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  • 9.5

    Blood Stained Sands

    By CupofJustice, Feb 15, 2014

    starting this show I had low expectations, I knew that Andy Whitfield had tragically died after this season and the more I watched the show the more I liked him. it is truly sad that we never got to see Andy Whitfield fulfill his full potential.

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    spartacus blood and sand

    By ikanmas3781, Jun 18, 2013


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    By renehotto, May 25, 2013


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    Revenge is a dish best served cold -- and everyone got their 'slice'.

    By Bamb0o-Stick, Mar 13, 2012

    Every storyline introduced throughout the season has come to a crashing finale. Very few shows have finales as memorable as Spartacus B&S. A show that first started out as unoriginal and generic, has finally shaped itself into one incredible series.

    Spartacus is starting to rally all of his fellow gladiators in helping him overthrow the house of Batiatus. However, there are still a select few who are still reluctant, including Crixus. Spartacus and Crixus have to set aside their differences in order to break their bondage from their masters. Meanwhile, Batiatus and Lucretia invite many people of honor to their house and to gain favor for their transition towards working in government. All of these events come together into a powder keg ready to blow.

    Every single episode of Spartacus keeps getting better than the previous one. With a season finale this good it will make it hard for fans to wait for the second season. It will be hard to imagine how the writers plan to top this first season.moreless

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    Enough with the raping of the ratings! One of the best finales television has ever seen!

    By jaysturt, Oct 31, 2011

    So we all know, for about a week and half after the episode aired, it remained at a constant 9.9 rating, but then someone or some people decided that they weren't going to let that happen. So what we see here is NOT a legitimate score of the episode. The episode was spectacular. The show started off disappointing, but each and every episode got better and better to the point where I couldn't believe what I was watching. The storyline was so well created and the finale drove everything into one massive bloody ending. This is my second favorite finale of all time (sorry but I'm a Lostie) and it deserves a rating so much higher than what it has. You can even look at every review on this website and there are only two that are below a 10 and they're a 9.5 and an 8.5. I would heavily recommend this show to anyone who loves good and treacherous story telling, blood, sex, and violence. A well crafted story that gives you the most satisfying of endings. FIX THE RATINGS!


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    What an amazing finale...*spoilers*

    By AwaiSSiawa, Oct 31, 2011

    What an episode. Mindblowing stuff.

    At first I did have my doubts about this series, thinking it would just be blood and gore flying everywhere with no purpose behind it, but man, has Spartacus outdone itself; the very fact that every episode has built itself up to the ultimate climax is proof.

    The method of narration worked perfectly as well, with flashbacks intertwined with the present day, unlike a more recent show, The Event, that simply overuses flashbacks.

    Manu Bennett (Crixus) IMO saved his best acting for this episode, as we saw a man torn between glory and his love, finally give in to Spartacus' wish to escape with him. The scene during their battle was unexpected, as I had anticipated that Crixus join him before their fight, so that was clearly a surprise.

    And Spartacus' last line made me shake: Together we shall see Rome tremble!moreless

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    Tough, cunning and it was great to see some really bad people get their come-uppance.

    By Missymaw, Oct 31, 2011

    I love me some Spartacus and of course Crixus is it for me. I was very surprised to see such a low rating for this episode because I loved this episode. This episode was compelling and the acting throughout this whole series was superb, it was compelling and we could see everyone trying to find their own reasons to support the final rebellion.

    I can't wait for the DVD and the prequel, if they show it in my country.

    I wish Andy Whifield all the best and that his recovery goes smoothly.

    The real fans of this series know that we have seen and experienced something exceptional.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Spartacus leads a rebellion

    By JaCkKbAuEr2424, Oct 31, 2011

    It's been thirteen episodes in the making, and I'm glad the writers didn't wimp out and let the bad guys get away, letting our heroes yearn for vengeance heading into the next season. There was more blood in this episode than all of the episodes combined (arguably) and the amount of violence, cruelty and rage shown here was enough to satisfy any action fan.

    What made the finale work so well is the way they combined the little moments.. Crixus waits nearly thirty-five minutes into the episode to change his mind, and that leaves the final twenty minutes for fighting. We get some resolution with plotlines, such as Batiatus, who let his own greed get ahead of him, resulting in his death. We also see Crixus becoming a friend of Spartacus and Doctore allowing the gladiators to rebel upon learning his master was so devious.

    Everything was clicking in this episode, and it's truly a shame that Andy Whitfield cannot return for Season 2. He gave Spartacus a simultaneous rage and heart, something that will be hard to replace (I say they cast Sam Worthington, but I doubt he'll have the time). At least there's plenty of plots to follow in the show when they do decide to return: the survival of Ashur, the new slave rebellion, Ilithyia's escape and the vengeance Spartacus still has to unleash upon Glaber. There's also the possibility that Lucretia died, along with her child, so that could open up some possible plots.

    Although it's truly sad that Andy Whitfield had a relapse in his cancer, one can only hope Season 2 will bring the same quality that he brought to the show this season. The show quickly went from a ridiculous idea to a great and entertaining show.moreless

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  • 9.5

    AMAZING FINALE!!! The episode begins with the final battle between Spartacus and Crixus and flashes back to the days leading to their battle. Spoilers ahead!!

    Basically the first 35 minutes is leading up to the murderous rampage that occurs in the

    By ilovelost815, Jun 20, 2011

    The end is AMAZING!! Almost all of the nobles/masters die and a few gladiators die (most major is the younger german brother.. very sad scene). Crixus kills lucretia and his unborn son (which is reveled that her baby is Crixus's). Spartacus kills batiatus, Aurelia kills Numerius. Ashur and ilithia escape alive. Naevia does not make an appearance so I guess she will be back in season 2. It ends with the gladiators escaping. O and if your wondering how I know all this, if you have netflix they post the episode there early so I already watched it there.moreless

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