Space: Above and Beyond

FOX (ended 1996)
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  • S 1 : Ep 24

    ...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best (2)

    Aired 6/2/96

  • S 1 : Ep 23

    And If They Lay Us Down to Rest... (1)

    Aired 5/26/96

  • S 1 : Ep 22

    Sugar Dirt

    Aired 4/20/96

  • S 1 : Ep 21


    Aired 4/19/96

  • S 1 : Ep 20

    R & R

    Aired 4/12/96

  • Cast & Crew
  • James Morrison

    Lt. Col. Tyrus Cassius McQueen

  • Rodney Rowland

    1st Lt. Cooper Hawkes

  • Kristen Cloke

    Lt./Capt. Shane Vansen

  • Lanai Chapman

    1st Lt. Vanessa Damphousse

  • Morgan Weisser

    1st Lt. Nathan West

  • show Description
  • Space: Above and Beyond. It is the year 2063. Five rookie marines are thrown into active service when mankind is unexpectedly attacked by an alien race. But all the enemies are not from a distant planet, and not all of those who appear to be human can be trusted. It's up to the Wildcards to defeat the enemy wherever they find them, in space, or on the ground.

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  • Quotes (148)

    • Drill Sgt: From here out you will not speak, eat, sleep or take a dump until you are told to do so, and the first and last words out of your slimy holes will be sir, do you maggots understand me? All: Sir yes sir! Drill Sgt: LOUDER! All: SIR YES SIR! Drill Sgt: Upon the command you are given approximately thirty seconds to fall out of this bus, ANY QUESTIONS? Pags: Sir, when do we get our planes sir? Drill Sgt: MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

    • Kylen: You believed in equal rights for the InVitro's. West: Not at the expense of our rights! We've trained, we've sacrificed, we've dreamed! Together! Kylen: Well, maybe we have to find another dream.

    • Hawkes: I never asked to be born.
      Lynch Mob Leader: Great. Then you can ask to die.

    • West: (Looking at the launch countdown clock) Most people don't know if their dreams will ever come true... ours is definitely nine hours and two minutes away.

    • West: (narrating his letter to Kylen) Elsewhere, stars are born. Other star systems, older, larger, continue to breathe. The Solar System dies of crib death. If that's what it takes, then okay. If I must wait that long, then all right. Because when I think of this, nothing is more desirable than the hope of watching that last day, when the sun flickers out with you beside me. We'll sit alone on a dark chunk of ice at the top of the world, and the stars above, beyond, and between us... (throws his valor medal into the sky) ...will never shine brighter as we drift away into space.

    • McQueen: That's when we teach them something every human knows - payback's a bitch.

    • McQueen: Courage, honor, dedication, sacrifice. These are just the words they used to get you here. Now the only word that means a damn to you is "life". Yours, your buddies.

    • Vansen: (when Hawkes reaches out for the dead Chig) Don't. It could carry some kind of disease.
      Hawkes: I never had a mother, but you sound like one.

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    Notes (36)

    • Featured Music "Blitzkreig Bop" - The Ramones (not The Pink Floyd, as Pags thinks)

    • This episode was shown along with the second hour of the pilot in the original airing.

    • The pilot episode was filmed in Australia. The base where the 58th train is actually the Royal Australian Air Force Base in Williamtown, New South Wales.

    • The Chig suits were designed by the Australian FX team Jason Baird and James Colmer, with assistants David Renn, Phil Moritz and Wayne Nelson. James was later asked to wear the suit in this episode, which made things easier for the team, since they could fit it to him, rather than have to constantly adjust things for an actor or stuntie. James is 6'7", which also helped to add to the Chig's intimidating on screen presence.

    • The episode was filmed in Australia, with the Mars sequence being shot at Stockton, near Newcastle, in NSW. This location was also used to film another Sci-Fi series, Farscape in its first season episode "Till the Blood Runs Clear".

    • This pilot was not originally broadcast in two parts in all countries. For example: in the UK, parts one and two were broadcast as a single ninety minute episode. This has occasionally led to confusion in the episode listings, with "The Farthest Man from Home" being referred to as the second episode.

    • This is the first episode in which the 58th use playing cards as their callsigns. Vansen's is "Ace of Diamonds", but in later episodes she'll be designated as "Queen of Diamonds".

