Space: 1999

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Quotes (29)

  • Koenig: A giant leap for Mankind. It's beginning to look like a stumble in the dark.

  • Russell: You knew that that area was suspect. You knew that it already affected the two probe astronauts and the Eagle pilot in some way. And yet you went out there yourself. We're looking for answers, Commander, not heroes. Koenig: I didn't know you cared.

  • Victor: We are mankind. We came from planet Earth and built this base called Alpha to learn more about space. But human error blasted this moon out of the Earth's orbit, and so we have travelled the universe searching for a place to live. Now we can no longer live here, and we go to face an uncertain future on the planet that has nearly destroyed us. You, whoever you are, who find this empty vessel of Alpha, come and seek us out, if we still exist. Come and teach us all you know... because we have learned many things. But most of all, we have learned that we still have much to learn. Good-bye, Alpha.

  • Captain Jack: Not any moon, THE Earth's moon! That self same orb, whose unforgiving eye, beheld the birth of Caesar! And, no doubt, your own.

  • Kano: Check. Koenig: You're playing Computer all day. Kano: Well, I was hoping for a real game, Commander. I beat Computer every time. Koenig: Sure, you programmed it. Kano: Won't stop me beating you. Checkmate.

  • Helena: (about Cellini) He's a suppressed hysteric. Where do you think he was trying to get to, out there, in his pajamas? We're nowhere. We're three months' Eagle travel time to the nearest star system and he was going off on his own. Now if that's an act of a rational man... he didn't even take his toothbrush.

  • Cellini: I want to tell you the truth, doctor. I want to tell you that everything I put down in my report is true. Tentacles, bloodsuckers, fire breath. The whole slimy, fantastic story is true. No wanderings of a sick mind. I'm absolutely certain of every detail I've put down. And if the black box data conflicts with my story, then the black box is wrong. Helena: Now that is a somewhat surprising statement for a rational man. Cellini: I'm not a rational man! Helena: And yet you want to be believed. Cellini: I want all of you, Koenig, Bergman, Dixon, everyone of you to throw out the criteria by which you judge what's real. You've got to abandon reason! You have to believe that I, Tony Cellini, stood face-to-face with the dragon. I fought it single-handed and survived. That's what you've got to believe!

  • Helena: John, if we ever do find a new place to live, and if we succeed, we're going to need a whole new mythology. Koenig: Tony Cellini and the Monster? Helena: St. George and the Dragon sounds pretty flat until you know the story. Koenig: This story is part of our history now, Helena. I think Tony would be very happy to know he put new life into an old myth.

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Notes (13)

  • In the "This Episode" section, there is a very brief shot of Sandra knocking over her cup. This was not used in the episode, but the corresponding scene in the episode shows the cup laying on her desk.

  • This episode reveals that Koenig is the ninth commander of Moonbase Alpha, with his predecessor, Commander Gorski (seen in "Breakaway"), being eighth.

  • The "This Episode" section features a shot of four Eagles flying through space that was not used in the actual episode. In this shot, the Eagle in the middle is lit differently in comparison to the others.

  • Filming schedule: Monday January 27th to Monday February 10th 1975.

  • During the filming of the spaceship graveyard, shots were created using the TARDIS from Dr Who and the Enterprise from Star Trek. These shots were removed from the finished episode.

  • Joan Collins earlier appeared in the Mission: Impossible episode Nicole with then regular Martin Landau but did not feature another regular Barbara Bain.

  • Alan asks the Eagle pilot for sonar readings off the Black Hole, but sonar does not function in the vacuum of space!

  • The "This Episode" section contains a shot of large domes that wasn't used in the episode.

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Trivia (108)

  • The moon is blasted out of Earth's orbit and Carter follows in in an Eagle. He's unable to catch up to it until it starts to slow down. Objects propelled through a vacuum don't slow down unless an opposing force is applied to their path, but no such force is in evidence.

  • In the footage of Nordstrom and Steiner and later Jackson and Ellis at the waste dumps, the numbers on their spacesuits keep changing between 0, 3, 8 and 9.

  • As the moon is thrown out of orbit, everyone is pinned to the floor by the gravitational force except Bergman, who starts at the top of Main Mission's steps on his back, then turns onto his front, then goes back onto his back. However, one step further down, he's back where he started.

  • During Koenig's solo flight over Nuclear Disposal Area One, the collar on his spacesuit changes from being smooth to ribbed several times.

  • When Koenig's Eagle first lands on Alpha, it is positioned such that it's port side is connected to the boarding tube, but Koenig leaves through the starboard side, which would be exposed to space.

  • As Koenig talks to Simmons on the video screen in the Eagle, boxes can be seen underneath the screen, but as Koenig leaves the Eagle, the boxes have changed to spacesuit packs.

  • Nordstrom's name is spelled "Nordstrom" on Dr. Russell's monitors, but it is spelled "Nordstom" on his helmet.

  • As Koenig, Bergman and Collins watch the two astronauts at a waste dump, one of the astronauts jumps into the buggy and in doing so, his helmet almost flies off.

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Allusions (2)

  • The title of the episode is "Alpha Child." This is a dual allusion. The base is called Alpha, so it is an Alpha Child. Additionally, this is the first child, which is what "alpha" means in latin...the fist letter of the alpha bet.

  • The allusion with the title of the "Missing Link" is to the desired link scientists want to find between apes and humans.