorite Dancer

    By kdanr, Aug 21, 2014

    I LOVE SYTYCD. I despise facebook. So as much as I love the show, and want to vote for my favorites, I won't be voting. It is not right to force people to use a service they may not be able to use, or like me, refuse to use, to vote. So I guess this year it will not be America's favorite dancer, but Facebook's favorite dancer who wins. This is just wrong.

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    cruel elimination format

    By zoniekat, Aug 20, 2014

    what really bothers me about this season (besides the ridiculous guest judging), is the way they hear of their elimination right after they dance. Why not let them know at the end of the show? How cruel it was to give them a great review of the dance then tell them they were voted off. What they did to Rudy was just so ridiculous. And it's not just him.

     I don't have faith in the audience to vote for the best dancer's. It really is America's Favorite Dancer. There's no deception involved there. America votes for their favorites. I'm no different. Favorite is totally subjective. It's opinion. But I don't want to have to look away after every review so I don't have to see their broken hearts. Wait till the end. Make the show more pleasant.

    Still love the dancing. The quality of contestants and the choreographers is still excellent. So much to love. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

    Nigel. Shut up. You are so often annoying. Your comment about the Emmy's was so embarassing. True or not.


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    By catherineocarroll3, Aug 17, 2014

    Something needs to be done about the voting process. I mean.... REALLY..... Rudy and Tanisha! They excelled in every dance they did. Judges loved them crowd loved them, and I can only guess that the viewing audience loved them.

    The 2 that got to stay were not near as talented. Drives me nuts when the BEST dancers are consistently voted off.

    And on a side note.... The producers need to do something about the gawd awful camera shots/work. Half the time we're blinded by spot lights in the camera and the other half the camera is whirling around the dancers so it is almost impossible to SEE the actual dance.moreless

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