    • Featured Music: "The Hungry Wolf" - X

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    Trivia (33)

    • Nitpick: Just minutes before the Tellus colony ship is meant to take off, they're still loading supplies. There's no way that there should be anything coming onto that vessel that late, since inventory would necessarily be checked and double checked long before lift-off to keep from missing critical items. Even if the supplies were of relatively low importance, they'd still have to make sure everything was properly stowed before take-off to prevent anything from coming loose under stress and possibly damaging the ship and her crew.

    • Trivia: At any given moment, the distance from Earth to Mars is between 35 million and 250 million miles. Their travel time to Mars was 84 hours, making their speed between 400,000 and 3,000,000 MPH, or 643,740 to 4,828,000 KPH.

    • Nitpick: Damphousse sticks a water bottle into the Chig's gills, but when it dies, they assume it killed itself somehow. If someone squirted a tube of water into a human's trachea, they'd choke, and possibly asphyxiate if enough water was introduced! And there's also a possibility that the Chig's biology was divergent enough for water to be a poison in its physiology. Therefore, the assumption that the Chig offed itself is a real stretch.

    • Trivia: West names his fighter Above And Beyond, Hawkes names his fighter Pag's Payback.

    • Vansen tells Hawkes she wants him to join her going after West so that he can "CMA". "CMA" is short for "Cover My Ass". Hawkes later says she's "going Elvis", which means "Missing In Action".

    • Goof: When the team first lands on the airless planetoid in the Kuiper Belt called Boonewell, a moth flits around the space-suited Hawkes for four seconds.

    • Nitpick: One of Vansen's first orders upon landing at Boonewell was that they radio the miners and tell them the countersigns are "Bulldog" and "Chesty". So how is it that the AI doesn't know this, and give the response as "Terrier"? All AIs are supposed to be networked to each other and know things collectively. Even if this has a delay in uploading the information from individuals to the collective (which is not terribly unlikely), surely whoever was in charge of comm would pass along information like that to their compatriots by radio. After all, that's exactly what the miners would have done under the circumstances if they'd been there, so doing so couldn't have been seen as suspicious even if the 58th had detected their transmission.

    • Trivia: The time zone used in space is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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    Allusions (23)

    • Sgt Major Bougus: In space, nobody can hear you scream, unless it is the battle cry of the United States Marines!
      This is a reference to the 1979 science fiction thriller Alien, which stars Sigourney Weaver, the tagline of which is "In space, nobody can hear you scream".

    • Vansen: Chesty... Marines: Bulldog. Chesty the Bulldog is the mascot of the United States Marine Corps currently stationed at Marine Barracks in Washington DC, named after Major General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller.

    • Vansen: '...How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face...' Shane is making her point to Paul about love by quoting William Butler Yeats' poem "When You Are Old".

    • Potter: Yeah, but some are more equal than others. This is a reference to George Orwell's Animal Farm, an allegorical critique of Soviet totalitarianism, and to a lesser extent capitalism. The famous phrase the ruling class of pigs create is: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

    • Wang and Hawkes are watching Roman Polanski's 1970 version of the play MacBeth titled The Tragedy of Macbeth.

    • Col McQueen: It's a good day to die. This is a paraphrase of a quote that's attributed to the Lakota Sioux leader Crazy Horse before the battle of Little Big Horn, in which the Sioux defeated the US Cavalry under General George Armstrong Custer.

    • Col McQueen compares his planned strike against the Chigs using the captured ship to the raid led by Jimmy Doolittle in WWII. Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Lt Col Doolittle planned the first retaliatory air raid on the Japanese homeland by the USAF. He led the top-secret attack of 16 B-25 bombers from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet against the targets in Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya. On April 18, 1942 all the bombers successfully took off from the Hornet, reached Japan, and successfully bombed their targets. The raid caused little real damage to Japan, but it succeeded in boosting American morale, and cast doubt on the Japanese military leadership in the populace. Japan subsequently withdrew its aircraft carrier force from the Indian Ocean to defend their Home Islands, and contributed to Admiral Yamamoto's decision to attack Midway - an attack that turned into a decisive rout of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

    • Damphousse: When I'm on the battlefield and I see a human... dead- I can tell, I can feel something is missing. Something unexplainable is gone. Vanessa is giving the first indication that she has extrasensory abilities, which will be the main plot point of the future episode "Level of Necessity".

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