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    Get your surfing boards, we're reviewing Spongebob vs The Big One!

    By finnysohr, Nov 10, 2013

    This special is about Spongebob, Patrick, and the others getting stranded on an island. And it's pretty bland indeed. So, did this episode swim, got bittern, or eaten by a shark? It got eaten by a shark, meaning it's a horrible dreaded ScumBob episode! Of course it's bad, people! It's a Season 4+ episode! Like any other new episode, there are no good jokes, horrible animation, and the plot was dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb! Please do not watch this, or any episode above Season 3!moreless

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    ugghh, another overrated, new spongebob special

    By charlesguy11, Jul 11, 2013

    weak jokes, weak plot, celebrity cameo, yup its a modern spongebob special. This episode is boring, theres no humor, and nothing happens throughout the special.

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    By jmbsonic555, Nov 03, 2011

    SpongeBob and his friends are suddenly swept away out of Bikini Bottom after a big wave hits. Now to get back home, with the help of Jack Kahuna Laguna, SpongeBob and his friends must ride The Big One.

    this episode was very abysmal so this one will receive a 1 out of 10

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    Spongebob SquarePants Vs. The Big One: It's a very hot day at the Krusty Krab so Mr Krabs takes everyone to the beach. After a massive wave SB, Mr K, Squidward, Sandy and Patrick get washed in different direction and the only way to get back is to surf.

    By Sabrespongebob, May 12, 2011

    Spongebob Squarepants Vs. The Big One: Why all the low scores this special is in my opinion the best special since Where's gary (Better than Dunces and Dragons, Friend or Foe, Atlantis Squarepantis, Pest of the west and WhoBob WhatPants) The idea of this episode is so new and fresh and all the characters are hilarious. I loved the song when they were on the surf boards and Johnny Depp's Character is great. The Flying Dutchman makes (His only Season 6) apperance which is great. But by far the best part is when Dutchy sank to the bottom of the sea and met Davie Jones (From the Monkeys) Spongebob Squarepants Vs. The Big One: 9.0moreless

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    Pretty cool special!

    By spongeyfan99, May 12, 2011

    I thought this SpongeBob special was awesome! It was a great finale to season 6! SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward get trapped on a deserted island with a guy named JKL, and to go back to Bikini Bottom, they have to surf a wave known as the Big One. I thought it was pretty epic, and I never expected JKL to come back after he sacrificed himself. I also thought it was kind of weird when the flying dutchman met that actual guy under goo lagoon. I really loved this awesome special and would like to see more specials like this.moreless

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    This is a bad special which is now Dadanyahan.

    By thecrad15, May 12, 2011

    SpongeBob and his friends are suddenly swept away out of Bikini Bottom after a big wave hits. Now to get back home, with the help of Jack Kahuna Laguna, SpongeBob and his friends must ride The Big One.

    This episode should have been an 11 minute episode instead of a special.

    I liked some parts, but the majority of this episode was boring. JKL was so cruel in this episode. If JKL just teached them right away, there will be no problems for this episode!

    And lastly, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and the Flying Dutchman shouldn't have appeared in this episode because they ruined it.moreless

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    By Southparkfa, May 12, 2011

    This is, without a doubt, the worst special of Spongebob, and one of my least favorites of the series. In it, Spongebob and the gang get sucked out by a storm, and are all spread out throughout the ocean, Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward are on a deserted island in the ocean, Sandy is on a different island and discovers a way to save Spongebob and Patrick, and Mr. Krabs is stuck in the middle of the ocean. The whole storyline was bland, there were no laughs, and Johnny Depp as J.K. L. was the only good thing about the whole episode. 2/10 F-moreless

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    Alright,I think the episode was okay.

    By woahwoah678, May 03, 2011

    Spongebob and all of his friends are stuck in the middle of a island and get help by a dude played by Johnny Depp.

    This episode should had been a movie for some matter.That's what kind of angers me.And another part that was kind of bad was Sandy's helicopter.That part is harsh and the question I'm asking is this:Where the heck would Sandy find that ELECTRICITY?!It's kind of like that it will never happen in reality.

    Now for some of the best parts is when they show that part with the dudes teaching Spongebob and Patrick to surf.That part was kind of funny.But good for me.

    I kind of like this episode.It's kind of good.Grade C.moreless

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    Another boring Spongebob special.

    By ffmotorsports51, Jan 17, 2011

    I watched Spongebob vs. The Big One when it premiered and I did not find it so good. In my mind, the story was bland and was not told well. I did not like it when the wave (a.k.a. The Big One) was a wave that eats surfboards? Who had the idea of making a wave that eats surfboards? That is just...weird:(. Why could not the episode just be normal masterful surfing a huge wave instead of a monster wave. The story to me was bland and not told well. The whole concept of the story is completely messed up. Some of the events did not make sense, like Johnny Depp's character pretending to be dead. I did not understand that too well, and maybe the writers should not have included that into the show. Johnny Depp's character returning alive somewhat spoiled the whole story because wasn't he supposed to be dead? I don't know. Overall, boring special, bland story and confusing plot, cliche antics, and just not a good episode.moreless

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