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    1999: A future without a moon

    By Jeff1999, Aug 07, 2014

    September 13, 1999 - Nuclear waste stored on earth's moon explodes due to magnetic radiation, propelling earth's moon and the 311 Alpha moon-base personnel on an odyssey into the Cosmos. The show was breathtaking in scope, top of the line special effects, used theatrical filming techniques, and offered story-lines that question Man's role in the Universe. Season one offers a dystopian view where: earth's moon is a nuclear garbage dump, safety takes a back seat to politics, and a cover-up is employed to keep an expensive space missions on target. Our technological folly causes us to lose our moon. What comes next can be described as half horror/terror of the unknown combined with humanity's ill preparedness to leave our planet and undergo a jump into deep space.

    Season 2 jettison's most of Season's 1's premise. Instead focuses on typical action adventure format where humanity's view of things is altogether right and proper. There's more humor, not exactly character development, more cliched situations, bad visuals, specifically where "alien monsters" are concerned, in fact they are quite cartoonish. The biggest drawback for me at 11 years of age was how season 2 pretty much restaffed the moonbase, changed sets, and changed costumes with no explanation.

    Unlike some of the criticism written by others, by way of season 1's "bad" science, I submit Space 1999 had better science than Star Trek since all the '99's technology was well grounded in 1960's 1970's US Space program in terms of being believable. As for an interstellar traveling moon, that is no more unbelievable than Trek's warp technology powered by crystals of all things. Also Trek never explained what "warp" was--- only seemed to mean a ship can go very fast which in reality would cause time-dilation on the order of 1000's of years, earth time, for the Enterprise to reach so many star systems. To these critics of '99, not only is science fiction not real, but also, one of season 1's points is that humanity is a young species and does not know all the answers--and may not be able to figure things out for some time to come. A few episodes point to a larger destiny for Man that is not known to the Alphans, but can be seen by older alien civilizations and entities that are ready to evolve to other planes of existence. Pretty heavy stuff for mid 70's sci fi.moreless

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  • 7.6

    It is hard to rate the series, because it was really two series, not one. The first season was one of the most unique, albeit flawed, sci-fi shows ever made. The second season was a blatant, and poor, Star Trek rip-offs ever made. 1st=A- 2nd=D

    By Sotaria, Jan 16, 2011

    The first season was surely one of the most unique sci fi series to ever hit the airwaves. The scripts were clearly morality plays, more interested in saying something than in being accurate science. In fact, the poor science and logical flaws apparent in the scripts is often the shows biggest drawbacks. Fans were left scratching their heads and wondering how X, Y, or Z happened. If you expect hard core science in your sci fi, then avoid this show at all cost, but if you don't really care, this is a great show.

    Essentially Space 1999 (the first season) was a philosophical show about destiny. God (usually treated in a new age manner) was a central focus of the show. The inhabitants of the moon were not truly in control of their fate, not matter how hard they tried. Each week they would encounter events which made for morality plays. One week, they encountered an immortal man whose immortality made him a madman. The next week they would find a group of travelers who had resorted to cannibalism to survive, loosing their very humanity. Still another week they would find that paradise cost far more than they are willing to pay.

    The best episode from 1st season were "Death's Other Dominion," "End of Eternity," "Mission of the Darians" featuring Joan Collins, and "Dragon's Domain."

    The first season was done by Gerry Anderson and was originally a follow-up to his UFO series, but Americans were not familar with the show so they dropped the crossover, except for the moonbase itself. Ultimately, the logic flaws in the scripts led to so much criticism that the studios demanded major changes for second season. Those changes killed the series.

    The second season was dramatically altered and the original producer left the show. The result was a blatant Star Trek rip off with atheistic philosophy borrowed from the worst Star Trek episodes permeating the show. One episode even features Commander Koenig uttering Captain Kirk's famous lines where he shouts down "god" declaring that the serpent was right to give us the apple! A new character was also added who could transform into anything including rats! Ick.moreless

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  • 9.5

    A captain and his space crew are on Earth's moon. a nuclear explosion causes the Earth's moon to break out of Earth's gravitation. The moon along with a space colony is released into a space adventure!

