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    By TrueTvWatcher, Jun 10, 2011

    Paterfamilias was a great episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. I enjoyed watching this episode because it was easy to connect with Batiatus as his father returned and started undoing every thing he had set in motion, and forfeited every thing he had worked for. You could definitely see the frustration build, especially in the end when his father announces he will be staying. It was interesting to see Varo spreading word of the pleasures of the House of Batiatus, and sad to see what slaves probably had to go through in those times. This is where Crixus first makes his mark on the arena and joins the Brotherhood, receiving the mark. The scenery and acting is amazing. The plot lines are cool, and the action is spectacular. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!moreless

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    The father of Quintus returns

    By JaCkKbAuEr2424, Jun 10, 2011

    I've always liked Batiatus as a character, even though he's proven himself to be one of the sneakiest and most horrible people I've seen in a TV show. It's episodes like this that make you realize how easy it is to like him. The second we were introduced to his father, the true leader of the Ludus, I felt frustrated. The father seemed to exist simply to undo everything that's been done in the previous two episodes. Every time he went over Batiatus' head, I felt confused as to how Batiatus could let this happen.

    The episode was probably the weakest so far of the six new ones, but it at least established Crixus' ascent to Champion of Capua.. we know it's going to happen, so it was interesting to see the first steps he took. I'm also slowly growing to like Gannicus more, even though he didn't have a huge role in this episode. I like that he's feeling guilt towards what he did with Doctore's wife and not acting like a typical Gladiator.

    I was actually surprised at how the violence and sex were toned down a bit.. okay, maybe not at all, but it felt like there was less focus on the sex and the fighting and more on the tension within the Batiatus house. With the father returned, it will hopefully lead to some interesting developments between father and son. And also, will Gaia have anything to do but flirt and offer sex to people? She seems pretty pointless so far, just like that actress did in Dexter.moreless

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