Spider-Man (1967)

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Quotes (8)

  • Quote from Sub-Zero for Spidey: Spider-Man: Walloping websnappers! I'm being bombarded by icicles!

  • Quote from The Power of Doctor Octopus: Dr. Octopus: Spider-Man! No one can interfere with my plans! Spider-Man: Looks like I caught you with your plans down.

  • Quotes from Never Step On a Scorpion: Peter: I just remembered... I forgot something. Betty: I forgot something, too. I forgot to stay in bed this morning! The Scorpion: Don't you know that the natural prey of a scorpion is... a spider! Spider-man: Tell me more, Nature-boy!

  • Dr. Noah Boddy: In a manner of speaking, gentlemen ... YOU BLEW IT!!

  • Spider-Man: (About the Master Technician's demands) Why do they always ask for things they know they're not gonna get?

  • Dr. Zap: (upon catching Spider-Man and Skyboy) So my trap has netted two birds instead of one. How nice of you to drop in. Spider-Man: Save the compliments. I didn't quite get the name on the invitation, but you must be... Dr. Zap: Dr. Zap, At your service. (he emits electricity by clapping his hands together) Spider-Man: Hey, that's quite a trick Doc, but I hate to have your electric bill. Now how's about showing us the way out before I feed you a jaw full of fists.

  • J. Jonah Jameson: (about the first photo of Skyboy) Look at that, the biggest story of the year and we're scooped by the Evening Star! Well Parker, what've you got to say for yourself? Peter Parker: Golly Mr. Jameson, I - well, gee-whiz. J. Jonah Jameson: I thought so, goofing off again. I just don't know, Parker. Why do I keep you on my payroll? Peter Parker: But, I... J. Jonah Jameson: Enough! Get out there and get a picture of this mysterious new superhero battling Spider-Man, and don't let me see your face again until you do! Now get out!

  • Skyboy: (after he and his father were rescued by Spider-Man) Gee Spidey, I sure misjudged you. If it hadn't been for you, we'd be - well... Spider-Man: Gosh. Forget it, kid. My pleasure. But no more Skyboy stuff from now on, okay? ONE costumed crimefighter is plenty for this town.

Notes (99)

  • This episode is available on the VHS Marvel Comics Video Library Volume 10: "Doctor Octopus: The Power Of Doctor Octopus".

  • Doctor Octopus in this episode is wearing a purple costume similar to the one on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #11. However, that purple costume only appeared on a cover and never in a real comic story.

  • Peter usually wears his classic blue suit from the sixties comics in this series, but in "Sub-Zero for Spidey," he sports a white button down shirt with short sleeves due to the hot weather. Due to this, Peter's transformations into Spider-Man are cut down versions of the classic stock footage change (which feature a white dress shirt with long sleeves), and just show him pulling on his mask.

  • "The Power of Doctor Octopus" offers Peter Parker the chance to perform one of his quickest changes outside of the MTV 2003 series. After his car drives off the road and is caught in a tree, the college student whistles and says, "Don't make waves until I make this change." In the amount of time it takes to say that sentence, Peter dips down wearing his white shirt, red necktie, and yellow sweater until he vanishes from view below the car window. But he almost instantly rises back up again, pulling on his mask and having changed completely into his Spider-Man costume.

  • First appearence of Dr. Octopus

  • The Lizard story is a condensed version of The Amazing Spider-Man #6. The original version of the story has Jameson travelling to Florida with Peter Parker, and Dr. Connors becoming the Lizard in an attempt to regrow his missing arm. In the animated version Connors has two arms.

  • During the scene where Electro rides the power lines after robbing Jameson's house you can see a crease in the original background painting where it was folded during storage. This is even more evident in the restored footage on the DVD set where you can even make out original brush strokes in some backgrounds. The artists involved in making the series probably never envisioned their work would be seen in this level of detail, assuming little things like this would be washed out in the relatively blurry television sets of the time.

  • The Lizard is called "The Lizard-Man." His alter-ego, Dr. Curtis Connors, is named as "Dr. Curtis Connor."

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Trivia (46)

  • ABC Family was forced to do some drastic edits to "The Power Of Doctor Octopus" in order to remove Jameson's cigar. Such jarring Clutch Cargo freeze frame examples include: Jameson's arm pointing up into the air merged with the rest of the animation so it obscures the cigar; one where he's holding his cigar in his pinched fingers with the stoagie digitially removed. Thus, in essence, he's making an OK sign. And the ultimate one utilitizing a triple split screen where parts of Jameson move, like the side of his mouth and one arm, but, the other arm and side of his mouth remain stationary.

  • There's two nice visual nods in this episode. During the first scene set in Mysterio's hideout before the camera pans to the left you can see a Green Goblin mask hanging amongst the other costumes. During the scenes at Mysterio's desk you can see drawings and blueprints on the wall detailing how Mysterio built the props to imitate Spider-Man's powers. These drawings are an exact replica of the drawings seen in the original comic version, right down to the text above the web shooter diagram: "Web, cannot duplicate -- imitate!"

  • How can Peter get out of his Spiderman suit with the robot holding on to him and how could Peter stuff the suit so fast?

  • The Vulture is erroneously referred to as "Vulture Man" in this story.

  • In the episode "Never Step on a Scorpion," Peter Parker is wearing a white button down short-sleeved shirt, red tie, and a yellow sweater. However, for both of Peter's viewed changes into Spider-Man, the episode uses stock footage where Peter is slipping off a long-sleeved white dress shirt (which he wears with his blue suit) to reveal his costume underneath.

  • In "The Peril of Parafino," Parafino chisels Mad Dog Melvin's name on the pedestal, with the name appearing as "Melvin," but when Spider-Man arrives at Parafino's museum, we see that Melvin's name appears as "Melvan."

  • While Peter is mixing a batch of web fluid in his bedroom, he's wearing a white button down collar preppy shirt. However, when he answers the phone and talks to Betty (and before making the stock change into Spider-Man), the collar buttons vanish.

  • When Peter is getting the pepper from the cupboard it is strange that his Aunt May never heard him.

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