Spartacus: War of the Damned

Blood Brothers

Season 1, Ep 5, Aired 3/1/13
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  • Episode Description
  • Spartacus comes up with a plan intent on getting the upper hand by weakening Crassus' forces. However, once set in motion, unexpected betrayal threatens to ruin the rebels' designs.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Liam McIntyre


  • Manu Bennett


  • Dustin Clare


  • Dan Feuerriegel


  • Simon Merrells


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  • Quotes (44)

    • Nasir: Agron. I would share a moment.
      Agron: I have no time nor desire. Perhaps Castus is less taken.

    • Agron: (About Crixus) I do not care for the way his eyes fall upon you.
      Spartacus: A gaze I grew familiar with when we were yet slaves to Batiatus.
      Agron: I fear return to days of old.

    • Agron: There are many who believe Crixus holds higher ground with the slaughtering of the prisoners.
      Spartacus: And where do you stand, in such regard?
      Agron: With you. And always shall upon field of battle.

    • Spartacus: I'm done with words.

    • Lugo: (To Saxa) You must learn our tongue. You know what curses she rains upon you.
      (Saxa curses in her tongue and Gannicus winks an eye to her)
      Gannicus: I prefer the bliss of ignorance.

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    Notes (6)

    • Dan Feuerriegel ‘s reading of Agron’s reaction to Castus taking an interest in Nasir derives from the fact that he can’t deal with the possibility of having his love taken away from him after losing Duro. The thought of having Nasir being ripped away from him brings a whole set of emotions and Agron’s way to react to them is by showing jealousy, anger and violence. It all comes out of love and fear of losing somebody else who is meaningful to him.

    • According to writer and creator Steven S. Deknight the mid-season episode is usually one where they try to do something very epic. Episode 5 becomes then a turning point where all the storylines are brought to a boil.

    • The historically driven parts of this episode are:
      -Spartacus taking a Roman city (even though it wasn't Sinuessa en Valle or that close to Sicilia).
      -Spartacus striking a deal with the pirates.
      Pure fictional parts are:
      -Caesar infiltrating the rebel camp. TPTB wanted to give him a juicy storyline in a way that he could interact with the rebels so that he has a personal vendetta against them.

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's favourite parts of the episode are:
      -Spartacus and Crixus' moment where Spartacus thanks Crixus for coming to their aid and they grasp bloody arms, coming back together.
      -The Crassus / Tiberius / Kore triangle.

    • Charlie Bleakley (Ulpianus) is credited at the end of the episode but he doesn't appear in it (he was killed in episode 4 Decimation).

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    Trivia (2)

    • Death in Spartacus: War of the Damned:
      Rebels: Sanus, Nemetes.

    • Scenes from episode 4 Decimation can be seen during this episode.

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