Spider Wars (1): I Really, Really Hate Clones

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (2)

  • Spider-Carnage: You see I really really hate clones

  • Spider-Man: This is starting to sound like a bad comic book plot!

Notes (7)

  • The fingers on Octo-Spidey's mechanical tentacles are more like Doctor Octopus' ones from the comics than the one from this series.

  • In the movie "Spider-Man", when Peter first finds out about his powers, he first uses a suit like Scarlett Spider-Man, and later the suit of the original.

  • There are many versions of Spider-Man. However, only the original and the one with silver armor appears in the videogame "Marvel Superheroes Vs Street Fighter".

  • In the comics, Spider-Carnage was Ben Reily temporarily taken over by the Carnage symbiote. In Ben Reilly's universe, both Uncle Ben and Aunt May are dead, reflecting the status quo in the Spider-Man comic books at the time this episode originally aired.

  • The title, "Spider Wars Chapter 1: I Really, Really Hate Clones" is a reference to the infamous "Spider-Clone Saga" storyline, which ran through each and every Spider-Man comic from the summer of 1994 through the fall of 1996.

  • Armored Spidey, Octo-Spidey, and Spider-Carnage -- who first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #100, Amazing Spider-Man #410, and Spider-Man: Funeral For An Octopus #3, respectively -- were introduced to non-comic fans through the the Spider-Man animated action figure line before appearing on the animated series.

  • The Scarlet Spider demonstrates impact webbing.

Trivia (1)

  • When the Six-Armed Spidey mutates into the Man-Spider, his now torn costume matches Spider-Man's when he suffered the same transformation. However, there's no extra costume sleeves on this Man-Spider.