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    By marbles01, Jul 20, 2012

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  • 9.5

    Cartoon Network's first original series, and one of their bests.

    By CartoonKing50, May 03, 2011

    "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" premiered on Cartoon Network in 1994, and new episodes ran until 2004. With reruns still occasionally popping up on Cartoon Network's adult-oriented late-night block [adult swim]. This show is by far the funniest, greatest thing to ever air on Cartoon Network, and one of the greatest cartoons of the 1990's. And that's saying a lot, because there was lots of great cartoons on in the 90's, and Cartoon Network was home to quite a few great ones. And the idea for an old forgotten superhero from a 1960's Hanna-Barbera action cartoon to host a talk show, and interview real celebreties was brilliant. Some of those celebreties include: Adam West, Fran Drecsher, Werid Al Yankovic, Mark Hammil, Conan O'Brien, Hulk Hogan, and Matt Groening creator of "The Simpsons", and "Futurama". And Space Ghost's former enemies Zorak, and Moltar are also in the show. With Zorak being the band-leader, and still showing his evilness quite often. And Moltar as the director, and the most level-headed, and serious of the three. And Brak occasionally makes appearances, while Brak was one of the more evil, and more intelligent villains of the 60's show, in this one he was one of the funniest, more child-like characters of the show. The [adult swim] episodes (2001-2004) were a lot more random, and weren't as much of a talk-show. The plots became quite similar to those of [as]'s other shows like "The Brak Show", "Sealab 2021", "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", and "Harvey Birdman, Attourney At Law". And speaking of ATHF. Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad made their first appearance in an episode of "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" called "Baffler Meal". But their personalities were a lot different. Of course the [adult swim] episode of this show weren't bad. They were actually funnier, but my main complaint with the later SGC2C episodes is the violence. Now I'm not normally one to complain about cartoon violence. But the later episodes of this show featured too much killing of the main characters, and sometimes the random-ness of these episodes was just a little too much. But overall "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" is a classic, and if you like absurd humor like that of "The Tick" and "2 Stupid Dogs", or the random humor of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", and "Sealab 2021" then you'll love this show. It has lots of laugh-out-loud, hilarious, gut-busting moments, and is probably the funniest cartoon you'll ever see. And the poor, stock-footage animation just adds to it.

    Rating: 98% "Excellent"

    A great show for anyone who loves crazy, radom humor. One of the funniest cartoons ever!

    -Cartoon Kingmoreless

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  • 5.1

    Have a nice hardy laugh or two.

    By mizasterj, Apr 19, 2011

    Greetings Citizens, it is I Spa..uhh MizasterJ. I'm here to let you know about a juicy little show I like to call..Space Ghost coast to coast..the host with the most, he makes good toast…you get the idea. Uh yah so um..this is a pretty good show. You should watch it, seriously…you should. I mean hey why not? Its not like you have anything better to do, am I right? Ohh did I forget to mention there's celebrities, cause there is. Yah he interviews them and by he I mean of course Space Ghost the host. Yep, that's right; the same washed up Hanna Barbara wanna be superhero, Batman rip-off from the 70s. That's the guy, oh and there's this green cricket dude, well his name is Zorak. Anyway,

    Celebrities come and go, what difference does it make this show has pizzazz , no not pizza. In the spirit of Late night with David Letterman Space Ghost isn't afraid to run things his way and that means anything goes by golly. What's that? Zombie mutants you say? Well send them right in. If you happen to be a fan of washed up celebrities, voice over repeats and low budget animation, well then look no further young man.moreless

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  • 8.5

    This show had some awesome episodes, and some were kind of boring, but it was still great.

    By SandMan967, Oct 19, 2010

    Space Ghost used to be a super hero in his first show which was an action show, but then retired and made a talk show instead. He had Zorak and Moltar as his co-hosts, and gets into situations at his set with them. Cartoonetwork had this show from 1994-2000, and then in 2001-2004 he went to Adult Swim for some reason and had more violence and had some bad lauguage and life threatning stuff happening to Space Ghost, But the later episodes got really funny. I remember watching this show when I was I was like three?, maybe and I didn't understand it, but when I got older and I got to understand the jokes more better. So it was an average, original show that I will always remember. 8.5/10moreless

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  • 9.4

    Space Ghost once a second rate hero, now a second rate talk show host. Crappy animation, random punchlines, stoned guests... how can it get any better? Sit back relax and enjoy the insanity.

