Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Neogenic Nightmare (2): Battle Of The Insidious Six (2)

Season 2, Ep 2, Aired 9/16/95
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  • Episode Description
  • The six supervillains can't believe their eyes when Spider-Man walks into their trap at the warehouse. But it's obvious why, when they easily overcome and unmask the fraud. Meanwhile, Silvermane and the Crime Lords grow more disenchanted with The Kingpin and want to put him out of business. Kingpin beats them to the punch, kidnapping Silvermane. Can Spider-Man save the day?

  • Cast & Crew
  • Christopher Daniel Barnes

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man

  • Jennifer Hale

    Felicia Hardy

  • Sara Ballantine

    Mary Jane Watson

  • Linda Gary

    Aunt May Reilly-Parker

  • John Semper

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Spidey must battle the Insidious Six... without his powers.

    By logi, Jan 16, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (26)

    • Smythe: Now Silvermane will rally the crime lords against you. You've dug yourself an awfully deep grave this time.
      Kingpin: This is only a temporary setback. In the end, Silvermane will be the one to occupy that grave.

    • Spider-Man: (After watching the Scorpion's acid dissolve one of Doctor Octopus' mechanical arms) Ouch, I'd hate to see the repair bill on that.

    • Spider-Man: (As the kingpin's searchlight shines on him and Silvermane) You know I've never been one to seek out the spotlight.

    • Spider-Man: (After the Shocker's costume blows up) Whoa, talk about wearing flashy clothes.

    • Spider-Man: (Swinging Doctor Octopus out of the way) I just have to toss out the garbage.

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    Notes (1)

    • A part of this episode takes its cue from one of the early Spider-Man issues that features Doc Ock. Spider-Man has a cold when he battles Doc Ock and is easily defeated and unmasked. Similarly this happens here, and the reaction is that Peter Parker can't be Spider-Man because he didn't put up too much of a fight. This is also borrowed from the first Amazing Spider-Man Annual, which introduced the Sinister Six. In its story, Peter had his powers phasing in and out, too, over the course of some of his battles with the Six. In a story element that would be mirrored in the movie Spider-Man 2, as well, it turns out his weakening powers were apparently all based on Pete's deep seated guilt and insecurities.

    Trivia (3)

    • The jungle created by Mysterio's cubes is supposed to holographic, but the Six and Spider-Man are able to push the plants aside, even making rustling noises as they do!

    • When searching for Spider-Man and Silvermane, Shocker's costume had been ripped open by the Rhino. Then he fell into a huge storage container of water, and he had to get completely out of his suit because it was about to blow up. However at the end of the episode, the Insidious Six decide to each go their seperate ways, and the Shocker is among them with his costume on. It didn't seem like he had time to put on another one. (I doubt he even had a spare suit, though it would have probably been with the Kingpin if he did, and the Six never returned to him after the battle.)

    • When the Insidious Six decide to split up, Doc Ock's tentacle is back to normal in the long shots, although it is fixed in the close-ups.

    Allusions (1)

    • Spider-Man: We've gotta get out of here before the Six stooges return! A reference to the classic comedy The Three Stooges.

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