Speed Buggy

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Quotes (36)

  • (The gang pull over at a billboard sign displaying their destination) Mark: Hmmm. "100 Miles to Riverside Can Am Race". Debbie: Only 100 miles? Oh, good. That gives us plenty of time. Turn left here, Tinker. Mark: Oh, oh! Plenty of time to turn left and what? Debbie: Visit my aunt Belle, that's what. Her Wild B ranch is here. Tinker: Golly! You mean real cattle ranch, with barbecue beef, and barbecue steaks, and barbecue hamburgers, and...? Debbie: Tinker, we're not going to a barbecue. We're going to visit... Tinker: I know. Aunt Barbecue.

  • (After being thrown in Beefinger's prison cell) Tinker: Well, if John Wayne were in a situation like this, he'd say (speaking like the legendary actor) "I'll just kick me down a wall an'...an' walk outta here!" (Kicks the wall to his cell) OOOUCH! I mean uh... (returning to his regular voice) OOOUCH! OH! OH! OOOH! Well, since I'm not John Wayne, I guess I'll have to think of something else. And I just thought of it. (removes his special gadget from his pocket) Golly! A little remote control.

  • Belle: And now I'll have time to show you kids some real western hospitality. Debbie: Gee, Aunt Belle. I'm sorry. We just have time to get to the Riverside Raceway for the Cam-Am Race. Belle: Don't you even have time for a king-sized Texas barbecue? Tinker: Golly! Thanks, ma'mm! I wouldn't mind if I... Mark and Debbie: (pull him back into Speed Buggy) No, Tinker!

  • (At a phone booth where he's trying to contact Mark and Debbie unaware they've already arrived on their minibike) Tinker: Hello, Mark? Listen, our only hope of finding Speedy is the remote control unit. But I left it in the garage. Mark: So? Tinker: So, you gotta get it out here as fast as you can. Mark: Where are you? Tinker: I'm on old Orchard Road. Goodbye. Mark: Goodbye. And hello! (hands him the remote control) Tinker: What took you so long?

  • (After the gang is able to launch Kluge, Klinker, and the robot from the spring bridge) Tinker: I'll bet this is the first moonshot without a rocket! Debbie: And no moon. (The villains crash onto the top of a tree and are left hanging) Speedy: (laughs) But a couple of loonies. (sputters and laughs)

  • (The gang discover Mr. Taggert's office) Taggert: Ah, visitors. Debbie: Mr. Taggert. Thank goodness you're here. I'm Debbie, and that's Mark and Tinker. And we were in your race today when all that strange stuff happened with that blimp and all. We wound up here in your factory. And I think you should know what's going on out there. Tinker: And there's some guy that they call "The Chief". Taggert: Yes? Mark: And he's developed this motion-control ray and plans to take over the world with it. Taggert: Really? Debbie: Really! You can spot him easily because of the strange helmet he wears. Taggert: Like this one? (holds up his helmet) Debbie: Oh, thank goodness. You've discovered his evil plot. Have you decided what to--Oh, my gosh! Tinker: Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Debbie: You--you're--you're "The Chief", aren't you? Mark: Holy cow! Taggert: Clever girl. But not clever enough.

  • (At the airport) Customs Agent: Welcome to Bulgonia. Have you anything to declare? Tinker: Only that we're downright happy to be here and proud to be representing our country and... Mark: No, Tinker. He means do we have any merchandise to declare. Debbie: (spots a wanted poster) Hey, look. Those guys look familiar. Tinker: Ten thousand dollars reward! Debbie: They were on the plane with us. Let's go get them. Tinker: Yeah, let's go get 'em. Woooo-weeee! Ten thousand!

  • Speedy: Yeah. (sputters) Let's get 'em. Mark: Easy, Speed Buggy. Agent: These men are very dangerous criminals. Tinker: Dangerous?! On second thought, it couldn't have been them, Debbie. Speedy: (sputters) Absolutely not. N-N-Never saw 'em before. Debbie: Come on! I feel like James Bond. Mark: Your imagination's running away with you again, Debbie. Debbie: But ten thousand... Mark: (Laughs) Forget it, Debbie.

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Notes (6)

  • This is the pilot (first) episode of the series.

  • This episode bears many similarities to the Josie and the Pussycats episode "X Marks the Spot". Both have an invisible villain looking to rule the world and both evil men utilize an interrogation machine that forces their subjects to tell the truth.

  • The plot of this episode is similar to the Josie and the Pussycats episode "A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger". Both episodes feature an evil scientist who creates mutant plants in an effort to take over the world.

  • Once Jerick uses the changing ray on himself, he's able to alter his size and shape by uttering the word "Metamorpho".

  • Strangely, this last episode of the series bears similarities to Josie and the Pussycats first episode "The Nemo's a No No Affair". Both feature a villain looking to conquer the seas with specialized submarines.

  • This is the final episode of the series.

Trivia (19)

  • Goof: When the gang leave the ranch to rescue Tinker, Debbie is sitting in the driver's seat. But as they go up the mountain, Mark is in the driver's seat instead with no indication they stopped, got off, and switched places.

  • Goof: Just after Speed Buggy agrees to drive the cattle to market, his mouth is briefly missing before the change to the next scene.

  • Goof: When one of the cattle rustlers tries to grab Debbie, Speedy (who's unoccupied) zooms to her aid. When he grabs the rustler, Tinker is sitting in the driver's seat. But when Speedy puts the thug on the conveyer belt, he's unoccupied again.

  • Goof: When Debbie and Mark arrive as Tinker is calling them from the phone booth, they can easily hear him. When Tinker says he left Speed Buggy's remote control unit at the garage, Mark's lips don't move when he says "So?"

  • Goof: When Mark pulls the lever to open the automatic door to help the gang escape Dr. Kluge's lab, his shirt collar is colored white instead of blue.

  • Goof: When the gang is in Taggert's office, the rear shots of Mark show his shirt collar colored white instead of blue.

  • Goof: Just before the gang meet Professor Grovac and Karl, Speed Buggy's mouth is missing.

  • Goof: A couple of shots of Professor Grovac show his moustache thick instead of thin.

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Allusions (3)

  • Mata Cari is the automobile version of Mata Hari.

  • Kingzilla is a combination name of two famous movie creatures, King Kong, and Godzilla.

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea This episode borrows elements from the above-titled sci-fi novel from French author Jules Verne which was first published in 1870. Its villain, Captain Nemo, sought to conquer the world with his sophisticated submarine, the Nautilus.