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Quotes (1)

  • Solonius: You survived your execution, Thracian. Upon these very sands... perhaps good Solonius will fare as well.
    Spartacus: I would not expect it.

Notes (1)

  • Original International Air Dates:
    United Kingdom: August 10, 2010 on Bravo.
    Czech Republic: August 17, 2010 on HBO.
    Slovakia: August 21, 2011 on Markiza.

Trivia (3)

  • Crixus receives 17 lashes as punishment before Batiatus instructs Doctore to stop.

  • Goof: When Spartacus is kicked inside a pool while fighting four of Glaber's soldiers the sole of his shoe is clearly seen as made from a modern type of rubber not known to the ancient Romans.

  • Goof: In the scene in which Spartacus fights against Glaber's Roman soldiers, after he defeats Vesper and Linus a sword can be seen by his right foot on the floor. However, right after that and before he fights the remaining 4 soldiers, that fallen sword is gone.