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  • Lisa: Now, were you nervous your first day? Were you nervous? Charlene: I was so nervous. It was Steve Kanaly, it was my first scene. "Steve, you remember Charlene?" We had met briefly before. Okay, up in the hayloft, there you go. Okay!

  • Larry Hagman (on seeing Linda Gray in a stage production of The Graduate): I had to wait 25 years to see that woman naked!

  • Linda Gray: I loved the time where I was drunk. I said, "Please, I don't want to drink anymore, I've had it. I either have drinks or affairs or affairs and drinking, I'm tired after 8 years." So they said, "Okay, we'll stop the drinking if we get to take you down to the gutter." I said, "Okay, let's go."

  • Linda Gray: There were no lines in the first episode of.. Dallas. There were lines like that, "More coffee, darling?"

  • Patrick (on his infamous return in the shower cliffhanger): Victoria didn't know. Because when she opened the shower door, John Beck was in there. Ty: Her husband for the dream season... Lisa: Right... Larry Hagman: Poor old John Beck. Patrick Duffy: He was suprised!

  • Patrick Duffy: I came back to the show because he asked me to. Larry Hagman: No, I demanded it! I threatened his life if he didn't come back.

  • Ty: You and Victoria Principal, great chemistry right away. Did you feel the chemistry? Patrick Duffy: I felt something! Ty: Yeah!

  • Patrick Duffy: I remember the first day in the reading when we walked into the room, the first time the entire cast was ever together in the same room. Lisa: Wow, that's magic. Patrick Duffy: Well, it was not only magic, but the magic maker here (points to Larry Hagman) brought two saddle bags full of champagne... Lisa: Wow... Patrick Duffy: ...and that's the last thing I remember for 13 years!

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Notes (12)

  • This episode is included in the Dallas Seasons 1 & 2 DVD set.

  • Costume designer David Zyla was in this episode.

  • Author Heather Gemmen who wrote "Startling Beauty: My Journey From Rape to Restoration" was in this episode.

  • Designer Tiffany Alana was in this episode.

  • Chef Dean Fearing was in this episode.

  • Soap expert Carolyn Hinsey was in this episode.

  • Magician Dan Birch performs in this episode.

  • Wilson Phillips performs in this episode.

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