    By NathonJones, Jan 14, 2009

    Being a Star Trek fan, I think this show is very interesting! Instead of a using a starship to space travel, this show uses Earth's moon moving out of orbit! The most unique factor about this sci-fi show is using a traveling moon rather than a starhip. The show is more like Star Trek in the second season. In the second season it seems like the moon is traveling faster. They seem to go to a different planet in each episode. They also get an alien that can shapeshift. This shapeshifter was very useful in many occassions when the crew got into trouble. I gave this show a 9.5 but would have givin it a perfect 10 if there were a couple of more improvements. For one, I think the show should have added "Brian the Brain" to the crew, a robot they discovered early in the second season.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Space 1999 was the pinnacle of 1970s television. Only a 70s TV show could have come up with the extreme and elaborate premise of the moon being blown out of Earth orbit!

    By thedeathdefyer, Dec 25, 2007

    Space: 1999 tells the story of a group humans living and working on the moon in facility called Moonbase Alpha. After an explosion occurs in one of the toxic waste dumps, the moon is propelled into deep space, far away from Earth.

    I don't remember the original broadcast of Space: 1999; probably because I wasn't even born! But I do remember watching it in the late 90s (!) as a child and I loved it.

    The effects were bad, the character's weren't that believable and the storyline's could have used some sprucing up, but that is what made it a brilliant show - a 1970s show.

    I liked every moment of Space: 1999 as a child. I remember the Eagles being my favorite vehicle, and the laser being my favourite weapon. I recently went back and watched a few episodes of the series and, by god does it look a lot different than I remember! I suppose a child's imagination get's the better of you.

    Overall, I loved Space: 1999 and still do today. It is a classic Sci-Fi series, and to me, the original; the one that got me interested in Sci-Fi programs altogether.moreless

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  • 7.5

    A childhood fav that I somehow still like inspite of how bad it is.

    By cybercontroller, Jun 08, 2007

    I was watching this show as a 7-9 year old who had seen every episode of Star Trek re-run a 100 times already. I loved space shows & adventure shows & I was hooked. The music & acting & themes made me think I was watching something really IMPORTANT. Now, I realize how silly it all is. And yet, I still have a soft spot for it. Like UFO, there is no character development & no continuing story. But I like 99 better than UFO. 99 could run into anything out there while UFO was always just the next plan of invasion by the aliens. The science of 99 is ridiculous to say the least. How come the moon doesn't get caught in another planet's orbit? How fast are they traveling? Where do they get replacements for the 20 Eagles they lose per episode? The stories were actually more mystical than scienific. They met "God" and all kinds of beyond human comprehension aliens. The endings were often downbeat which they would never do in a show marketed for kids today. Made me realize that life wasn't all heroics that all worked out in the end. Season 2 of course ruins it. Now it is just a Trek rip off. Nice that the crew is more friendly and personable but the plots are total cheese. And that action jazz music is priceless, right up there with Trek fight theme! I like Maya but she would save the day so easily. Still both seasons are worth a look for the great FX (for the 70s this was top notch) and the scripts that almost pull off a winner.moreless

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  • 8.3

    As a kid I loved this show but watching it now isn't so good...

    By Th3L05T, Apr 28, 2007

    Sure some of it stands the test of the time. For example the Eagles still look really cool but the costumes (they copied the Star Trek / UFO style for them), props and a lot of the acting just doesn't (not from the main characters but more from the guest stars and supporting cast).

    I watched the first series avidly (it was the better of the two) and then had trouble following the second as the network moved it all over their schedule (which I'm sure contributed greatly to the show's demise).

