Special Ops Force

Tight Spot

Season 1, Ep 17, Aired 5/2/98
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  • Episode Description
  • Matt an Margo go missing in North Korea near the Chinese/Russian border after going there to escort a man tasked by the UN to determine whether the people of the country were in need of famine relief. Shortly thereafter, the UN man is found dead, and Trout sends CJ, Chance and Benny Ray to bring back their friends, who are being tortured and held prisoner by the North Koreans.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Melinda Clarke

    Margo Vincent; former Case Officer CIA, Intelligence, Cryptography, Languages

  • David Selby

    Xavier Trout; Classified

  • Mark Sheppard

    Christopher 'C.J.' Yates (1); former SAS, Demolitions, Electronic Surveillance

  • Tim Abell

    Benny Ray Riddle; former SSgt USMC, Sniper, Armorer

  • Brad Johnson

    Maj Matthew Quentin Shepherd; former US Army Special Forces, Counter Terrorism, Special Recon, Unconventional Warfare

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (8)

    • Benny Ray: Well, it's fear that keeps us alive, compadre. Way I look at it, fear keeps us at the top of our game. Keeps us from getting brave- brave is just stupid. Yup, fear is our friend; love it, feel it, taste it, smell it. CJ: You're getting me hot. Benny Ray: That's the idea. Fear is our mistress, boys. You love her good and hard- she might just keep you alive.

    • Colonel Kim: What will it be, Mr Shepherd? Cooperation, or death? Matt: Cooperation is death!

    • Matt: (about to be executed) Your country's a mess! Life's a b****! Colonel Kim: And then you die. So ends the parable. (orders the firing squad to form up)

    • Colonel Kim: (as Matt is secured to a wall for execution) I've always been fascinated with brave men who would rather die for their noble causes than live for them. Matt: Well, you're a cheap date. Colonel Kim: Explain, please. Matt: Cheap date, easy to please.

    • Matt: I was wrong. Everybody doesn't come home. Margo: Don't say that! Everyone needs something to believe in, a reason to go on, to do what we do!

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    Notes (1)

    • Clips from other episodes:
      Flashback One: Matt remembers recruiting Margo, Margo almost shoots Matt ("Genesis")
      Flashback Two: Margo reminds Matt about German mission, Matt and Margo kiss ("Power Corrupts")
      Flashback Three: Benny Ray remembers his most frightening moment, Benny Ray in Cuba ("Over the Wire")
      Flashback Four: Chance's most frightening moment, Chance's plane crashes in Nicaragua ("Last Chance")
      Flashback Five: CJ's worst moment, CJ in Bosnia ("Broken Play")

    Trivia (2)

    • Goof: The collar tabs and shoulder boards of the Korean Colonel are incorrect. The stars are positioned to form a triangle, but they should all be in line with each other.

    • Nitpick: CJ's demolition charges are used as decoys and as antipersonnel weapons. But many go off behind the North Korean soldiers in the brightly lit territory directly in front of the compound's fence. There is no way CJ could have planted them without being spotted by the guards on duty.

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