Special Agent Oso

Lost and Get Found; A View to the Truth

Season 2, Ep 20, Aired 4/6/11
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  • Episode Description
  • Lost and Get Found:Professor Bufo trains Oso to find the real Agent Wolfie in a group of Wolfie robots. Oso tries figuring out who is the real Wolfie when he gets a special alert. Three brothers--Juan, Jesus, and Julio--are shopping with their mom at a department store in Madrid, Spain. Juan stops to look at a toy train, and he gets separated from his mom and brothers. Now he is lost and scared. Will Oso help Juan find his family? A View to the Truth:Wolfie trains Oso to pilot a submarine. Unfortunately, Oso accidentally leaves the hatch open, and Wolfie's submarine fills with water and sinks. That's when a special alert comes in. A girl, Lena, accidentally breaks her grandma's flower vase while taking her dog Bo outside. Lena lets Bo take the blame, and she feels bad for not telling Grandma what really happened. Will Oso show Lena how to tell the truth about the broken vase to her grandma? And if he does so, will he also apologize to Wolfie for sinking his submarine?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sean Astin

    Agent Oso

  • Jess Harnell

    Professor Bufo

  • Rebecca Romijn

    Miss Garcia

  • Phil Lewis

    Agent Wolfie

  • Cam Clarke

    Whirly Bird

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • "Lost and Get Found"

      Juan: It's kind of scary when you are lost and alone.

      Oso: Well, you're not alone now. I'll stay with you until your mom finds you.

    • "Lost and Get Found"

      Paw Pilot: (Singing)

      Where's Mommy? Where did she go?

      It can be real scary when you don't know.

      But she wouldn't leave without you. Know that she's still around.

      And with a safe grown-up's help, though you were lost, you'll get found.

    • "A View to the Truth"

      Paw Pilot: (Singing)

      Tell the truth. It can be hard to take.

      Tell the truth when you've made a mistake.

      If it's something wrong, you must be strong And

      tell the truth. It's what big kids do.

      Tell the truth, and you'll feel good too.

      Then you'll have, then you'll have, a view to the truth.

    Notes (5)

    • "A View to the Truth" does not show Paw Pilot counting down.

    • "Lost and Get Found" marks the 9th appearance of Professor Bufo.

    • The Three Special Steps for "Lost and Get Found"

      Step 1: stay in one place.

      Step 2: find a safe adult like a police officer.

      Step 3: tell them your full name and that you're lost.

    • The Three Special Steps for "A View to the Truth"

      Step 1: appologize for what you did while looking them in the eyes.

      Step 2: tell what really happened.

      Step 3: ask to be forgiven.

    • End Credits: finding matching pictures of dogs, Wolfie, and toy trains.

    Trivia (2)

    • In "Lost and Get Found", we learn that Juan's mother's first name is Begonia.

    • In "Lost and Get Found", we learn that Juan's last name is Diaz.

    Allusions (1)

    • Title Puns

      "Lost and Get Found" and "A View to the Truth" are title puns of the classic James Bond movies, Live and Let Die (1973) and A View to a Kill (1985).

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