Sons of Thunder

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Quotes (8)

  • Trent: Let me guess, One Eyed Jack? One Eyed Jack: Let me guess, rocket scientist ? Trent: I need to ask you some questions. One Eyed Jack: Are you a cop? Trent: Nope. One Eyed Jack: Beat it. Trent: Can't do that.

  • Trent: Alright, back to Theresa. Carlos: Un uh, leave it alone.I'm not going to ask her out. Trent: You think I could get her number? I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Carlos Don't go there.

  • Carlos: Come on, Theresa. You've got to be kidding me. What do you mean by cute? Theresa: I mean cute.Here, I'll put it in a sentence for you.Trent is cute. Carlos: Cuter than me ?

  • Butch: You know, you need to talk to an old boy named One Eyed Jack.If anyone knows anything its One Eyed Jack.And don't be afraid to squeeze him if you have to. That old weasel owes me. Carlos: Ya know, and not for nothing Butch, it seems just about everyone in Dallas owes you in one way or another. Butch: What can I say? I got a generous heart, I guess.

  • Trent: You sure? (referring to a throwing star Walker has given him and a drawing of a person, they are going to use as a target.) Walker: Yeah. If you're not going to use a gun Trent, you're going to have to learn to use something. I want you to learn to use these so you can hit anything you're aiming for, preferably to wound. But if you have no option - (Walker throws the star and hits the target in the neck.) Trent: Ouch ! Walker: You try it. Trent: Should I wound? Walker: Why not ? Visualize, then throw. (Trent throws the star and it hits between the target's legs.) Trent:I don't know if that wounded him, but it sure did scare the h--- out of him. Walker: Lets try again. Trent: Okay.

  • Butch: So, hows that arm? Trent: Uh, it's fine.The bullet just creased it. Another eighth of an inch to the left, it would have missed me entirely. Butch: And another two inches to the right and we would all be standing around in dark suits talking about what a great guy you were.
    Carlos: You don't pull any punches do you ?
    Butch: Well, if your going to pull 'em, why throw 'em ?

  • Carlos: Theresa is the funniest, smartest, most beautiful woman I know. Why shouldn't I ask her out? Trent: I don't know, lets see. 'Cause number one she's your partner, number two she carries a gun and number three she knows how to use it. Carlos: All good points. Butch: And don't forget number three, she's way to good for you to begin with.< Carlos: Thanks Butch. Butch: Well, if your friends can't tell you; who can? Trent: That's right.

  • Carlos: The plot thickens. Trent: A detour. Trent: This doesn't feel right. Trent: Lets rock n roll.

Notes (8)

  • Trent and Carlos appeared in 16 episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger before they were spun off into their own series. May 4, 1997 Sons of Thunder (2 hrs) March 7, 1998 Undercover March 21, 1998 Everyday Heroes April 25, 1998 Soul of Winter May 9, 1998 Test of Faith October 3, 1998 Trackdown October 10, 1998 Royal Heist October 31, 1998 The Children of Halloween November 7, 1998 Survival December 5, 1998 Eyes of a Ranger December 12, 1998 On the Border January 9, 1999 Lost Boys January 16, 1999 Special Witness February 6, 1999 The Principal February 13, 1999 Team Cherokee Part 1 Feb 20, 1999 Team Cherokee Part 2

  • Trent Malloy and Carlos Sandoval(Jimmy Wlcek and Marco Sanchez) were originally introduced on the television series Walker, Texas Ranger.

  • Shane Meier returns in this episode as Tommy Malloy, a character that he initially played on Walker, Texas Ranger.

  • Dawn Maxey joins the cast as Kim Sutter- Guest Star Isabella Hoffman is married to actor Daniel Baldwin

  • In this episode we learn that Butch's real name is Marion.

  • Original title: "Trapped"

  • Original title: "Missing"

  • Original title: "Into the Black"

Trivia (9)

  • Trent's car is a 1973 Stingray.

  • Marco Sanchez and Alan Autry had worked together once before, In the Heat of the Night episode "Unfinished Business".

  • Guest Star Isabella Hofmann is married to actor Daniel Baldwin.

  • This is the first episode with Dawn Maxey as Kim Sutter.

  • Carlos' truck is a black Dodge Durango.

  • In this episode it is revealed that Butch retired from boxing because he had a detached retina.

  • In the final scene you can plainly see Alan Autry' s wedding ring, but there is never anything said in the series that would indicate that Butch is married.

  • Snuggly Uglies the "toys" shown in this episode were meant as a spoof of the toy fads of recent decades(Cabbage Patch, Beanie Babies; etc.)

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Allusions (2)

  • In one scene where Butch breaks up a brawl, it is explained that the participants are Cowboy and Raiders fans. A reference to the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders football teams.

  • Just before a fight scene Butch says " How about them Cowboys? " This is a reference to the Dallas Cowboys football team.