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  • 9.5

    Wonderful show.

    By gracielove, Nov 08, 2012

    Great idea for a show even a comedy. Loved the whole cast but hated when Michael J. Fox left. He was the show to me. But I HATE Charlie Sheen.

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  • 8.0

    A great show - just wasn't the same without Michael J Fox

    By SamElm, Sep 30, 2012

    I loved this show when it started up - even though it was a little too gag-based at times and the emphasis on Mike's relationships did occasionally steer into corny drama, the dialogue, the jokes, made up for it.


    And the cast was a strong one - every member of the initial cast was perfect for their role. They weren't just believable, they executed every line and dialogue naturally and easily and with perfect timing and expression. There was never that awkward moment of something slightly off when you could sense, "Oh, they're acting." Even when the dialogue wasn't the strongest, they could deliver. You felt like you were watching a moment in their lives, not a set with actors reciting from memory and choreographed movements.


    ... But it changed. And the big reason - Heather Locklear. I know, this sounds cliche. But the problem with Locklear was twofold.


    First, the writers seemed to feel obligated to insert her into the show, so her appearance, her role - it all seemed so forced. Like they'd been forced get her character established front and center at gunpoint. She was the sassy strong female stock character who everyone wants and no one can have - a terrible cliche. Obviously, she needs to becomes Mike's love interest. Nikki gets written out of the show to make room and I'm convinced that Stacy's unexplained disappearance between seasons is related to Locklear's introduction - there's only enough screentime and Locklear needs to be the big star and I imagine it was made obvious at some point to Jennifer Esposito that she wouldn't have much of a role anymore.


    And we, as the audience - we're forced to love her. The writers don't organically introduce her as one of the cast and have her grow into the storylines (like they did when they intro'd Stacy). Instead, Locklear's character gets all the main plotlines from the get-go - she is the new focus of the show.


    Which I think is why most fans didn't like her. Spin City was no longer Spin City. It was a completely different show. Because the Spin City in its prime was an ensemble cast - a group of different actors playing off of each other in stories that involve all of them. Mike was the center, but he wasn't out there on his own. And that's what made it so good - the dialogue. That natural, smooth-flowing dialogue and movement between characters that I pointed out before - nine different characters with very different roles and actors who fit those niches so well - that was the great part.


    But when Heather Locklear was introduced, suddenly, the show wasn't about that anymore. The show wasn't an ensemble cast - it was "Michael J Fox and Heather Locklear, with assorted supporting actors and extras." And that is the reason why the other actors left. Why stay if you essentially are just background?


    That's why fans hated Locklear's character so much - not necessarily because of her character, who, though annoying, could've become an interesting addition to the group (the cold ambitious selfish bitch - hey, Dierdre made it work) - but because they changed the show entirely to make her the star.


    I dunno who made that decision, whether it was the producers, the writers, the network, but someone, somewhere, decided the show needed to focus on two central characters rather than an ensemble cast. And that person needs to be forced to sit in a chair and watch all those later season episodes of Spin City until they weep and repent, because they ruined what could've been a great send-off to Michael J. Fox's distinguished career.


    Because I know that someone was thinking, "Heather Locklear's available for the show? Oh, man, she's HAWT. Make the show about her." And that leads me to the other thing: Heather Locklear isn't actually that good an actress. She's adequate. Not bad, not the worst. But if it wasn't for her looks (which I personally don't like) and her reputation in soap operas (which aren't actually known for strong acting), she would be completely average.


    The other actors on Spin City - hey, I'm realistic, they're not exactly Meryl Streeps or Tom Hanks. But they were PERFECT for the specific roles they played on the show. Maybe Barry Bostwick could not have been convincing in any other role - but he was a natural as the Mayor. All the actors were in precisely their element.


    Heather Locklear simply was not. Every line she delivered, she delivered like she was selling makeup on one of her TV spots - a clean, polished line in a pleasant, lyrical tone - but people don't talk like that in real life. She wasn't terrible - she was adequate - but she simply did not belong on Spin City.


    So instead of trying to make Heather Locklear belong on Spin City, they changed Spin City to make it belong to her. There was just enough of the original Spin City to keep the show just watchable in the fourth season, but with Michael J. Fox and Bill Lawrence gone, it plummeted.


    And Charlie Sheen - ugh. Dude's like Heather Locklear - delivers every line in just one way - only for him, it's always a low, grating deadpan, like he's soliciting prostitutes on the street.moreless

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  • 10

    One of the funniest shows i've seen

    By 90210fan4life, Mar 14, 2010

    Spin City is a show where every episode is different and funny and entertaining. I prefer Mike to Charlie, and i've seen most of the ones with Mike and only a few with Charlie. The characters on the show are all funny and are all very well represented. I don't think Caitlin ruined the show. I think she did a good job making the transition between Mike and Charlie. The later years were like a whole other show with most of the original cast gone, but Spin City really knew how to carry on with the show.

    I think the show is underappreciated and i wish they played it in Canada.moreless

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  • 10

    One of the funniest sitcoms ever!!!

