Sons of Anarchy: Who Won't Make It Out Alive? (POLL)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Aug 22, 2014

Sons of Anarchy is about to set off on its final ride, so we thought now might be a good time to check in on our favorite outlaws. And based on Tara's violent end in the Season 6 finale, Jax's upcoming efforts to avenge her death, and FX's Season 7 marketing campaign that features Jax morphing into the reaper, we're preparing ourselves for the worst. 

A typical season of Sons of Anarchy produces a lot of dead bodies, and SAMCRO has lost several of its members (R.I.P. Opie!) since we started this journey together so many years ago, but Kurt Sutter recently told Entertainment Weekly that only two club members will die in Season 7. And while I'm not so sure I believe that, there are enough non-club members wrapped up in SAMCRO's drama that the number of untimely demises will probably remain high. Which means it's time to place your bets: Who do you think is going to bite it before Sons calls it a series? Juice? Gemma? Tig? Jax

Watch the full trailer for the final season, peruse the new cast photos above in search of clues, consider all the possible options, and then vote for who you think is most likely to leave Charming in a body bag:



The final season of Sons of Anarchy kicks off Tuesday, September 9 at 10pm on FX.

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  • haroven Sep 12, 2014

    Gemma won't be counted as a club member. She's not even a old lady any more -not since she swapped the prez of the sons for the prez of a mexican gang.
    If Juice has been chucked out he wouldn't count as a member either, So Jax n one other could shuffle off as well as those two 'n Sutter wouldn't have been telling porkies.

  • WavSlave Sep 09, 2014

    And I thought last season's average episode length of 90 minutes was bad. Tonight's premiere is blocked off in my tuner for an absurdly bloated 150 minutes. Good grief. Has Sutter never heard the phrase "less is more"?

  • osdawaya16 Sep 09, 2014

    I think the deaths will be the ones that hurt the worst. In my opinion, that's Juice and Chibbs. And Tig. And Jax. I honestly don't think Jax will make it out alive - one of the extras I watched said something to hint that the story would end where it began (or something like that), so I'm assuming that Jax will die while his kids are young, and they'll grow up in the club with whoever takes over after him as a sort of father (perhaps Chibbs, if he lives). Or maybe they'll actually make it out after he dies. Either way, I don't have high hopes for Jax and Juice and Chibbs and Tig. Basically, whichever characters I love the most are probably going to bite it.

  • traylaparc Sep 09, 2014

    Ratboy will turn out to be an undercover fbi

  • Marburg66 Sep 09, 2014

    btw, I wish I would have thought of this word 6 years ago, but is it too late to try coin the term "Blokeopera?"

  • Marburg66 Sep 09, 2014

    Ima go with Chibbs & Bobby Elvis

  • WavSlave Sep 04, 2014

    Now here's a poll that really needed an "All of the above" option.

  • computerfix3r Sep 04, 2014

    I picked almost everybody to bite it except Gemma and Unser. I mean, dammit, Unser has been at deaths door for so long that I think death just closed it and told him to go away. Gemma is such a suvivor that she will find a way to screw some guy into saving her ass. I would really prefer that Irish half-sister to show up and take the boys back with her to Ireland.

  • ale00928 Sep 04, 2014

    I expect Sutter at the last shot to be filmed, to be standing just behind the camera, steering at a empty street. I mean completely empty. Shout softly "Cut" and he himself turning off the camera, taking it on his shoulder and walking away home on his own. Then silent.

  • TracyTrouble Aug 22, 2014

    Knowing what Sutter is like, and as this is the last season, then I guess he could kill the lot of them off. Frankly after the way he dealt with Ope and then messed up every single other character, I decided I could care less - that season went downhill from the moment Opie died and didn't recover.

    I honestly think the show lost its heart with Ryan Hurst's character's demise; which became apparent as the season progressed. I know it was probably just Sutter's way of writing in an 'F' You' to the fans who'd complained bitterly about Opie's death and the way the show was going; Sutter being very open about how he was irritated by the fans refusing to accept the death of Opie and then the other character changes he subsequently made.

    I'd been shocked to hear that Opie was going to die - knowing what a real favourite he was with the shows fans; myself included. But in such shows like this, where violence and death stalk every character, even the most popular ones sometimes have to die - so I held my tongue until after the event. After all, Piney's death was pivotal to the previous season; so perhaps Opie's was for a real purpose too.

    However as the series progressed after Ryan Hurst left and with no real send off for the beloved 'Ope' - indeed the episode after that gut wrenching one had around two minutes of his funeral and the rest was a (bad taste) comedy - it was clear Sutter was intent on a making a point to the fans.

    Sadly in making that point, he ripped the heart out of the show and then proceeded to stab it in the brain with an ice pick. Not surprisingly to most, although it was apparently a shock to Sutter, fans began abandoning the show in droves as the characters they'd known so well began to morph into the exact polar opposites of their original selves.

