Spartacus: War of the Damned

Enemies of Rome

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 1/25/13
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  • The rebellion Spartacus has created has turned into thousands, assembling a formidable army. With Crixus and Gannicus by his side, they begin to take on Rome outwitting the mighty Republic's best commanders . Unknowingly to them, Rome has enlisted the help of wealthy and ambitious Marcus Crassus to try and put an end to the rebels' rising.

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  • Liam McIntyre


  • Manu Bennett


  • Dustin Clare


  • Dan Feuerriegel


  • Simon Merrells


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  • Quotes (39)

    • Crixus: The Romans have sounded retreat!
      Naevia: We have won the day.
      Spartacus: We have won nothing. Cossinius and Furius again slip from grasp.
      Gannicus: The same cannot be said for many that stood with them. The field is thick with the dead.
      Spartacus: Deserved fate. For all who would see us again to shackle and whip.

    • Metellus: It confounds the fucking senses. How could a handful of errant slaves continue to vex us?
      Furius: I fear their numbers have been sorely underestimated within the Senate.
      Cossinius: Spartacus' mongrel horde has swelled with each passing victory since Glaber's defeat at Vesuvius. They added thousands to rank liberating the mines of Lucania. Slaves across the Republic, humble and grateful to their masters for so many years, have broken to treachery in the wake of ever expanding legend of Spartacus.

    • Metellus: Such chaos and death at the hands of a fucking slave.
      Cossinius: You will discover this fucking slave at the very gates of Rome itself if reinforcements are not dispatched.

    • Spartacus: What of Gannicus? I would have his report as well.
      Crixus: You well know the man. He favors celebration after a victory. Often for many days.
      Spartacus: A thing I would gladly give blessing. After Cossinius and Furius fall from concern.

    • Agron: You give those shits credit beyond due.
      Spartacus: Underestimating your opponent is a Roman trait, Agron. Do not fall prey to it.

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    Notes (8)

    • Costume designer Barbara Darragh has incorporated certain symbols that identify each character:
      -Spartacus has a snake motif in his chest plate and wristbands.
      -Crassus's ring has a bull insignia.
      -Caesar has wolf related embellishments in his military gear.
      -The pirates have ornaments inspired in extinct animals.

    • The costumes of the characters this season reveal some upper class Roman embellishments that they have been able to collect. Also, Spartacus has incorporated a Roman chest plate and shoulder protection in his own styling.

    • According to writer and creator Steven S. Deknight the opening scene sets the tone for the season: it's a different kind of story, a big battle with an epic reveal of Spartacus charging on horseback and his big army coming up behind him.

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's describes Crassus as not a two dimensional villain: he is powerful and shrewdly intellingent but at the same time he shows an underlying compassion that you don't expect. Crassus is the one villain who can equal Spartacus.

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's easier scene to write for this episode is the one where Spartacus and Gannicus discuss leadership and it shows how Spartacus has put his heart aside to be able to do what has to be done for the greater good.

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    Trivia (2)

    • Scenes from Spartacus: Vengeance episode 3 The Greater Good and episode 10 Wrath of the Gods and from Spartacus: Gods of the Arena episode 4 Beneath the Mask, episode 5 Reckoning and episode 6 The Bitter End can be seen during this episode.

    • Death in Spartacus: War of the Damned:
      Romans: Cossinius, Furius.
      Slaves: Hilarus.

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