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    By futuramarama, Jan 30, 2011

    The Japanese keep killing whales and Stan is determined to get them to stop. He becomes the new star of the show "Whale Wars" and is only intent is to stop the Japanese. But he is caught by Japanese police, where he learns the real reason why they want to kill all whales. Will Stan be able to help the whales after all?

    Pretty funny episode, the spoofs of Deadliest Catch and Whale Wars was funny, as was Stan's plan to trick the Japanese. No real complaints, and this is easily one of the best episodes of the 13th season, so because of all of this my final grade is an A+moreless

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    why such a low rating? this episode was brilliant

    By tkpanda, Oct 21, 2010

    i have no clue as to why this episode currently has only a 8.6, i was laughing and intrigued the whole time. this episode is about stan joining the cast of the horrible reality show, whale wars to stop japanese from killing dolphins and whales, which you can tell trey parker and matt stone obviously hate because everychance they can they harshly make fun of the over wieght captain. its hilarious everytime you see the jappanese running towards dolphins waving their spears in the air. this episode also has one of the best south park montage ever which centres around stan being on a hit tv show while cartman sings poker face by lady gaga. this episode is not like the last 2 episodes which were mediocre at best, it is worth a 10.moreless

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    Dear lord let this be the worst of it

    By SobeThomas, Oct 21, 2010

    Okay okay, I get the jokes and some were funny. but overall this was the worst episode of southpark I have ever seen, and for anyone who knows how i felt about the Starling two parter that's saying something.

    still it's worth at least one watch if only to see how close one can go to being insensitive without actually crossing the line.....too much.

    it starts simple with making a comment on the japanese attacking whales and dolphins to a really over done degree. but as it turns out it was just a set up reason and filler after the first 2 minutes just to get Stan into a boat and thus the real comment is one a show that I have not seen and I'm guessing most others haven't or do not care to for the very reasons said in this episode.

    whatever social commentary though is completely dwarfed by the overkill of how far the Japanese will go like killing a football team, and the solutions to the issue was so retarded it undermined everything good before hand. the only thing saving this from a lower rating with me was that although bad jokes I still laughed at this thing.moreless

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    Stan tries to stop the Japs from killing whales and dolphins.

    By paul_panhook, Oct 21, 2010

    There is something subliminally stupid yet perfect about this episode. Very funny, even hilarious, this might just be a South Park classic. I never even seen the show they make fun of called "Whale Wars" but it doesn't matter because they do a great job at just making jokes about the whole situation. If not the entire episode, the ending of the episode is quite strange and insulting to the Japanese. But to remark, the last line of the episode is remarkably what turns everything full circle and makes for a great laugh as the credits role. What’s sure to be a controversial episode, South Park doesn’t let up.moreless

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    Great episode!

    By Spencanator, Oct 21, 2010

    This was a very funny episode with great humor throughtout. Oh, and P.S, there are spoilers for the jokes in this review.The jokes were brilliant in the episode. It started at the beggining with supreme jokes with the Japanese. "F**k you dolphin! F**k you whales!" Then, Stan joined a team of so called "bad-asses". That was really funny also. I won't reveal any other jokes, but the jokes were gold in this episode. Cartman was funny in this episode espically when he was singing "Poker Face" The storyline was brilliant. Where the hell do they come up with this stuff? So brilliant episode overall, one of my favorites and one of the best Season 13 episodes.moreless

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    Hilarious episode. Parker and Stone still got it

    By Clyde_Henderson, Oct 21, 2010

    Possible Spoiler: This is one of the funniest and most clever episodes of South Park to date. Without a doubt my favorite moment of the episode was when they were in the Japanese museum, and the man showed the boys the photo of a dolphin and whale bombing Hiroshima. I totally wasn't expecting that at all. And I also loved the part when they were flying Kamikaze planes into the whales in the ocean, screaming "Fu** you whale!!"

    I wonder how Trey Parker and Matt Stone come up with this stuff, it seems like they have an endless supply of laughter!

    5 starsmoreless

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    Whale Whores funny and poignant

    By ronindave, Oct 21, 2010

    With Whale Whores, South Park tackles several issues from whaling, activism, reality shows, and even Lady Gaga. Listening to Cartman sing Pokerface during a montage of Stan taking on the Japanese whalers was classic.

    In true South Park style, no one is truly damned or let off the hook. Japanese whalers are generally easy targets but South Park fixes their target on the head of Sea Shepherd who feels the brunt of some of the worst insults in the episode. The show also highlights the hypocrisy of western activists who decry whaling while turning a blind eye to cruel practices in their own country.

    As always when they tackle such controversial issues, South Park makes you think while making you laugh at the same time.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A strange, brilliant episode that comes together in the last 60 seconds.

    By anne_o_nymous, Nov 21, 2009

    The short version: Japanese whalers are slaughtering whales and dolphins worldwide. When Stan takes over the crew of "Whale Wars," things take an increasingly violent turn. Soon enough, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman are captured by the Japanese...and learn the stunning origins of the Japanese hatred of aquatic mammals.

    This episode has really been the first of its kind since "Scott Tenorman Must Die." Much like that brilliant episode, "Whale Whores" seemed strange and pointless for the first 20 minutes. It wasn't until literally the last 60 seconds that the storyline came together in a stunning, hilarious, thoroughly unexpected climax. Without giving too much away, let's just say that the message presented at the end is not what one would expect.

    One of the best of the season. Well done, guys.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Stan decides to really save the whales and dolphins by going to work for a group of people who try to stop whaling operations on the ocean. When Stan becomes the Captain he really starts to escalate the violence and get his message across.

    By jyarter, Nov 05, 2009

    Truly an over the top episode of South Park. I had not seen any coming attractions and when they were swimming with the dolphins at the beginning and the hoard of Japanese men come running in with spears, etc. it was amazing.

    The world knows that Japan is probably the number one country still in the whaling industry. The amazing story that the Americans supposedly concocted to get them to take the suspicion off America for the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima was absolutely outrageous. These guys still go so far outside the box sometimes. Cartman and Kenny joining the crew was of course classic Cartman. Always looking for his fifteen minutes of fame.

    Another great example of taking something people really don't like, but tolerate. Then taking the subject over the edge and beyond reason. Very funny, especially the screaming Japanese. I really wonder if anyone was offended by this or saw it for what it really is. Maybe they are trying to offend someone! :) Thanks for reading...moreless

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