SpongeBob SquarePants

Culture Shock / F.U.N.

Season 1, Ep 10, Aired 9/18/99
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  • Episode Description
  • Culture Shock: Mr. Krabs wants to make more money, and Squidward suggests a talent show. Everyone is invited, including SpongeBob's parents, and Squidward thinks he will be the best act. He even tries to make SpongeBob think he is acting by cleaning up afterwards. SpongeBob, however, wows the crowd with his cleaning 'act'. F.U.N.: SpongeBob tries to be friends with Plankton, whom SpongeBob thinks is only evil because he's lonely and made fun of. But Mr. Krabs doesn't believe it. He knows Plankton is evil on the inside. He puts Plankton to the test only to prove to SpongeBob that Plankton is only after the formula.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Clancy Brown

    Mr. Eugene H. Krabs

  • Bill Fagerbakke

    Patrick Star

  • Tom Kenny

    SpongeBob SquarePants/Gary/Mr. SquarePants/Narrator/Various Others

  • Mary Jo Catlett

    Mrs. Puff/Mrs. SquarePants

  • Dee Bradley Baker

    Various Voices

  • Fan Reviews (45)
  • Great episodes

    By Disney4life, Dec 24, 2013

  • Both of them were hilarious episodes.

    By Glacierssuck, Mar 16, 2013

  • they are both awesome

    By epiclaser, Jan 22, 2013

  • Squidward hosts a talent show and Plankton become friends with SpongeBob

    By fsaenz0125, Dec 15, 2011

  • okay episode

    By kingnicky1, Feb 18, 2010

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (22)

    • Squidward: You bottom feeders! You don't even know talent!
      : (shouting) No talent!

    • Mr. Krabs: Squidward! This show is a disaster! You're ruining me! Squidward: Now, now. Don't you worry, Mr. Krabs. I saved the best for last. You'll see! Mr. Krabs: For your sake. I hope you're right!

    • (Squidward starts hippo/hiphop/pih dancing) Joe: What the...?!

    • Mr. Krabs: I haven't seen Plankton for a while. SpongeBob: Who knows? Maybe he's changed. Mr. Krabs: Who knows, I think you know! SpongeBob: He's changed, I tell you!

    • Plankton: I win! SpongeBob: It's not about winning, it's about fun. Plankton: What's that? SpongeBob: Fun is when you... it's kinda... sorta like a... what is fun...? Here, let me spell it for you. (singing) "F" is for friends who do stuff together, "U" is for you and me, "N" is for anywhere and anytime at all. Clams: Down here in the deep blue sea! Plankton: (singing) "F" is for fire that burns the whole town, "U" is for uranium... bombs, "N" is for no survivors, when you...! SpongeBob: Plankton! Those aren't what fun's all about. Now, do it like this. (singing) "F" is for friends who do stuff together... Plankton: Never, that's completely idiotic!

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    Notes (28)

    • "F.U.N." ranked #2 in the fans' top 10 countdown during The Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash Weekend.

    • "F.U.N." is the first song sung entirely by a character on their own voice.

    • Footage from "Culture Shock" was used on Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship.

    • Culture Shock marks the first time that Sandy appears in an episode but doesn't contribute to the plot.

    • F.U.N. was the highest rated Season 1 episode on The Best Day Ever Top 100 Episodes Countdown.

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    Trivia (16)

    • In "Culture Shock," Mr. Krabs sold a free salad, but in latest episode he hates the word "free."

    • In the Spanish (Latin America, not Catalan) version of the song F.U.N., they kept the same letters as in English instead of translating the word "fun" to Spanish's "diversion", but substituting each sentence to fit in Spanish. Like this: "F por familia, U es la union, tu y yo." (F for family, No for union, you and me)

    • Plankton cut a hole through the bottom of the door when he escaped, yet when we see him outside, you can see the door in the background with no hole!

    • According to Mr. Krabs, the Krabby Patty is a no friend zone.

    • In "F.U.N.", SpongeBob said, "You don't EAT 'em, you catch them like this, la la la la la la la la... like that." The jellyfish he was catching (when he said that) had no spots and one line. But when SpongeBob said, "Then you throw them back. But watch out for the stingers.", the jellyfish had spots now along with the line.

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    Allusions (2)

    • The audience's reactions to SpongeBob and Squidward in "Culture Shock" is very similar to that of Bugs and Daffy of Looney Tunes: the audience would provide tumultuous applause for anything Bugs did, while never applauding for Daffy.

    • Squidward dances against a backdrop of Monument Valley, where numerous John Ford and other Westerns were filmed in the 1930s through '70s.

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