Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000

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Quotes (15)

  • Romper Stomper: There's two kinds of kids, kids who like Animaniacs and kids who don't like Animaniacs, so which one are you? Cartman: Well, personally, I ...don't like Animaniacs? Romper Stomper: Neither do we!

  • Kyle: We won again! Token: That's not fair! Cartman's ass is so fat, he makes your sled go faster! Cartman: Hey! Don't call me fat, Token!

  • Police Officer: Crazy son of a bitch!

  • Police Officer: JESUS CHRIST! HE'S GONNA RAM IT!

  • Pip: Lets hear it for Cartman's fat ass! (Cartman throws a rock at Pip's temple) Cartman: Do British people count as an ethnicity? Stan: Nah. Cartman: Sweet.

  • Stan: Sleds are for guys. Cartman: Yeah, why don't you chicks go wash some dishes or get pregnant or something?

  • Token's dad: You boys have to go explain to the govenor why we should disban hate crime laws. Kyle: Why can't you do it? Token's dad: Because he won't listen to me. Stan: Why not? Token's dad: Because I'm black.

  • Stan: Get on the sled, fatass. Clyde: For the last time I'm not fat GODDAMN IT! (Clyde's voice changes and his eyes close tightly into an "X" like when Cartman's mad - realizing that he has just become shockingly like Cartman Clyde slams his hand over his mouth and his eyes bug out in shock/horror)

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Notes (4)

  • According to the DVD commentaries. They were afraid to use any direct references to the name Disney since the Walt Disney Corp is very protective of their trademarks.

  • When Kenny is asking Cartman what he's done that means Kenny needs to help him, he says the word f**k so clearly it was bleeped in some syndicated airings.

  • This is the fourth time Cartman's name is mentioned in the title.

  • Because this was the first episode in which Token speaks, Matt Stone and Trey Parker assumed one of them would do his voice. After numerous failed attempts they both agreed they couldn't get the "black" inflection down. This prompted them to recruit Adrien Beard to provide the voice because "He was the only black person in the building at the time."

Trivia (14)

  • The age of criminal responsibility for federal crimes in the United States is 10 years old. Cartman is 8 years of age in the cartoon, making him excused for criminal liability. However, this doesn't prevent the school from taking action since Cartman did cause harm to another student, in this case Token.

  • Two Clydes are seen at the last scene before the race.

  • The reporter refers to Cartman as a "hate crime suspect." His trial was already over though, so that would make him a convict and not a suspect.

  • When Stan and Kenny ask Chef if Kenny is a prostitute, Kenny's mouth is rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

  • During the boys' presentation, Stan accidentally calls the governor "Mayor."

  • When the girls challenge the boys to the sledding race, they say it’s on Saturday. When the boys give the speech to the man in the office, they say the race is Thursday.

  • Romper Stomper's tattoo near his left eye isn't there in the part where Cartman gives him the "Tick, Tack, Throw" board game.

  • The boys say that don't have enough weight on the sled to move, but with a ton of or no weight on the sled, it would move downhill.

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Allusions (6)

  • Romper Stomper: The name of Cartman's cell mate, Romper Stomper, is a reference to the 1992 Australian film Romper Stomper, which is also about hate crimes.

  • Les Misérables: Cartman's number in prison was 24601, the same numeral that Jean Val Jean had in Victor Hugo's Les Misérables.

  • Cry-Baby: The tattoo of a tear on Romper Stomper's face is from the 1990 film Cry-Baby, starring Johnny Depp, where the main character can only cry out of one eye. In the movie he goes to jail and gets a "lonely tear" tattooed to his face.

  • Bad Boys: Romper Stomper: Go on without me. When Cartman tries to escape with his cellmate Romper Stomper, this is a parody of the 1983 film Bad Boys.

  • O.J. Simpson: Cartman runs from the police because he is in danger of going to Juvenile Hall. Kenny and and Cartman attempt to outrun the cops in Kenny's Go Go Action Bronco. Obviously a spoof of the televised chase of the white Bronco that carried O.J. Simpson.

  • Oz: When Cartman enters the prison, the theme for the HBO television series Oz is playing.