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    USED to be a rabid fan! Am so mad about new format I can barely watch the show and now don't care who wins each week.

    By deborahdc12-3, Yesterday

    HATE the new format! New stage is too small. Camera work is still bad. Amateurs shouldn't have to compete with Pros as partners because they will always look unpolished/bad. I used to care about partnerships and individuals and now I don't because my eye is always going to the pro - except in the case of Comfort who I can't believe they brought back cause she looks sloppy and sluggish. They used to praise the choreographers to choreographing to the couples strength. So how does that happen now when the pro is in their strength area and the contestant isn't?moreless

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    hands down, worst season

    By Boadicah, 2 days ago

    With Jim gone, there is no reason even to vote this week.

    Having to keep an equal number of street and stage dancers is ridiculous. The street dancers cannot compete without that contrivance.

    I look forward to the SYTYCD season every year, but this one is a huge disappointment. The All Stars and Jim were the only bright spots.

    Travis and tWitch have been diminished and trivialized by their roles this season.

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    Judging the judging

    By Peggedyann, 2 days ago

    SYTYCD is my favorite show, have not missed an episode ever, but I did something tonight I've never done: before : i turned it off before it was over. Get rid of Derulo-he's uninformed about dance & inane, & Paula isn't much better. The show seems "rigged": Jim has had to do hip hop 3 times & tonight samba & gets criticized for his "flaws" (Derulo's word) both styles way outside his area, but the others have had several in their genres with generous praise. If this street/stage format continues next year, I doubt I will watch this show that I wait for all year. I'm sad and disappointed about the choices & changes made this year.moreless

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    By stevecougar, 3 days ago

    This is what you will be seeing next year. We are watching, or some of us were watching, the end of sytycd.

    The dancers deserve better than Paula, and Jason just plain sucks. Jason is a mimic and has little original feedback. In fact it's sooooooo funny to here him say words like Plie or Arabesque and you can tell he is WAY out of his element. He's drab and classless, no real energy at all. I hear that he will be replacing Tim Gun on Project Runway next year.

    Paula is, well Paula, emotionally gushy, inarticulate, stammering and so afraid of offending the dancers that her value as a constructive judge is an epic fail. There is no chemistry with the judges this year and I miss the guest judges and of course Marry, the shows anchor . Everyone in the professional dance world has more or less abandoned the once GREAT and sublime SYTYCD of yesteryear. They NEVER should have brought STREET into this show. A smarter move would have been to have a show ONLY on street dancing and left SYTYCD alone!!

    Thank you for 11 GREAT YEARS and I'm so sorry to see you go.moreless

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    See what the judges say, not what you see

    By jvg7, 3 days ago

    This used to be a show about dance. Now Nigel has decided it must be part of the street dance movement, a show for the times. Wake up, Nigel! The show used to show a rich range of dance. Now it's all about showing how street dance is just as good as classic dance with choreography.

    Forget this viewer from here on. After the three judges pandered to the street movement on August 31, it's a mockery.

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    Only black in wardrobe..

    By VeronicaannKoontz, 3 days ago

    How about some color, black and gray, black background . We loose the dancers in lights and black. The dullest show I ever world has enough sadness, color it up a least one show.

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    Love this show to pieces

    By RobbinStoro, 3 days ago

    I think 4 contestants should win this year. In no particular 4 of these are phenomenal: Jaja, Jim, Virgil, Gabby

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    Getting Harder To Enjoy

    By Skifeehan, Aug 27, 2015

    This has always been one of my favorite shows to watch because of the great dance quality and creative choreography. But I am simply not enjoying it as much because it is so hard to actually see the dancing. While the lighting might look good sitting in the audience, it is horrible while viewing it on tv. There is so much glare from the lighting that it is actually hard to see the dancing. The photography of the show is just terrible. The camera is constantly moving so that you can't really see the dance. There is such great dancing but with the camera constantly in motion I feel like I miss half or more of the actual dance. Am just not enjoying it like I used to because it takes so much effort to see beyond the lighting and photography issues. Loved it when I could actually see the dancing.moreless

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    The street suck this year

    By JanineDixonmontgomery, Aug 27, 2015

    I've been a fan of the show since it started but the street versus stage I don't really care for because the street side of it has been really watered-down. I'm never seen hip-hop that is so nice the way it is being dance on the show and It needs more grit and more substance to it ....... They really need to step up their game in the hip-hop department

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    Are people born with dance technique?

    By sbeauty, Aug 26, 2015

    I hated watching the judges berate the street dancers for their lack of technical skills. Duh! Everyone is very aware that some privileged kids had years of dance instruction and others didn't, but to expect the street dancers to show technique they've never been given the opportunity to develop was nothing short of cruel.

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