Space Ghost Coast to Coast

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  • Space Ghost: Ooooh!

  • Onscreen: Space Ghost Coast to Coast. It's a Hollywood Talk Show. Really. Coming this fall from the Cartoon Network

  • Announcer: This Fall, the face of late night is going to look, well, odd.

  • Space Ghost: I'll even answer mail from our loyal viewers. "Dear Space Ghost, the other kids in school don't understand me, and the really big kids beat me up all the time. Will you come destroy them? Your friend, Billy Shannon, Newark, Ohio. PS - I love your show." Well, Billy, you really need to talk to your teacher or your parents about all of this. If that doesn't work, call me, and I'll at least come and stun them real bad. Plus, what's a talk show without a co-host? And we'll have one of the best, or at least one of the shortest, the incredibly exciting Herve Villechaize. Look, Hollywood is no more dangerous than Mars or Zorak, or those big locust guys with the helmets, but let's not kid ourselves. If you don't stay on top, this business will eat you alive! I know my stars, I know this industry, and I know how to talk. (falls backwards) Oh-oh! Oh, great, I think I've pulled something. Ah-

  • Chris Gore: (on monitor) Hi, Chris Gore here, Editor-In-Chief for Film Threat, the other movie magazine, and I'm here in Hollywood to try out a new concept. It's called "intelligent entertainment journalism," and as long as my scripts aren't censored you'll hear all the (The rest of his speech is covered with a long BLEEEEEP and his image is covered with a CENSORED stamp.)

  • Space Ghost: We'll also have a special Hollywood insiders segment each week, from that unusual gentleman at Film Threat magazine.

  • Emma Thompson: - where you're panting and sweating and -

  • Space Ghost: Oooooh! And unlike Dave or Arsenio, if an interview isn't going well I just hit inviso-power and I'm outta here. (Space Ghost invisos out)

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Notes (77)

  • -Can be found on Space Ghost Coast to Coast Volume 2 DVD. -This Pilot is also known as "Andy's Pilot" and was produced by Andy Merrill in early 1993 and which Andy voiced Space Ghost. -The Volume 2 DVD Set hit a skid in terms of being able to show Andy's Pilot: Andy produced the pilot in 1993 using a recent CNN Interview that covered the 1993 Academy Awards. However, on the DVD, the actor's name was blurred out and a disclaimer stated it would've cost Cartoon Network $25,000 in order to license the actor's name as well asthe interview for the DVD. The actor is believed to be Denzel Washington. Many sources can back up this claim. One fact that supports this theory is when Space Ghost asks the interviewee about his Oscar win for best supporting actor. It clearly shows that it was Denzel since he won best supporting actor for "Glory" in 1988, and in 1993 Denzel was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in the film "Malcolm X" (Also if you pay close attention and look at the blurred letters at the beginning of Andy's Pilot, the words do spell out Denzel's name) (And if you listen Really, Really, Really, Really, Really closely, you can hear the audio from the actual CNN interview with Denzel as if it were being played over a phone intercom.)

  • Even though this was the third episode to be aired, it was the first episode produced.

  • Space Ghost's real name is revealed to be "Tad Ghostal".

  • Zorak is now called a mantis, where previously he's been called a locust.

  • This episode is widely banned in Latin America due to the scenes of Space Ghost speaking before a huge crowd of Romans ala the Pope.

  • Space Ghost asking if Zorak was going to the Control Room to get butter and cheese is a reference to the episode "Spanish Translation".

  • This episode originally aired as a special at the end of "The Mask" videocassette.

  • When the show comes back from commercial, Space Ghost is seen playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles, from the Sega Genesis. Turner was unable to get approval from Sega to include this scene, and also Brantford's contract won't allow his face to be distrubuted or licensed. Due to these two legal disputes, this episode remains unavaible on DVD.

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Trivia (32)

  • One of the songs on Zorak and Moltar's CD is titled "If You See Kay Tell Her I Called." The first four words in this title spell out the f-word.

  • Jim Carrey obviously didn't sit through the whole interview. Two words were thrown into circulation through the whole interview; "Cool, alright"

  • For the close-up drawing shots, the cartoons are actually being drawn by Dave Willis.

  • Space Ghost's rant about not receiving thank-you notes for his Christmas gift baskets from Cartoon Network employees was completely adlibbed by George Lowe, and was inserted into the episode without him knowing.

  • While Moltar flips through the feeds, one of the images that briefly appears is of the infamous Max Headroom pirating incident that occurred in 1987 during an episode of Doctor Who.

  • Matt Groening notes his personal belief that Casper the friendly ghost looks very similiar to Richie Rich, and could even be his ghost. This view was also portrayed in The Simpsons, in 2x21 when Bart realizes how similiar Casper looks to Richie Rich.

  • George Lowe, voice of Space Ghost, appears in the opening credits, as handyman 'Adrienne Barbeau'.

  • During the opening credits, Tansut's name is spelt Tansit. In The arcival footage of the old SG episode in Act II, the language is dubbed in Portuguese. Both test patterns that Tansut accidently pulls up are Japanese test patterns and one of them contains a Japanese speaking woman. Act VI is left entirely blank for 10 seconds.

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Allusions (23)

  • Space Ghost looks into the monitor and watches himself watching himself, he says, "Are you looking at me? You must be looking at me, there's no one else here." He then shoots his lasers at the screen. This is a parody of the famous scene in the movie "Taxi Driver" where Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) looks into the mirror and says the same thing before pulling his gun out.

  • In this episode, the evil entity's name, Your Mother, is a comic play on words. The ship's on-board computer in the movie Alien was named Mother.

  • Space Ghost: Oh look! Shoot a ray, and you get a word. A reference to the old 1960s Batman TV series starring Adam West, where during fight scenes there would be word balloons featuring sound effects like "BAM!" and "POW!" whenever someone got hit.

  • :
    Both Joel Hodgson and Penn & Teller are connected with Comedy Central in some way -- Penn (with the occasional help of Teller) did Comedy Central promos and voiceovers for most of the 1990s, and Joel's biggest claim to fame was being the co-creator and first host of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which was a CC fixture during the same time period.

  • Matt Groening: Buy Space Ghost cereal. But don't eat the prizes. This is a reference to episode 6x22 of The Simpsons, when Bart accidentally eats a cereal prize and ends up in the hospital to have his appendix removed.

  • The Simpsons: When Space Ghost and Zorak are watching The Simpsons, scenes from episode 1x4 and 5x21 are shown respectively.

  • The entire episode is a parody of the Late Show with David Letterman. The episode's writers, Spike Feresten and Steve O'Donnell, are both former Late Show writers.

  • (none): (none)
    This show is a parody of the cable channel E!'s re-enactments of the O.J. Simpson trial, right down to the font of the subtitles, and the somewhat stilted acting styles of those involved. Check out E!'s current re-enactments of the Michael Jackson trial, which is pretty much the same thing.

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