    So in teaching the fans a 'lesson' as to who controlled the show, Sutter learned a valuable one himself - the studio did. When shows stop being money makers and viewer rakers then they get cancelled - SoA was no exception to that harsh rule. Sutter is no doubt now licking his wounds and still blaming the fans for the unnecessary flame-out of SoA; but in reality the blame lies squarely and plainly at his own door and no others.

    Do I know who will die? Nope and I could care even less - the selfless loyalty this sort of club relies on (such as Opie's sacrifice) is gone without rhyme or reason. The characters are now so narcissistically psychopathic, so arrogantly self obsessed that I personally would rejoice in the death of them all. RIP SoA, you were once a great show I often stopped whatever else I was doing just to watch. But you died a long time before you were cancelled; I will mourn what you were, not the unintelligible mess you became.....................

  • Marburg66 Sep 09, 2014

    I'm just sayin'...but probably the single coolest thing about Sutter is, he writes what he wants to write & has enough pull, that he mostly doesn't need to apologize or bend over to accommodate network suits or armchair internet re-writers when things don't go the way they would rather it go.

    He's always been pretty clear about his take it or leave it attitude from very early on

  • TracyTrouble Sep 11, 2014

    If he could write what he wanted and had enough pull to get away with it; this mess of a once great show would still be going on. The fact that the studios pulled it means that either his pull isn't what it once was or, more likely, he was only able to get his own way when the show was doing well. Now it's tanking the studio could care less what he thinks and has kicked his show to the kerb regardless of the hissy fits he throws.

    I've never liked him, but I didn't have to because I loved the show; now I dislike them both.

  • AmericanInfidel Sep 09, 2014

    Wow, what a rant and so much false information. First in my opinion Opie was a whiny wishy washy pathetic character and was not fazed in the least by his death. Second, did you even bother to see the stats on viewing? If you bothered to check you'd see that last season was the most watched season averaging 4.6 million viewers. Season 5 which Opie died in episode 3 averaged 4.37 million viewers. Season 4, the last season with Opie in all the episodes averaged 3.87 million viewers. Season 3 averaged 3.24 million.

    So, let's see, the last 2 full seasons with Opie in it averaged about 3.5 million viewers and then without Opie in 10 of 13 episodes in season 5 and season 6 averaged about 4.5 million. Looks to me like Kurt Sutter made the right choice. Killing off Opie increased viewership by a whopping 28%. Since you're blaming the killing of Opie for all the ills of the show I figured I'd just state the facts.

  • TracyTrouble Sep 11, 2014

    You might've thought Opie was 'wishy-washy', 'whiny' and 'pathetic' but he was also the conscience and moral compass (such as it was) for the whole chapter in general and Jax in particular. So regardless of our personal views (mine that he was a hero and yours that he was a nuisance) he was necessary. Once he'd gone, all of them just went psycho and it didn't work. Jesus, even Clay's end was just m'eh by then because of all the madness, and I'd been really looking forward to him getting finally dead.

    As I understand it from other fans, they stuck with it for a few episodes to see if Ope's death would mean something; just as I did. I think you'll find when it didn't they left.

    Because, let's face it, if the show was doing as well as you say the studio would not cancel it. Money making and viewer raking is what they're into - if you have high viewing figures and good fan bases you have excellent revenue coming in. They're not going to kill the goose that lays their golden eggs are they? But it's clear that even fan bases were starting to leave at the end of the last season.

    Additionally Sutter made it clear he was keen to keep the show going (and his subsequent hissy fit when it got canned was also proof of that); so the fact it's been cancelled is solely down to the studio. So it's easy to see the lack of viewers, and therefore lack of cash it's making them, is their reason for ending it. Studios are very harsh - if something's not making them lots of money, it's cut.

    I also have some pals that are Hells Angels here in the UK - trust me, for all Sutter's bluster about how SoA is 'real', according to them it's not.....not even close and, as they tell it, the Brit version of the HAs isn't a patch (pun intended) on their American cousins, so you can see how wide of the mark Sutter really is.

  • AmericanInfidel Sep 11, 2014

    "Because, let's face it, if the show was doing as well as you say"

    I'm just stating facts. Not only did the Opie lovers not leave but about a million more viewers were added. I suppose you could have thought I was lying about the numbers so you can find them here and for a more detailed explanation of viewership here.

  • TracyTrouble Sep 14, 2014

    No, I didn't think you were lying, no one's that desperate to prove a point on here. Aside from that I always give people the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. But I think figures can be manipulated in either direction to prove a point; comments by fans can't.

    However regardless of who's right, the show's been cancelled and I think that speaks loudest of all. I loved the show in the early days; it was good. But not anymore; it's not so much jumped the shark as pole vaulted over it.

    However if we all agreed and thought the same all the time can you imagine how boring life would be?

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