    By Violet_Reaper, Feb 06, 2008

    I love this show! It's so funny! Of course it's even funnier at midnight when you're all sleep- deprived and whatnot. Space Ghost diva like attitude sells the show, but the snarky comments of Zorak and Moltar certainly help. I've always had trouble deciding whether the guests who obviously felt they were too cool to participate or the ones who were over the top enthusiastic were more entertaining. So if you ever want to watch television late at night, but you don't want to harsh your buzz, this show is the one for you! Plus you'll probably find it even more amusing.moreless

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  • 10

    space ghost becomes a talk show host much in the vein of conan o'brien or david letterman. the guests are real, the show is animated. space ghost is a funny show, and he really likes to give his guests a hard time.

    By chokenpuke, Mar 09, 2007

    as with any adult swim program, you are going to have to have a certian kind of sense of humor to truly enjoy space ghost. space ghost is a really good example of what can be done with animation, as it is a cartoon late night talk show. the guests are all real, and can be seen as real. space ghost really likes to take shots at his guests, and often badgers them to the point of wanting to leave the interview. his musical sidekick zorak, a praying mantis type thing, is always trying to screw things up, or trying to kill him, which makes for some pretty comedic stuff throughout the show. moltar is another good character, as hes kinda dim witted. moltar is the cameraman for the show, and one of space ghosts old enemies, as is zorak. this show was truly funny, and needs to be brought back in my opinion.moreless

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  • 9.1

    SGC2C is essentially responsible for literally dozens of Adult Swim cartoons!

    By SoylentYellow, Nov 28, 2006

    That alone gives it the highest place in the history of the absudist animated comedies of the Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" block.

    Interviews with various celebrities like William Shatner were wonders to behold. The segment in "Curling Flower Space" where Zorak is taken aboard the BOSTON UFO Flying Guitar was absolutely hilarious! ................................

    ""Boston said they needed a keyboardist and I said, "I'm your man-tis!" And off we went! They had this really cool ship! There was this whole freakin' city on a flyin' UFO guitar, powered by rock 'n' roll! Boston rocks! They were on their way to populate a new world where everyone would just rock forever! All right! Who wants to ROCK?! There was not a life form we didn't rock. Is everybody ready to rock?! Yeah! Play some guitar!! Catch it! Man and mantis, rocking side-by-side. We're gonna rock your face! Ow! Who's ready to ROCK 'N' ROLL?!? Me and Boston: just like that. We rocked everyone we met. Oh god, it was beautiful. And when they were all rocked out, they dropped me off at home. THANKS, BOSTON! THAT ROCKED!! HEY BOSTON! KEEP ON ROCKIN'!! Those guys know how to rock." --Zorak"

    The clip of this used to exist somewhere but I cant find it. Its hilarious! If you do nothing else before you die see it! The addition of interviews of Jerry Springer and Sarah Jessica Parket made this one the best of the series!

    Indirectly every show that followed on Adult Swim might not have ever been created if it were not for Space Ghost - he is a true cartoon god!

    They should bring this one back using the tried and true formulas that made it successful. The last comback attempt in 2004 was too laden with sex jokes and quickly flopped. This is what helped kill of another gem "Sealab 2021" although the death of Harry Goz as Captain Murphy played a greater role in its demise.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Great show and it's funny!

    By RogerC44, Nov 23, 2006

    The DVDs are out so yeah if you want to buy them they're usually at a video store or on the internet. What can I say that hasn't been alreday said okay let's try this, this show is by far my favorite talk show and one of my favorite animated shows too. At first it appeared on Cartoonnetwork then went to Adult Swim it's rated PG most of the time so yeah even my little brother watches it sometimes. This show doesn't bore me at all. My favorite character has to be Zorak he's possibly the most funniest on that show!moreless

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  • 9.1

    Best talk show ever!

    By DeadBabyDoll, Oct 29, 2006

    Tired of \"real\" talk shows where the guests know what\'s going on,the host asks relevent questions and it takes place on earth? Yes? Then Space Ghost is for you! Every Week Space Ghost interviews celebrities like Slash, William Shatner and The Ramones without the usual ass-kissing or project plugging. Instead, he mispronouces names, and spouts out confrontations, non-sequiters and awkward silences. On his sattelite station he\'s joined by his house band Zorak and the Original Way-Outs and Moltar, who appears to be some sort of producer. The show, which debuted in 1994 went on to give birth to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, and Harvey Birdman, which in turn spawned my next two features Squidbillies and 12 oz mouse. If the questions and answers seem odd, it\'s because the interviews are pre-taped and then Space Ghosts questions and reactions are completely changed, bringing them to an absurd new level.moreless

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