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    By futuramarama, Apr 21, 2011

    In this episode, the world wonders what life would be like, without- gasp!- The INTERNET! Randy and the Marsh family will do whatever it takes to get some internet, even a little, and Kyle thinks he has found the solution to the problem. Has he? Will there ever be internet again?

    Good episode. Pretty funny. The scene of Randy sneaking in to use the internet was nasty (watch and you'll know why), but the rest was great. Stan's sister meeting her online boyfriend was funny, and the whole episode is pretty true- people DO Rely on the internet too much. Kind of a dumb message to not use it as much, but I still thought this episode was great. A+ definitelymoreless

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  • 7.4

    I watched this episode on the Internet. I immediately then decided to write an internet review.

    By sarcasm89, May 25, 2010

    Loved the concept of the episode. South Park has the amazing ability to take the extremes of our society and then exaggerate them. It made me rethink how often I am on the internet, and what my life would be without it.

    The plot line seemed like a combination of recycled South Park episodes. Movie references from the 80's and 90's (which didn't work in this episode), dumb government officials, Kyle saving the day with a simple solution, and of course the message at the end.

    As far as humor goes, this episode was a little below average in South Park terms. I liked Randy's line about Playboy not being the same after you see Japanese girls puking into each others mouth. Shelly hitting Stan when he tried to comfort her is also hilarious. That was about it. I didn't find Randy having fun with himself with porn at the end funny. Too disgusting for my taste.

    The most meaningful part is when Shelly met her boyfriend in person, and they had no clue how to communicate with each other. It was more fun living the dream relationship compared to the real one.moreless

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    By offline1234, Jan 31, 2009

    south park has no internet.everyone goes wild.everyone panics,and randy is the one that acts to move forward.this is what i call a south park classic.using randy as a lead character to amuse almost every viewers.i loved this episode,especially randy s eagerness to get the internet.and it all ends with kyle saving everyone by using the old plug out ,p[lug in sequence,this episode made me LOL. that my brother had shout at me to shutup.bad ting is that cartman doesnt have a role in this episode.he is just a background character.but overall, a fantastic episode.overlogging season 12 episode 6.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MATES.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Life without Internet.

    By avi01, Nov 17, 2008

    No doubt, Randy is now an established fan favorite and this episode is another example how hilarious the chracter can be. Season 12 have had some ups and downs so far..this episode is among the ups. Love the Wikipedia and Amazon reference...the funniest part of the episode was no doubt the artificial/Sketched poRn...Randy was priceless. And his preferences, with the Japanese, elephants and all..LMAO. The scene where Randy got what he want was superb..."it was a ghost!" hilarious stuff.

    Internet was re-established a silly way...well that`s south park.

    Overall it was a great Randy episode..not a Randy classic tho. Had some boring moments with the camps on the road to California. One thing the episode was missing was Cartman, which was surprising. Still, the best episode of the season so far.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Not as funny as some of the recent episodes but it does make a point. The internet does take away your life somedays

    By AegisAtreyu, Oct 26, 2008

    The joke that the internet is down nationwide is clever but overplayed way too much in its severity. I know I go on for an hour sometimes and end up hours later still being on the computer. The news being down because of it was funny though.

    Saying this its obvious they just created the situation for Randy Marsh to blow his load. The internet porn simulation being a very funny thing. Shelly, Stan's sister got a little story as well with her mexican internet boyfriend which has an interesting outcome. And you can't deny an internet Rufugee camp is funny.

    Letdowns come from the fact that there is no clever answer in the end to why its shut down. It's just crashed so unplug and plug back in, duh. Also what was the black and white part all about, a bit of a missed opportunity at a joke I reckon but no point to it as after the break it gos directly back to colour.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Solid, nothing more than that.

    By McKellars, Aug 31, 2008

    It was a solid episode, but nothin gmore than that. It had a clever plot but it wasn't really executed the way I had hoped. It was a solid filler episode though, I don't really care for episodes that leave Cartman out of it like this one, I know his character was in the episode but he didn't play a role in it. Although I do like episodes where Stan's dad plays a role that is funny. It's tough for me to give this episode a rating of 7 because I didn't really laugh at all during this episode. It just wasn't that good.moreless

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  • 8.5


    By Pikachu_2121, Aug 25, 2008

    This episode was really good. It starts off with the Marsh family all logged on the computers and wanting to stay on them. They wake up the next day, eager to go on the computers, only to find out the internet is not working. They then set out to California to find "internet." They finally reach California, only to see that the internet they have there is quite limited and most people can only get a few minutes of it each day. Randy has some great scenes in this, such as the "simulator" and when he claims there was a "ghost" in the Red Cross building. This is one of the better episodes of the seasonmoreless

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  • 8.6


    By hotcandy, May 31, 2008

    Randy found out that the internet has broken, his family has to move to California for some internet. I think this episode is kind of average because it's all about the internet connection and how Randy need to see a porn of two girls and one cup ( if that how it called), and Cartman hasn't speak on the entire episode but he appeared with Kenny. My favorite part where when Shelly beat up her little brother like the olden episode ( A elephant makes love to a pig, etc) and how Randy masturbates in room and have semen all over him with his pants wide open. Nothing to say about this one.moreless

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  • 9.2


    By Skyancez, May 08, 2008

    Description: The citizens of South Park wake up one morning shocked to find the Internet is gone. Upon hearing news that there may still be Internet in California, Randy decides to pack up his family and head out West in search of Internet.

    Storyline: As a parody of the Grapes of Wrath, I found this episode a excellant masterpiece around the plot. The fact that the Internet was used in this episode like in real life (i.e: People using the internet too much) was historical.

    Humor: The internet jokes. All I can say: Freaking awesome! I just loved the fact that everyone treated the Internet like the most important thing in life. The ending was also funny, as they wanted to treat the Internet like a living being.

    Rating: Overall, this should be the best episode of the 1st run. The humor and the enjoyable plot makes it a South Park classic in my books.moreless

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