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    Utter Disappointment

    By sarahmariev, 8 hours ago

    I've been watching this show for 6 years and although there's always been the tween voting factor and a fair amount of producer manipulation (it is reality television after all!) I'd always appreciated the fact that SYTYCD attempted to be innovative, genuine and encouraged talent and growth.

    Now the show is overblown, lazy and completely biased. I'm of course annoyed by factors other people have pointed out (distracting camera movement, vanilla cast and unfair voting practices), but worst by far is the blatant bias. Valerie is the worst example of this; she has been one of the weakest dancers, propped up only by the choreographers' help (she got one of the strongest partners to start out with and got to sit for half of the dances this week) and the judges' empty praise. I'm also pissed off about Ricky and Jessica. Don't get me wrong, they're both amazing, but I would have probably liked them (and not minded them winning, which they obviously will) were it not for them being shoved down my freaking throat. They were both always highlighted in the group dances (Ricky especially was always front and center, with the cameras and lights always focused on him) and were endlessly lauded by the judges and choreographers ("You're the one to beat" to Ricky practically every week. Very subtle!).

    In the end I will probably still end up watching, but I'll fast forward through half of it and not even bother to vote. At least I'm happy to know that like most reality television shows, winning means absolutely nothing (see all their most popular alumni who didn't take first: Travis Wall, Twitch, Mark, etc,). My favorite dancers have the actual talent and will continue to do amazing things.moreless

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    Voting Process Suck

    By Strlet, 9 hours ago

    I don't think the dancers fate should be left up to America! I think this whole thing is a popularity contest based on factors other than their dancing. Valerie should have definitely been in the bottom 2, her routine the week before was so weird. She didn't pull it off at all. I think it should have been Kasey and Valerie. I bet people are like OMG look how fast and how many spins Kasey can do, I'm going to vote for him. Also, I wonder how many people have been voting from the beginning and have seen the dancers from the beginning of the season. See the flaw! If somebody tunes in here and there and see an amazing routine and like them immediately and then don't pay attention to there overall performances then I don't see how America can be in charge of judging. It's really unfortunate.moreless

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    Facebook's Favorite Dancer

    By kdanr, Yesterday

    I LOVE SYTYCD. I despise facebook. So as much as I love the show, and want to vote for my favorites, I won't be voting. It is not right to force people to use a service they may not be able to use, or like me, refuse to use, to vote. So I guess this year it will not be America's favorite dancer, but Facebook's favorite dancer who wins. This is just wrong.

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    cruel elimination format

    By zoniekat, 2 days ago

    what really bothers me about this season (besides the ridiculous guest judging), is the way they hear of their elimination right after they dance. Why not let them know at the end of the show? How cruel it was to give them a great review of the dance then tell them they were voted off. What they did to Rudy was just so ridiculous. And it's not just him.

     I don't have faith in the audience to vote for the best dancer's. It really is America's Favorite Dancer. There's no deception involved there. America votes for their favorites. I'm no different. Favorite is totally subjective. It's opinion. But I don't want to have to look away after every review so I don't have to see their broken hearts. Wait till the end. Make the show more pleasant.

    Still love the dancing. The quality of contestants and the choreographers is still excellent. So much to love. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

    Nigel. Shut up. You are so often annoying. Your comment about the Emmy's was so embarassing. True or not.


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    Really disappointed in Season 11 - have the judges lost their minds?

