Worldwide Recorder Concert

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    Worldwide Recorder Concert

    By djjoe60, Feb 05, 2011

    This episode is memorable because it reveals more about Mr. Garrison's parents and the fact that Mr. Garrison's father will never rape him. This is kind of a weird episode but it is also kind of hilarious.

    Mr. Garrison (what ever hsi first name actually is) is upset because of his father that never raped him when he was a young boy (that maked his son feel upset and furious because he grew up thinking he was ugly) and Mr. Garrison has to face him again.

    I will not tell you what happens at the end but (it is good).

    ;D Great slice of South Parkmoreless

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    By far one of the best episodes!

    By frelon1, Aug 22, 2007

    This one show caused me to laugh the hardest of all the episodes. While Mr Garrison going through his feelings of rejection by NOT being molested by his dad were rather odd, the boys trying to one up the New york kids was classic. You could see the ending coming from a mile away but when it hit it was no less hilarious. To have the whole world fall victim to the boys unintentional prank was priceless. Well worth watching again and again. I do and still get a gut wrencher when the note hits. This one needs to be on a best of DVD if it isn't already.moreless

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  • 8.8

    This episode made me laugh, a lot.

    By s1bbald, Jun 19, 2007

    This episode was funny in many ways, there were the obvious ones, and then the more subtle ones. The recorder part of the show really hit home because I played recorder in Grade 3 and I also thoguht it was pretty damn ridiculous. This episode had really funny parts, e.g. The whole bar scene including "If a guy had a knife on me and said' "Have sex with your mother or I'll kill your father," I'd have sex with myself." or Mr Garrison being tormented by the fact that his father never molested him, but without a doubt, ,the Mackey/Hat fight scene was the best part of the episode.moreless

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  • 8.8

    This episode is about child abuse, and the mental problems that arise therewith.

    By henrynhenry, Dec 28, 2006

    This episode is about child abuse, and the mental problems that arise therewith.

    Just kidding. This episode is about the day when everyone in the entire world crapped themselves, and the process by which these events were able to take place.

    The episode definitely has its moments (for example, the South Park version of Yoko Ono is hilarious). But overall, I thought that this episode was weak. The storyline was a little too much for me. However, some of the episode's other elements were very successful.

    For example, seeing Kenny G on South Park was hilarious. And what else would Kenny G do on South Park besides molest someone?

    Nicely done.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Had some good funny moments. But in another way very weird.

    By EnzotheBaker, Apr 06, 2006

    Had some good funny moments. But in another way very weird. I saw the episode when it came out on DVD and I watched it again a few days ago. There are some parts of it that are very funny but some parts and just kind of weird. The funny parts are when the finally get the brown noise and at the 4000 child blow everyone plays that note all at one time. The entire earth craps their pants. That was pretty funny. But the whole Mr. Garrison wanting to be raped by his father and instead being raped by Kenny G was a bit weird. Didn\'t really make me laugh. I\'ll give the episode an 8.5 because the whole brown noise ground zero thing was hilarious.


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  • 7.5

    Why did this episode air?

    By SolidRave, Feb 26, 2006

    Pox presents the World Wide Recorder Concert! The boys have to go to a recorder concert. While there they meet a group of newyork kids who call them Queefs. Mr. Garrison stays with his parents and he is upset that his dad didn't have sex with him as a child.

    Why did this episode Air? The season was suppost to be done with "are you there god? it's me jesus". This is the definiton of a filler episode. I just cannot figer it out. But the episode it's self is great. Cartman figuring out what the brown noise is then making everyone one on Earth crap there pants is great. Overall a great episode that should have been in season 4.moreless

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