News Briefs: Sons of Anarchy Hires a New Sheriff, Bryan Cranston Trolls Breaking Bad Fans, and More

By Kaitlin Thomas

May 30, 2014


... Proving that FX is like a more adult CW in terms of star-sharing, Annabeth Gish (The Bridge) has joined the cast of Sons of Anarchy's seventh and final season. She'll play Althea Jarry, a former member of Stockton’s Organized Crime Unit who takes over as Charming's new sheriff after the death of Rockmond Dunbar's Eli Roosevelt in the Season 6 finale. What are the odds she bites it before the end of the show? I'm going with 50/50 because I've seen every episode of SOA and that feels about right. [TV Line]


... Bryan Cranston trolled Breaking Bad fans everywhere when he appeared on CNN today and told Ashleigh Banfield—who didn't think that Walter White had died in the series finale—that it is indeed possible that Walt didn't die because you didn't see a "bag zip up or anything." Guys, he's dead. He was dead in the finale and he's still dead. I'm all for multiple interpretations of art, but Walter White is dead. Get over it. [The Wrap]

... Showtime has announced a new premiere date for Morgan Spulock's upcoming documentary series Seven Deadly Sins, about six deadly sins and one that I feel has just gotten a bad rep over the years—sloth. The series, which was initially set to premiere June 19, will now premiere Thursday, August 7 at 11pm. WHO'S THE LAZY ONE NOW, SHOWTIME? [Variety]

... Vimeo, the kid brother of YouTube, thinks it's got what it takes to play with big dogs like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. The video site has ordered six new episodes of High Maintenance—an already established web series about a pot dealer—and will call them its first original series. The episodes are expected to hit the internet later this year and will be available via Vimeo On Demand, which is set up with a pay-per-title format rather than a monthly fee. [CNET]


... Covert Affairs has tapped former Crisis star Max Martini to play Nathan Mueller, a former CIA operative who, like Annie, has recently resurfaced after mysteriously disappearing. When the two meet, Annie discovers they "share similar inner demons." Sounds like a personal problem. [THR]


... Enlisted's executive producer Mike Royce recently told TV Guide, in his own words, what the sting of cancellation feels like (and not just in terms of Enlisted's brutal end). It's worth a read for those interested in what goes on behind the scenes. [TV Guide]

... The Wrap did some math—something I promise to never do—and discovered that some of the shows canceled earlier this month had higher ratings than some of the shows that were renewed. CBS dumped The Crazy Ones even though it routinely beat Mom in the ratings, but Mom aired on Mondays and not in the tough Thursday-night gauntlet block. If you're looking for a reason for why NBC canceled Community, it's all right here. [The Wrap]


... Hell on Wheels finally has a Season 4 premiere date

... Fox boss Kevin Reilly, killer of pilot seasonis stepping down after a rather rocky year for the network. 

... NBC's Crossbones premieres tomorrow and Ryan will tell you whether or not it's worth your time! (Hint: Do you like pirates? If you answered yes, thennnnn maybe!)

... Marilyn Manson has also joined the cast of Sons of Anarchy's final season because sure, okay!

... The 100 is setting things up quite nicely for what we hope and expect to be a rather exciting season finale.

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  • numberonecubsfa Jun 05, 2014

    Thanks for the Sons of Anarchy spoiler. Always great to read those without warning in a news article where they shouldn't be expected. Really, excellent work, whoever edits these articles.

  • mrjimmyjames Jun 03, 2014

    Cranston is just trying to drum up interest in Better Call Saul! where he is obviously going to make a guest appearance (that possibly destroys continuity; i'm not really happy about it).

    Jesse will be back too. Expect both.

  • MarlboroMagpi May 31, 2014

    I think Kurt Sutter makes the strangest and most interesting casting. First we have Marilyn Mason and now Annabeth Gish as sheriff ?

    Max Martini should get his own TV show.

  • DirgeNovak May 30, 2014

    Oh, and Walter White works as a lumberjack in Oregon with his new pal Dexter.

  • DirgeNovak May 30, 2014

    That Enlisted article was great. It was one of the better new comedies of the season and Fox never actually gave it any chance to be successful. I feel for the team.

  • osdawaya16 May 30, 2014

    1. I'd completely forgotten that Eli died in the finale, so I'm now pretty sad.
    2. If Max Martini is in it (or is going to be in it) I need to watch it. Love that guy.

  • Sanity_Bleeds May 30, 2014

    "...but Walter White is dead. Get over it." - *begins sharpening pitch fork*

  • left4dead May 30, 2014

    Walter is now happily working as a roadie for his and Bryan's favourite band, Steely Dan. "Hal" in Malcolm in The Middle, claimed to have worked as a DJ with the handle Kid Charlemagne, The Dan's song about Owsley Stanley, an acid cook who supplied The Grateful Dead.
    If you search You Tube with "Steely Dan Breaking Bad" you can watch our crossover tribute. So even when he was Hal, Bryan was already thinking of being Walter. Possibly.
    Yes, I know, I need to get out more...

  • Placebo_obecalP May 30, 2014

    "former Crisis star Max Martini"

    Is it just me or is that a weird way to describe him? 11 episodes of a show nobody watched and got quickly cancelled, I think the 69 episodes he did off The Unit are far more significant, hell he did more episodes of Da Vinci's Inquest than Crisis!

  • JenMo73 May 30, 2014

    Yes the Unit!!! I miss that show.

  • wingsabre May 30, 2014

    In terms of story, the arc of the series, and the intention of the writers, yes Walter White is dead. Absolutely. However in reality, he could easily survive that. It was just one bullet to his sides, and the cops were already on the scene.

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