Sons of Anarchy's Newest Trailer Wants to Know Whether Jax Is Still a Good Guy (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Aug 27, 2014

Throughout six seasons of Sons of AnarchyCharlie Hunnam’s outlaw biker has run guns and drugs, murdered a man while on the toilet, and orchestrated the deaths of several people, including his stepfather (Ron Perlman). Sure, Clay had it coming, but that's beside the point.

In FX’s newest trailer for the final season, Jax’s eldest son, Abel, asks Gemma (Katey Sagal) if his father has done bad things. He really should be asking her whether she murdered his mom with a BBQ fork, but since there's no one (alive) except Gemma and Juice (Theo Rossi) who know the truth about what happened to Tara (Maggie Siff), Gemma just tells him that his father is a good man.

We've watched Jax struggle to do the right thing for six seasons while justifying his various misdeeds by claiming he's doing everything he can to set the club on the right path. His intentions have been pure—well, as pure as they can be. He wanted to get out of the gun-running business and restore SAMCRO's former status as a brotherhood, an organization more similar to the one in his father's original vision for the club. And when that didn't work, he was ready to relocate with Tara and their kids to somewhere far away from Charming's poisonous environment.

But Jax has never been able to get to that point. He's left nothing but a trail of death and destruction in his wake since we first hopped onto the back of his bike in 2008. Now, in the aftermath of Tara's death, Jax appears to be out for revenge—and he's going all-in.

So yeah, sure, Abel—your dad's a good guy. On Opposite Day.

Sons of Anarchy's seventh and final season premieres Tuesday, September 9 at 10pm on FX.'s 2014 Fall Preview: 
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  • BevinChu Oct 02, 2014

    "Daddy's a good man."
    Not any more.

  • paris_slim Sep 09, 2014

    Look to Six Feet Under for how to end a great series well. Poor Opie, though. Damn.

  • kevbuffylost108 Aug 28, 2014

    Yes! Can't wait!

    The majority of Season 6 felt like a chore to watch but the final season looks intense

    Let's hope it has a 'Shield' type final season rather than a 'Dexter' one

  • Larrystrawberry Aug 28, 2014

    This chit looks intense.Can't wait to see this final season.Just got to watch season 6 first just to catch up.Hurry up Netflix!!!

    Or i'll just buyit tomorrow or Saurday lol.

  • ale00928 Aug 28, 2014

    Just kill Gemma and we can all go to bead in peace.

  • tctems Aug 28, 2014

    I really want Jax to kill Gemma.. Slowly. She is the worst.

  • WavSlave Aug 28, 2014

    No longer overly interested in Jax's journey or fate.

    I really want only thing to come out of the final season: Gemma getting her oh-so-long overdue justice. Sadly, I can't help but think that Kurt will somehow convince himself that not doing that will be the more interesting tack to take. Kurt, you missed your best chance at giving us catharsis for all of Clay's misdeeds by delaying it for about two full seasons past the most opportune time. Please don't make the same mistake again with your wife's horrible character.

  • XGalt Aug 28, 2014

    Trailer looks pretty intense. I'm almost positive it's going to end with someone from the club killing Jax and then his diary will be waiting for his son to find. Seems hokey, but honestly it's a perfect bookend for an amazing show.

  • PackedMind Aug 28, 2014

    This is how I imagine the ending as well.

  • nasedoofantar Aug 28, 2014

    The body count will probably be very high for the final season. I have a feeling, or at least a wish, that Samcro will be settling scores, eliminating rivals, and (ironically) doing bad things to get the club out of the outlaw life. Maybe Jax sees that the need to go straight is more pressing than ever and tries to set things right before any more Samcro bodies drop. At the SoA summit last year the leaders of the other charters seemed receptive to getting out of the gun business & the outlaw life altogether. Who knows, maybe the Sons will devote their time, energy, & skills into legitimate businesses, like a chain of repair shops that also sells quality used cars, restores old ones, & finds original parts across their "territories". Instead of protection runs they could be see hauling old cars that they're going to fix up.

  • safibwana Aug 27, 2014

    He's also less of a worthless puss than he used to be. He used to make me yell at the TV when he always made the stupid choice. Last season, he was almost someone you could respect.

  • Sam20 Aug 28, 2014

    Yeah, but he's still always the last guy to find something out and then needs 100 sources of confirmation. That's probably why he didn't become someone you could respect.