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    If I could rate it at only 0, I would.

    By BenWaldburger, Jan 05, 2012

    But apparently, I can't. Spaceballs (the movie) was just downright awesome. It managed to be very reminiscent of Star Wars (my favorite sci-fi movie series of all time) and yet managed to satirize it very well.

    Spaceballs The Animated Series, however, is a deliberately watered down version of the movie and I've only watched the first two episodes before I immediately lost interest. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

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    my thoughts are said below

    By DeWesley1, Aug 01, 2011

    y'all are all a bunch of whinners its 2011 i'm on netflicks i'm drunk wit the home bois thought it would be funny to type in balls see what comes up and this ish is FUNNY and its ppl lik you why there was never a season 2 and truthfully enough all you reviewers must be OLD if you didnt like this ckuz Mel Brooks has one hell of a funny bone you ppl just lost yours so go back to your shoe with all your kids you old fartsmoreless

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    they ruined my favorite movie...

    By RodimusZoro, Jun 09, 2010

    spaceballs is one of my favorite movies of all time and this completly unfunny and stupid abomination ruined spaceballs, i had very high expectations for this series but it did not even come close to reaching my expactations, its like someone from earth, wants to get to millyways, it was that far away, this is an absolutely horrible series, mel brooks USED to be funny but apparently hes not anymore and ive lost all respect for him because of this disaster, it wouldve been better if they used my script i made for spaceballs 2 (i made a script for a spaceballs 2 and its way better then this steaming pile of excrement, so please at all costs avoid this series if you dont want to kill yourselfmoreless

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    Did the surgically remove Mel Brook's funny gland?

    By Magnoodle, Nov 02, 2008

    When I first heard of this, I figured it was going to be more of the stupid G4 crap. Then I made the joyous discovery that this was all Mel Brooks' doing. Created, writing, directing, producing and starring!

    In fact it even has the same actresses who played Vespa and Dott!

    I was thrilled!

    Then I started watching the first episode, so excited I couldn't even see straight.

    Here's me reaction to the series:

    (opening sequence of pilot)

    *laughing hysterically* Not what I imagined, but it's hilarious!

    (first 30 seconds of pilot) *still laughing hysterically) YES! This is Spaceballs!

    (next five minutes) *smirking slightly* This is moderately entertaining.

    (rest of pilot episode)

    *vaguely amused* Okay, seriously not as good as the series...

    (next episode)

    *just plain annoyed* Why am I still watching this? Sense of morbid curiosity strikes again!

    (Third episode)

    *seriously ticked off) Jeez, Mel! Why'd you do it? This isn't funny, it's not even reminiscent of the your film!

    (first 30 seconds of fourth episode)

    *jams rusty nails into eyes* GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    (second 30 seconds of fourth episode)


    That about sums it up.moreless

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    I only have one word to explain this show: HORRIBLE!!!!

    By methodkiller335, Sep 27, 2008

    That show was awful. The show tried to be funny but always fails at being funny. I loved this movie but the show ruined it for me. They always broke the fourth wall which i love to see in shows but they did a bad job at it i almost broke my tv it was so bad. They had some funny stuff for a second in the GTA parody episode when they killed mario from super mario bros. but everything else was just awful. The characters didnt even seem the same and I dont know why they made a series out of this movie. Bottem line, this show is awfulmoreless

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    Just plain bad.

    By jw2468, Sep 26, 2008

    Most of us remember Spaceballs as one of the greatest Star Wars spoofs of all time. It was funny, original and successfully poked fun at Star Wars, without making all the fans mad. I mean come on, "Pizza the Hut", you can't not laugh at that. Thus we arrive at G4's attempt at an "Expanded Universe", a continuation of the story, the "Empire Strikes Back" of Spaceballs, or something like that. Anyway, I wont beat around the bush, this show is terrible! All of the wit and originality of the movie has been lost. We're stuck with a poorly written, unfunny and just plain bad. It's like a bad kids show. There's nothing more to say, just don't watch it! Please!!!moreless

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    Nothing like what you would expect.

    By BBLaze2, Sep 22, 2008

    I heard about this and I was really excited, but then I watched it. I love Mel Brooks movies but this, this was unwatchable. There was so much wrong with this that I don't know where to start. This almost to me sees like a spoof of Spaceballs, while it spoofs Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park. Its like Mel Brooks decided to make Spaceballs an outlet for spoofs he wanted to do as movies but settled for a animated badly done version. I don't know but this isn't a show I'll be watching. I want to perserve Spaceballs for what it was not this...garbage. Agree or not but this is NOT what I was hoping for in a Spaceballs show.

    Have a nice daymoreless

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