    By mattdistasio, Jul 07, 2009

    Spin City is one of those shows that doesn't seem to ever get old. The basic idea is awesome because it makes politics seem fun. It brings the office sitcome to a new level which makes it much better than NewsRadio, Just Shoot Me, and The Office or any other sitcom for that matter. Its characters are just drop dead hilarious and more appealing than that of the other three. Whether it be the crazy storylines, jokes, or the characters this show measures up to the best like Seinfeld, Fraiser, and Friends. Both Mike and Charlie do a great job as Deputy Mayor but of coarse Mkie comes out on top always. The rest of the cast is amazing in thier own way except Heather Locklear who is very anoying. The humor is still fresh today because it doesn't rely solely on slapstick comedy and sex jokes but rather impliments them respectively and instead uses more of the storylines and charecters to propel the humor. Overall one of if not the funniest sitcom.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Always good for a laugh.

    By Miss_barbara, Jun 02, 2009

    A year ago i was flipping trough channels, and all of a sudden i was watching spin city.

    I started to look it reguarly, and after 2 weeks i was hooked.

    I love Charlie and Mike, they are both great actors, and even though i love Mike more than Charlie, Charlie does a great job to.

    The mayor is really funny, the make him look so dumb and unknowing. It is good to see he has this great crew behind him.

    James, he is so unknowing and cute. He is the little brother of the team.

    Stuart is so juvenile, and yet so fun.

    Paul is the dumbass, but i think he h as more than that.

    And finally Carter xD, he is portraited so gay it is not funny anymore. But i love how he plays it.

    Then there are all these women, and they are strong and everything, but i have the feeling they are more eyecandy than really part of it.

    The episodes are funny, they make you laugh, but if you stop watching during an episode you don't have this nagging feeling that you really need to see the ending.

    All in all, this is a nice show that i love to watch.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Michael J. Fox's best project ever!

    By Twitty2000, Nov 07, 2007

    When Michael J. Fox was on Family Ties in the 1980's, yeah that was funny but Spin City is my favorite project he has ever done! It was smart, funny, shot in the best city in the world New York City, and the funniest cast before Scrubs. In fact all the cast were later on Scrubs as guest stars. These guys were New York "bread & butter" actors just like Michael. They all blended so well together and made the show a hit. He was very nice to keep the show on after he left in 2000 to take a break from show business due to his illness. I feel the show was never the same after that but Spin City is one of the funniest shows period and I hope to do a sitcom as funny and exciting as it was. It is just as much fun as the cast to have as much fun as the live audiance does. That's what made Spin City great! ROCK ON!moreless

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  • 9.0

    I really like Spin City because the cast is great and it really shows what could go on in City Hall. They take something serious and make it a comedy. The tension between co-workers is great and to see what happens with that tension.

    By Zorrozag, Jul 25, 2007

    This show is great because it has the executive producer from Scrubs. The two shows resemble each other in the way it can make you laugh even when something serious happens. It was great to see the two shows cross over when some of the Spin City stars guest starred on Scrubs. Those episodes were great. There is never a show in either series that is boring something exciting is always happening to keep you interested. Spin City's cast is flawless. I was only disappointed when Mike had to leave the show. I really never got used to Charlie but he had his moments too. Caitlin sort of took the place of Nikki but she did fine on her own. I wish this show had more appreciation.moreless

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  • 10

    Spin City has held up over time.

    By crashingdoors, Feb 18, 2007

    You know how you look back on shows you used to watch back in the 90s, and remember how much you loved them?

    Then the show comes out on DVD and you buy it, excited to be able to watch your old favorite again!

    ..except it isn't as good as you remembered. Case in point: 3rd Rock. I used to watch it all the time when I was about 10 to 15, but when I bought the DVD sets I was dissapointed.

    Spin City however was a show that I never really cared for when it was initially on, but now that I've seen a bunch of reruns on FX I'm surprised that the show wasn't a bigger hit. Each episode was hilarious, all the characters were likeable, and it was just so different. 3rd Rock was like that too but it really was just a lot of puns and the novelty of them being aliens didn't stay funny after all these years. There was no novelty in Spin City - just good characters, good stories and funny actors.

    I'll be waiting for this to come to DVD in full seasons, or at least track down MJF's "favorites" that I saw a while ago at Wal-mart.moreless

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  • 4.6

    When Mike Flaherty is still in Spin City, it\'s still my favorite. but until charlie Sheen comes, I didn\'t watch. because I am MJF fans so I watch spin city. I believe that many fans are watching it for MJF not Charlie Sheen who has worse image than Fox

    By SangWoo_Kwone, Jan 04, 2007

    Good and funny. people should really enjoy this show. as long as MJF exists yes ... but charlie sheen\'s appearence, people should shut the TV off. not to hate Sheen, but he is not good man, not good guy. degrade spin city. sorry if offend sheen fans, but yes I believe, many people, like me, watch spin city to support and love Michael J Fox. no matter how Sheen fan speak. Fox is far better than Sheen. Sheen is no match to Foxmoreless

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    I woes see that before

    By Kylefan, Nov 19, 2006

    The true I love this show I woes watch at every time I just like that this woes the best show ever every one woes funny there bat I sad to say that when Charlie Sheen Enjoy the them in J.Fox Place this not wily woesw fun like before J.Fox woes moor funny then sheen Dont make me wrong I like Sheen Just I dont thing that He can make funny moor then J.fox This Just my REVIEW

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