Make Love, Not Warcraft

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    I seriously don't get most of the people's reviews...

    By RandomDude, Feb 20, 2013

    Are you guys seriously thinking this was a commercial? They were fucking DIRTY!!! Seriously guys... they are telling you that you shouldn't waste your life on this stupid game... how dumb can you be? The same case with the britney episode, nobody on this site could tell they were actually saying the media was bullshit against britney and not otherwise. I would never ever want to buy this game now because of this episode (and I always wondered how the game would be, since you have to pay n' stuff) but now, I would rather play that hello kitty on adventure thing: YOU GO BUTTERS XD

    Btw this episode obviously thought/teaches us alot: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON WoW... unless you have no life ofcourse ;)moreless

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    South Park gets some funds for pumping World of Warcraft and Blizzard.

    By BillyGilmore, May 25, 2011

    How anyone can say this was a \\\"superp\\\" or \\\"perfect\\\" episode is beyond me. I laughed three times, the rest of the time I was waiting for something funny to happen that never did.

    This ranks up there with the Oprah\\\'s Vagina episode as worst South Park\\\'s ever. The plot itself was topical, but not humorous. They could have done a better job at poking fun at the \\\"sensation\\\" but they failed miserably to achieve even that. I honestly hope that this is not a sign of the type of episodes we will be seeing for the rest of season 10 and beyond. I know they can do better than this, here\\\'s hoping they do.

    Wait, maybe it's because too many of the south park viewers actually can relate to the dialogue and what was actually happening within the GAME that this episode is getting such good reviews from these users....moreless

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    A terrible episode that seems to only have been made to publicise World of Warcraft.

    By kyasuda, Mar 25, 2011

    Simply put, this episode was not funny at all. Right from the start, I got the impression that this episode was just a publicity gimmick to get South Park viewers to try World of Warcraft, or to get World of Warcraft players to watch South Park. No, i'm not giving this episode a bad score because I don't play WoW; in fact, I used to play it. The content of this episode, however, is dull and lacks any sort of interesting plot or humor. Who cares that some guy is running around killing people in a game? Personally I'd have been happier if in the end the boys simply quit the game. All in all, this episode is just as boring as the game that it focuses on. If South Park keeps making episodes like this, it does not bode well for the series' future.moreless

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    Too much WoW and not enough SP.

    By eviltuna1912, Mar 25, 2011

    This is probably one of the worst episodes of this season if not ever. There was just too much WoW in the game with voice-overs of SP characters. I'm a big fan of WoW and South Park, was really looking forward to this episode, they should've really made it more like the PSP episode. Its funny that they get a lot of the WoW terminology, but I think there was just way too much input from the Blizzard people in this episode, and we all know how funny computer people are. Anyways, big let down, had it's moments but definitely one of the worst episodes.moreless

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    They finally made a comeback after all the lame episodes like A million Little Fibers and Cartoon Wars. This is exactly why i watch this show.

    By Freaklvl27, Mar 25, 2011

    The episode was so funny becasue of the World of Warcraft game..I don't necessarily play world or warcraft but ive heard of it and ive played runescape and it seems somehow similiar to it..I luv how the guys kept saying they didnt have a name because they had fact the the four of them went out and started killing lvl 1 boars to raise like 30 lvls was hilarious..they have lvl 1 chickens on runescape and it takes 4ever to raise lvls with them...ud get bored with them in like 2 mins...The part at the end with stan and his dad where they made it all dramatic too was hilarious..These are the kinds of episodes i watch this show laugh a whole half hour...This episode is one of the best onesmoreless

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    Just Like Warcraft,it blows

    By MrBond5000, Mar 25, 2011

    Another bad episode of season ten. It just dont get any better. This episode sucked cause of the plot. The episode was plain unfunny. Only funny part is butters talking about hello kitty game,but when isnt butters funny. If that ever happens,then they have truly run out of ideas. I didnt like that all they did was play the game the whole episode just to beat one guy. Then when they do,they just play more. The game is pointless and lame. The episode is baically one where i say who the hell cares. The whole plot of the epsiode was pointless. Also the fact they would not leave to even go to the restroom was stupid and gross. Like many season ten epsiodes,it just plain sucks.moreless

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    Highly overrated

    By SolidRave, Mar 25, 2011

    Make love, Not Warcraft is highly overrated. First of all I found the episode very boring. Maybe it's because I've never ever played Warcraft or many other video games for that matter, but I just found it completely boring. This one of the few episodes where I just didn't laugh that much. The premise of the episode sucked IMO. I guess it's just because I'm not really a gamer... Although there were a couple of funny moments with Randy. As always the few scenes Butters were in, were quite funny. Too be honest I had never even heard of Warcraft until this episode of South Park. Maybe there were hidden jokes that only Gamers would get or something. Either way i found the episode very boring and sickly overrated.moreless

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    147th Episode

    By jimbo_001, Mar 25, 2011

    I agree that most of the high rated South Park episodes are hilarious but this is by far the most overrated episode ever. I was really looking forward to seeing the episode after all the talk on the forum but this episode only made me laugh about three times (R-tard, Randy punching the guy after he took his car and Hello Kitty Island Adventure).

    The no life comment was barely funny the first time and was incredibly overused and since I don't play Warcraft or have any interest in it, half the comments were lost on me and Cartman instructing the others on what to do was unfunny since it was just WoW speak. THe diaohrea moment was disgusting and unlike most disgusting SP moments was also not funny.

    Fortunately, most South Park episodes aren't quite as bad as this one (and most people will probably disagree with me and say this is in the 90% of great episodes) but so far I am quite disappointed with the tenth season of South Park.moreless

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    A "WOW" commercial, starring the kids from "South Park".

    By Bronkowitz, Mar 25, 2011

    When I turned on the TV, I expected to see an episode of "South Park". Instead I saw clips of "World Of Warcraft". And it wasn't even a parody, like in the "Chinpokomon" episode, it were real clips from the real game. The creators of it were involved in making this episode. And guess what the episode is about: The kids play the game. And they love it. They love it soooo much, that they forget everything else about it. They are getting fat and dirty, because it's worth to play "World Of Warcraft" all day long and save the virtual world from someone, who is ruining the game for everybody. That's the whole message of the episode: "World Of Warcraft" is great. Buy it, because you saw clips of it in the newest episode of "South Park".

    Sorry guys, enough is enough. I can get over the "Sony PSP"-episode and the "Nintendo Wii"-episode, because despite the shameless product placement in them, they were pretty good and told stories that had nothing to do with the product. But a whole episode in which the characters tell us all the time how they love their favourite game while we see clips from it is unbearable.moreless

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