    I would love to see the show brought back and revamped (just make sure you keep the Eagles).moreless

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    Season 1 - Superb, Season 2 - Average

    By SoylentYellow, Mar 07, 2007

    This is the first series I became hooked on as a child. This is one series I would like to see remade.

    Above my computer are 2 uncut framed sheets of the 1976 Donruss 66 card set - one facing card side up the other poster side up. The inspiration for this review. And of course I have all the die cast models, even the cool Product Enterprise ones. I even have the ultra rare CARD 42 from the British Bassett card set featuring the disfigured Mateo from TROUBLED SPIRIT because it was deemed too scary for children - how times change. Thank goodness for Ebay.

    Space:1999 is really 2 different series - Season 1 was top notch story telling while Season 2 became borderline silly at times with when that clown from Star Trek Fred Freiberger took over as producer. There are few episodes from Season 2 I even care to watch on DVD. So Season 1 I give a 10 and Season 2 a 7.9 (and thats being charitable for an average of 9)

    Season 1 was full of classics like DRAGONS DOMAIN (the inspiration for ALIEN) and WARGAMES with its shocking destruction of Moonbase Alpha and its twist ending. There were few bad episodes in Season 1. Ok, from a scientific point of view there were problems, but that can be said of shows like Star Trek as well. But I focused more on the stories and the overall feel of the show which was excellent - during Season 1, at least. Season 2 ruined the series by becoming cartoonish and so cheesy it would be enough to cover several billion double cheese pizzas. If they ever remake the series, they should keep the same character names the overall look and feel of Season 1 and get the Moon out of orbit using something more realistic like an experimental anti-matter reactor explosion, which would rip away a huge chunk of the Moon; in the process making it look like someone took a large bite out of an apple. The characters should all resemble the original actors as closely as possible. Re-do the best 12 stories from Season 1 as chosen by fans. Add a shipyard to the base that would produce Mark IX Hawk fighters and have them start building large transport ships to one day leave the Moon and try to return home; eventually half of Alphans could choose to try and get back to Earth creating a spin off series; while the others would remain on Alpha thinking its a waste of time to try. Above all keep the EAGLES - one of the coolest spaceship designs ever. Also, update the technology and call it SPACE: 2099 - which would be plenty far enough in the future. SPACE:1999 is unlikely to be remade but its nice to think about.moreless

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  • 9.1

    I was a child when this show was first shown in the United States. I loved it. Women were given roles of importance. I loved Dr. Helena Russell and Maya.

    By CottonButtons, Feb 27, 2007

    It may seem campy now, but at the time the series was ahead of its time. The roles given to women were important. The issues the series dealth with were real and still exist today. Dealing with industrial wastes is still a problem.

    The issues of a group of people being isolated from the rest of the population can and did provide many interesting story lines. Losing contact with loved ones and family members is difficult. Realizing that the future has changed is something few deal with on a daily basis.

    It is a great show and I would love to see it return in re-runs.moreless

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  • 8.5

    I know it's not the best sci-fi TV series of all time, but I love it so much because it was the first TV series I became addicted to.

    By D-LinkUK, Nov 23, 2006

    "Space: 1999" could have become one of the best SF programs of the 1970s. But low ratings, combined with a series of bad episodes, doomed this Gerry Anderson effort almost from the start. It has been unfairly criticized for being too boring the first season, too campy the second. I disagree. I thought the stories were entertaining and, at times frightening, both years.

    To steal a phrase from Doctor Who fans, I often found myself "behind the sofa" watching some of the monsters on this show...

    The cast did their job well, with Landau and Bain being the total professionals. Barry Morse was fun in year one, but I admit I will always have a crush on gorgeous Catherine Schell. As far as special effects and storylines go, there really wasn't anything worse than you'd see on Doctor Who in those days, and in the days before computer graphics, there's nothing Anderson and company could do to improve the situation. Maybe someday a company will go back and update the special effects, just as was done with Red Dwarf a few years ago.moreless

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