SpongeBob SquarePants

The Great Snail Race / Mid-Life Crustacean

Season 3, Ep 15, Aired 1/24/03
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  • Episode Description
  • The Great Snail Race: When Squidward gets a purebred snail named Snelle, SpongeBob challenges him in the great snail race. SpongeBob trains Gary very hard to beat Squidward and Snelle. Patrick has a "snail" of his own for the race, which is a rock. At the snail race, Gary is in bad shape and SpongeBob hollers at Gary to get up, while Snelle heads straight to the finish line. Right when Snelle is a small step to the finish line, she turns back and makes friends with Gary, while Patrick's rock wins by a longshot. Mid-Life Crustacean: When Mr. Krabs feels like an aging old man, he tries to feel young again, so he comes with SpongeBob and Patrick for a night on the town. It turns out that the stops Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and Patrick go to are lame. Then, they go on a panty raid, but the house they strike at turns out to be Mama Krabs' house, and Krabs' mother sends Mr. Krabs to his room (well, at least he feels like a kid again and learning what it is like).moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Clancy Brown (I)

    Mr. Eugene H. Krabs

  • Bill Fagerbakke

    Patrick Star

  • Tom Kenny

    SpongeBob SquarePants/Gary/Mr. SquarePants/Narrator/Various Others

  • Mary Jo Catlett

    Mrs. Puff/Mrs. SquarePants

  • Dee Bradley Baker

    Various Voices

  • Fan Reviews (23)
  • Half-way good

    By SafetyPickle, Nov 25, 2014

  • Hate season 3

    By alexclaw, Nov 02, 2014

  • Fantastic Episodes

    By bautistakenrick856, Oct 01, 2014

  • Worst season 3 episode paired with a good episode

    By Ragamiicho, Sep 09, 2014

  • 22 minutes of complete sh*t

    By kylerawks10, Jul 28, 2013

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (23)

    • Mr. Krabs: I'll take back everything I said about you being lame. SpongeBob & Patrick: Not lame.

    • Mr. Krabs: (grabs the Krabby Patty and takes a bite) Hmm, so this is what I taste like.

    • (At the Krusty Krab) Little Kid: (to his mom) Mom, this Krabby Patty tastes weird. Kid's Mother: That's because it's old and dried up, like that old man over there. (points at Mr. Krabs)

    • Pearl: (on the phone with her friend, Jenny) Jenny? It's Pearl. "Coral" is definitely out!

    • Spongebob: Let's go out there and win so we can rub Squidward's big fat nose into it!

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    Notes (23)

    • In the more recent episode, "Gary in Love", Gary falls in love with a different snail named Mary, which probably suggests that his relationship with Snellie was rather short-lived.

    • This is the first (and probably last) episode where Mr. Krabs doesn't talk about money ever.

    • This is the first time Gary has a snail race.

    • The music used during the title card scene was the same tune as "Now that We're Men" which was in the upcoming movie.

    • Squidward said in "I Was a Teenage Gary" that he never wanted to see another snail again. So why would he buy Snellie?

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    Trivia (40)

    • Near the end of this episode, Mrs. Krabs grounds Mr. Krabs, except Mr. Krabs is an adult, groundings are usually reserved for children.

    • How could Mr. Krabs not recognize his own mother's house?

    • Sandy only shows up twice in "The Great Snail Race." The first time around is where SpongeBob calls Gary a lady to humiliate him as motivational tactic; Sandy is seen afterwards. The only other time was to kick SpongeBob for the statement he said earlier, which she believed was sexist toward women. Note: Sandy is a girl.

    • If the show is aimed at kids, why would a panty raid be included? It is a considerably more mature event that does not seem to fit in with the kid-friendly aspect of the show.

    • Shouldn't Snelly had already won the snail race by then? Snelly didn't go to the finish line, plus, she disqualified herself to comfort Gary.

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    Allusions (7)

    • Fish: So long, dorks! The fish who calls SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs dorks is similar to Kevin, who calls the Eds dorks all the time from Ed, Edd and Eddy.

    • Mr. Krabs' Mid-Life Crisis Mr. Krabs' mid-life crisis was similar to The Fairly Odd Parents episode, "The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad/Engine Blocked."

    • Patrick: Go Rocky! Lots of references of Rocky is available in this episode. The way Spongebob trains Gary is the same as the way Rocky's trainer, Mickey Goldmill trains. Squidwards behaviour of asking Spongebob to compete in the race is almost the same as the way Apollo Creed behaves when asking Rocky Balboa to compete against each other. And last but not least the name of Patrick's snail, which is of course Rocky.

    • Spongebob: Art thou feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? The game Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs are playing is similar to Dungeons & Dragons, a very popular Role Playing Game in the '80's.

    • K-Old was the name of the radio station listened to by Grandpa Lou (David Doyle) in an episode of "Rugrats."

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