Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

A Firestar Is Born

Season 2, Ep 3, Aired 9/25/82
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  • Episode Description
  • The X-Men have a reunion. Ice Man and Firstar are also there because they where once a part of the X-Men. Spider-Man is soon attacked by an X-Men foe, the Juggernaunt. Spider-Man tries to keep him away from the X-Men. It didn’t work at all. As the X-Men talk to each other, Firestar decides to tell her origin. Juggernaunt soon interferes the reunion. The X-Men fight against Juggernaunt in order to keep Professor Xaviar safe because Juggernaunt is after him. As Spider-Man joins them, he attacks Jugernaunt. He then removes his helmet. This made it easy for Professor X to use his mutant power to defeat Juggernaunt.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Frank Welker

    Bobby Drake/Ice-Man, Flash Thompson, Ms. Lion

  • Kathy Garver

    Angelica Jones/Firestar

  • Dan Gilvezan

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man

  • Stan Lee

    Narrator (Season 2)

  • Christy Marx

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • Firestar and Iceman go to a X-men reunion, while Spider-Man makes an uncessful attempt to prevent the Juggernaunt from getting to the X-men mansion. Plently of cool, "new" X-men guest stars. Limited to what network tv would allow.

    By johndoe70, Apr 26, 2009

  • We get Firestar's secret superhero origin, just in time for the show to end.

    By Gladrius, Aug 16, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • (cut from ABC Family) Juggernaut: You can't stop me, Spider-Man, but I can stop you!

    • Spider-Man: (about the Juggernaut) One thing's for sure: he'll never sneak up on you.

    • Professor Xaviar (to Iceman and Firestar): We are happy to have you back, even for a short visit. Firestar (to Professor Xaviar): It's wonderful to see you again Professor. Cyclops (to Firestar): Firestar, over here. Firestar (to Cyclops): Coming Cyclops. Cyclops (to Firestar): This is our other new member, Wolverine. Wolverine (to Firestar): Hiya doll (sticks his adamantium claws into an apple), wanna piece of fruit. Storm (to Firestar): I've heard so much about you, but I'd like to hear more. What was it like to grow up with your fantastic powers? Firestar (to Storm): Oh it wasn't easy. (thinking) Mostly because of a girl named Bonnie.

    • Juggernaut (to Spider-Man): I am the one who discovered the lost city of Cyttorak. It's mystic gem transformed me into the human Juggernaut, the only one who could destroy the X-Men.

    Notes (4)

    • The reason why Wolverine was disposed of quickly by The Juggernaut is because his trademark adamantium claws weren't suitable for younger Saturday Morning cartoons in the 1980's, might not be good for younger veiwers. That's a disappointment to comic fans at the time. He didn't appear in the episode "The X-Men Adventure."

    • ABC Family version removes Spider-Man's second appearance in this episode, when he escapes the massive rock pile the Juggernaut buried him under and lands in a subway tunnel.

    • The X-men featured in this episode are Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine, Professor X, and Angel.

    • Magneto and a Sentinal are seen in a flashback when Firestar was with the X-Men.

    Trivia (2)

    • In this episode, Firestar is shown using her powers as a young girl despite the fact that most mutants do not develop their powers until puberty.

    • Wolverine is canadian, yet is played with an Australian accent

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