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    A Fluke,and The Snuke

    By Karlam20001, Nov 06, 2012

    This is the one episode of South Park that I can honestly say bigotry helped save the day.I would'nt suggest using bigotry in real life to expose secrets.Cartman's suspicion of a Muslim Classmate was the catalyst to this episode.His suspicion of the Classmate was indeed an act of Bigotry.His suspicion of a terrorist attack was without a doubt,a Fluke.This act would lead to a real terrorist threat,on South Park.Hilary Clinton would be the target used in the attack.She is unknowingly carrying a bomb Snuke in her snatch.When the plan was exposed,and the bomb disabled,South Park was saved.Cartman tries to take credit for saving South Park,crediting Bigotry.Kyle however does not agree.I,myself would have to say that Cartmans way,in a sense won out.I would never want what happened in this episode,(Cartmans bigotry) to be practiced.Cartmans suspicion was what I said earlier,a Fluke.moreless

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    pretty fun episode

    By futuramarama, Jan 22, 2011

    Cartman suspects a new Muslim student, Bahir, is a terrorist who plans to blow up South Park during a Hillary Clinton campaign rally. Cartman needs to hurry up and come up with the sinister plan before it is all too late and everyone in South Park is killed by the bomb (if there is one).

    Good 24 parody. I never watched 24 but I still thought this was a fun episode. The only thing keeping it from being an A+ in my book is that the middle of it feels kind of boring. But overall a pretty good episode from the 11th season of south park. Grade: A-. Pretty good, albeit a bit boring in the middle methinksmoreless

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    The citizens of South Park are getting ready for the arrival of Hillary Clinton for campaign rally. Meanwhile Cartman suspects that a new Muslim student is behind a planned terrorist attack. In serch of proof Cartman uses his own interrogation methods.

    By presidentluke, Nov 09, 2010

    This is a fine example of the South Park series, as it was funny, silly and a bit racist. I've got to say that there isn't a South Park sereis ever made with no episode that is a bit racist.

    Anyway, the idea of Hillary Clinton having a nuclear device up her vagina is very funny. The guy treating this problem got eaten alive by something in her vagina and never came back. I wonder what is up Hillary Clinton's vagina I guess we could ask Bill Clinton about that.


    If he was strait he would know. I'm not saying he's gay but he should inspect Hilarry's vagina sometime.moreless

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    A parody of 24 whats with that

    By dragondude4, Sep 20, 2009

    In this episode a new student is in the class and Cartman think a terrorist attack is going to happen due to the fact Bahir is a Muslim. Then Cartman calls Kyle to check MySpace to check out this Bahir. Then Cartman makes a report to the Cops and we learn that these bad guys somehow planted a bome on Hillary Clinton's snuke how did did the guys who made South park got her to led then air that on tv. Then Something about the British. Then Cartman farts on Bahir's mom and dad then Kyle found out who is the cause of the terrorist attack and Bahir and his Mom and Dad move out of South parkmoreless

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    The Snuke vs 24

    By offline1234, Jan 30, 2009

    south park and 24. think about it mixed up in to a classic episode about a bomb up hillary clinton thing... good old south park with its crude jokes and its continuing racism and a a message."suspecting people might lead you to honor". The Snuke is one of my favorite episodes and a very shocking ending.That left me,saying "cool". and with a great 24 style. it makes this episode look cool and me,you do not want to miss this spectacular moving episode.a uphill achievement for season 11.i took more liking to south park after i watched this is very cool and it !moreless

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    So prejudice and bigotry saved America?

    By angelicsadist, May 23, 2008

    I'm really suprised at cartman at his episode, he really hates people from the middle east, Judging Bahir by what people say about Muslims. The 24 parody was really funny,Russians and the British working together was unexpected.

    The way they portray Hilarry Clinton was ... disturbing, her butt really looks big (since the snuke was in her snatch, Even though south park mocked her in this episode, she really looks true to her responsibilties in this episode.

    I was really confused at the ending, even though it was proven that bahir was'nt a terrorist, Cartman says that racism, prejudice and bigotry saved America, contrast to Kyle's speech, Kyle says that people should'nt be suspicious of one race of people "because most of the world hates America"moreless

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    24 meets South Park.

    By crzza, Mar 15, 2008

    "The Snuke" was my favorite episode of South Park. i couldn't have asked for better. I liked the computer parts fo it with Kyle and the guys from the CIA. For some reason,, I like episodes and shows that ahve to do somewhat with computers. I also liked how it was a 24 and South Park crossover. Well not really a crossover, but a parody. I can't believe Cartman was so smart and figured out what was going to happen. I would never expect that from him. Ok maybe I would. He is pretty smart. It was a really,entertaining,action-packed,funny episode. Best....Episode....Evermoreless

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  • 9.7

    Parody of a great show

    By jacobp76, Feb 02, 2008

    Hilarious episode. I've been impressed so far with the whole 11th season, but this episode is by far my favorite. Where the WoW episode was the favorite of the 10th season, I must say this will most likely be the 11th season favorite. can't say it for sure yet, but it definitely contends w/ WoW.

    This episode is amazing. Loved the heavy ticking of the clock. The splitscreens, and then the joining of one when Cartman is on the phone. It pulls attention to itself and laughs at the technique, and so did I. Cartman diving through the window, his apple juice farts, hilarious. The very end is awesome. The VERY end, what Cartman says.moreless

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  • 8.5

    24 Parody.

    By avi01, Jan 10, 2008

    So South Park goes 24. I was pretty much excited about this. The lord of the rings parody they did in season 6 is one of my favorite episode ever.....well this 24 parody was good...some big laughs but yet nothing really memorable

    I love the "these events take place between recess and the Geo class" really got be LMAO. The torture scenes and a couple of others were great. I love Cartman, TV`s ultimate bad boy but i think things are actually a bit too Cartman centric...Kenny was not in it and even if Kyle had a major role, I would have love to see more of Stan.

    But overall it was a pretty good episode....could have been better tho.moreless

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