    By faithbronaugh5, 3 days ago

    So last week they eliminated Tanisha the fabulous and kept Valerie, the mediocre tap dancer. I realize this was the result of the viewer's voting, but I blame Nigel for influencing the audience with his reviews of Valerie's dancing in every previous episode. Week after week, he and Mary piled undeserved praise on this dancer, and though she is cute and adorable, this competition is about dancing, not looks or personality. A factor to consider, I'm sure, is that Nigel used to be a tapper and I think he is incapable of being unbiased when judging their performances. But are he and the other judges blind to the fact that Valerie has terrible technique several levels below other fabulous dancers who have since been eliminated? Does he not see how her arms flail around in an awkward manner whenever she is doing anything besides tap? I am so worried that somehow she will win the season. What style will she do when she comes back as an all-star? Freakin' tap dancing, which is my opinion is a snore to begin with?moreless

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    By catherineocarroll3, Aug 17, 2014

    Something needs to be done about the voting process. I mean.... REALLY..... Rudy and Tanisha! They excelled in every dance they did. Judges loved them crowd loved them, and I can only guess that the viewing audience loved them.

    The 2 that got to stay were not near as talented. Drives me nuts when the BEST dancers are consistently voted off.

    And on a side note.... The producers need to do something about the gawd awful camera shots/work. Half the time we're blinded by spot lights in the camera and the other half the camera is whirling around the dancers so it is almost impossible to SEE the actual dance.moreless

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    FB ONLY voting unfair, but then voters & judges lack integrity regardless so perhaps a moot point

    By IntegreView, Aug 15, 2014

    We've watched for years, the voting always downright annoying. This year tops the cake with online/app voting only available via FB. Sorry to the many talented individuals who won't get votes from discriminate viewers. And couldn't agree more regarding the camera. We want to watch the dancers not how creative the video crew can get. August 13 proved it's yet another tragic season. Clearly voters don't vote based on talent. Without question there is NO way Tanisha and Rudy should have been let go this week. Consistently strong, constantly growing and always beyond impressive. And we're very tired of listening to the judges and their inconsistent remarks between contestants. Outside of the dancers, the show itself is falling prey to the substandard reality TV mediocrity. Such a shame indeed but this show will likely be on the chopping block!moreless

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    terrible season

    By cameronaikens, Aug 08, 2014

    This season sucks there isn't one standout performer. Emilio was clearly the most talented dancer but yet as they did with everyone else this season he got voted out. The biased nature of how this show favors contemporary over other styles makes these dance routines very vanilla. This season (11) top 20 is not very strong or diverse. The ratings are so bad now along with the new voting mechanic, that this season will probably be the nail bitter for this show being continued.moreless

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    By optimistic1, Aug 07, 2014

    Hi! So I have been watching SYTYCD since Season 8 and I think it is the bomb diggity!! I could not agree more with rogersic (posted November 10, 2013). This show has some flaws, but ALL shows do! The great in this show far outweighs the not so great. I get SO excited on Wednesday nights to sit down and engage in the show. I feel very blessed to be able to delight in the show with a roof over my head, a glass of water sitting right next to me, and eyes and ears to really feel the immense emotion that radiates off of all of the dancers. Most of all, I feel very blessed to live in a country where people CAN dance and share the talents that God has given them with the world. I love watching all the contestants dance, no matter if it is their style or not, because I know dancing is what they love to do; it is their passion. The greatest gift you can give the world is to do what you love, and unfortunately, many people cannot/do not do what they love. This is just a great show and gives many opportunities to the dancers. I am amazed every week with the effortlessness the dancers show while dancing. WOW! So awesome!! :-)moreless

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    Boring Beige Season 11

    By HcaaIntekai, Aug 01, 2014

    I have given up on season 11, I am sure the ratings are falling and it is not just because of Facebook voting, hyper moving cameras and screaming audiences (and screaming Mary). This complete dominance of ideally trained cookie cutter dancers is stifling this season, this will very likely be a nail in the coffin of the show. That would be a pity to me as I have been a fan for years.

    The diversity of styles and the struggles of some dancers to not just adapt but to evolve on the show has produced dance heroes which viewers have taken to, or in some cases even fought against, in either case building the interest and dynamic nature of SYTYCD, without this factor it becomes what is now (season 11) just another destined for cancellation dance show.

    JUDGES, your choices for CAST MEMBERS have to be more creative in the future or the show will go the way of every single dance show before it, and so many future dancers and dance fans are hoping otherwise.moreless

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