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    What they say, I don't care.

    By trevorculleton, Jan 17, 2015

    I don't care what the critics say about this animation. Abc channel may not have much great shows, but at least this show's a good one for real Sonic fans.

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    That Other Sonic Show.

    By HarryHumble, Oct 11, 2014

    my 4th review after that trainwreck called Boohbah.

    Sonic SATam is the other Sonic Cartoon that was broadcast (the other one is Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog), it has a pilot and is darker toned than the other one. It features Sally Acorn from the Archie Comics and takes place in Metropolis, However Dr. Robotnik and his sidekick Snively take it over and create SWAT Bots. It is really fun but not as good as that other cartoon, but is good. I Give it an 8/10 with the title of Awesome!moreless

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    This show gears more toward 10 year olds.

    By 2006retro, Apr 17, 2014

    My inside was only a baby at 6 years old (my body was actually 12) when this show first came on. During that time, it had too much action and it was a little too dark for me. Also during that time, I wanted to watch "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", but "NO!", it aired during the stupid school hours. I was so totally peeved every time I miss it (TAOSTH was geared more towards 7 year olds because it had very little action and no darkness). Now since I'm older (referring to the 2000s), I can handle the action and darkness. At lease this is better than "Super Mario World", which ticked me off as a child. But I will have to admit. I love the relationship between Sonic and Sally, which is my favorite part of this series, I don't care how ticked of Sega was.moreless

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    May get into again

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    Few ep (96)

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    Bad example for expert writers

    By Raven77, Dec 13, 2013

    When I look at it, the plots and charatcers are total cliches. I dont even get why the group would just find a way to finish off the One dimensional- super villian when they had the chance. They keep making idiotic flaws in military terms which by my count would have been killed off by now. Bad example for expert development.

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    It's always sad to see shows end in a cliffhanger

    By DisneyVillain, Jan 24, 2013

    This was a very awesome show in the 90s, same with Swat Kats. The characters were well-developed, the story was dark, but was still able to add humor to it. And it had an environmental message that wasn't shoved in your face. The only downside tothis awesome show was that it had to end on a cliffhanger. I hate it when shows end like that. I was hoping to see more episodes and see how Ixis Nagus was able to escape the void, but NOOOOOOOOOO, they had to end it then and there. But overall, this show was awesome.moreless

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    Aimed at more mature audiences, Sonic SatAM delivers a great story, memorable characters, and is arguably the best cartoon based on a game.

    By That_TV_Dude, Jun 08, 2012

    Like many games out there, Sonic the Hedgehog is no stranger when it comes to having a TV show about him. Having 4 shows alone, Sonic is probably the best video game character to be made into a show, and his most powerful show is the dark and mature, Sonic SatAM. The show is based on the Archie comics it came from and centers around Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally, Bunnie Rabbot, and so many more as they fight against Dr. Robotnik and his nephew Snively to free the world. The story while sounding pretty linear actually is done in a way that will actually have you coming back for more. The plots are original and have plenty of twists to them as they go on. The animation is superb in this show, it flows nicely, and the set designs are creative. The show itself has a dark atmosphere to it and you actually feel the depression and apocalyptic feel to the world. The characters are just like their comic book adaptations and each one is given back story and you will actually come to know and love all the characters in the show. If there was one bad thing about this show, it had to be that it ended on a cliffhanger. Eventually though, they explained what happened after the series ended with another comic, but I honestly think that it was a ploy by Archie comics to make kids buy the comics to see what happened after the show. I think it's a cheap way to end the show on a cliffhanger and it should have ended better with no cliffhanger or loose ends. Despite that with its great storytelling ways, complex characters, and a more mature show for Sonic fans, Sonic SatAM is the best of the 4 Sonic shows and arguably the best video game to a show adaptation. Should you have a chance, look up episodes on Youtube and see it for yourself.moreless

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    this is a great show...but one square down cause of robotnik

    By spinnypony, May 28, 2012

    love this show but one sqaure is down cause of robotnik...well his arm is roboticized and i cant stand listening to gary chalk at this time grounder was good but why does robotnik need snively?cant he just make some more minions?and whatever happened to grounder and scratch?did they get destroyed?ik in the comics robotnik died but why WHYY is he creeping on sonic cant he just find someone else to creep on???besides robotnik...GREAT SHOW

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    Awesome and 1 thing

    By RicoColeman, May 27, 2012

    This series is pretty awesome, I wish it had more episodes but other than that this show is the best show ever! Anyways I wish this all led up to the story of the sonic the hedgehog comics then it would be like sonic the hedgehog comics on tv

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