Obama Wins!

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    General Tsao's CHICKEN :)

    By DeadRookie, Nov 08, 2012

    BRILLIANT!!! LOVED IT!! South Park just proved despite a medicore season they can still rock it. I really don;t want to give this one away if you have not seen it yet-escept tosay do not miss this one. Brilliant satire on The Election, Obama, the Chinese, Dinsey, New World Order, Control of Elections, Hummers (the 4 wheel kind) and other things. Another Plus----TIMMY!!! (you know TIMMY AND JIMMY) made a rare apperance. (too bad he didnt say LIVIN A LIE) A sequel to the DISNEY episode of a few seasons ago that was also brilliant satire. matt and trey see the Big picture....and the big Picture is Control of the rights to STAR WARS lolmoreless

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