SpongeBob SquarePants

Whale of a Birthday / Karate Island

Season 4, Ep 11, Aired 5/12/06
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  • Episode Description
  • Whale of a Birthday: Mr. Krabs wants to give his daughter Pearl the best birthday ever. While he works on the party, SpongeBob is assigned the task of figuring out what Pearl would like for a present. So he trails her through the Bikini Bottom mall and takes note of everything she thinks is "Coral." Once Pearl arrives at her party she is horrified to find that her dad's miserly ways have won out again. What was supposed to be the most fun and fabulous event ended up cheap and lame. It looks like Pearl's birthday will go down in history as the worst one ever - until SpongeBob shows up with a truck-load of presents. Everything Pearl looked at in the mall was so Coral that SpongeBob bought it all - maxing out Mr. Krab's credit card in the process. Karate Island: SpongeBob receives an invitation to take part in a competition on mysterious Karate Island for the chance to be crowned "King of Karate." SpongeBob and Sandy arrive at Karate Island and it turns out that it was just all a set-up to make SpongeBob buy real estate.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Carolyn Lawrence

    Sandy Cheeks

  • Clancy Brown

    Mr. Eugene H. Krabs

  • Dee Bradley Baker

    Various Voices

  • Lori Alan

    Pearl Krabs

  • Mr. Lawrence

    Plankton/Larry the Lobster/Other Voices

  • Fan Reviews (46)
  • What the provolone were they thinking!

    By SpongebobFanatic, Sep 28, 2014

  • Whale of a Birthday Good Karate Island Poor

    By Vebesbeans, Jul 04, 2014

  • whale of a birthday was good....

    By charlesguy11, Jun 13, 2013

  • Liked Whate of Birthday but Karate Island...

    By PrettyinPink, May 07, 2013

  • Whale of a Birthday excellent but Karate Island was just poor (you'll see why)

    By fsaenz0125, Jul 07, 2012

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Squidward: (rides on a boat after SpongeBob and Sandy left) I'm here! The king of clarinets has arrived! (Master Udon stands still on the rocks and he looks at Squidward)

    • Sandy: (to Lip Service) That's enough lip outta you!

    • Udon: He is forbidden to leave until he signs this contract.

    • Pearl: Morning, daddy! Mr. Krabs: Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a room on the ground floor? Pearl: Oh, daddy. I'm just excited because tomorrow's a very special day. Mr. Krabs: It is? Oh, I meant it is! Very special. Very, very special, indeed. Pearl: You have no idea what day tomorrow is, do you? Mr. Krabs: None at all. Pearl: It's my 16th birthday! Mr. Krabs: I knew that. How could you think I wouldn't know that? What are you gonna be, 12? Pearl: I'm going to be 16! It's only the most important birthday in my entire life. If I don't have a completely awesome party, my whole high school reputation will collapse. I'll have to drop out, I won't go off to college, I'll never leave home. You'll have to support me for the rest of my life.

    • Boys Who Cry: (singing) It's all about you, girl On your 16th birthday Pay attention to you, girl Everyone has to do just what you say You get your very own spotlight tonight 'Cause it's all about you Yeah it's all about Pearl You're the birthday girl Pearl: Yeah! It's all about me On my 16th birthday I want music, clothes, and shiny things So give it up right away Everybody in the whole wide world They have to pay attention to me It's all about me, me...and guess who? Me!

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    Notes (28)

    • About half of "Whale of a Birthday" takes place in the mall, where SpongeBob buys presents for Pearl.

    • We learn that Pearl's birthday cake was made out of cardboard and that the punch was actually dish water.

    • We learn that Squidward knows all the songs of the group Boys Who Cry.

    • In some subsequent reruns of "Karate Island", the Pat Morita dedication card, shown at the end, is cut out.

    • We all know that Karate island is fake.

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    Trivia (18)

    • Udon locked SpongeBob into a chair. However, when Sandy defeats Udon, SpongeBob walks over to Sandy, with no explanation of how he escaped.

    • When SpongeBob and Sandy arrived, the boat sank. But when they came out to leave, the boat was there again.

    • The inside of Gary's shell is much bigger in this episode.

    • In Pearl's song dream, in the crowd, there were the same people in each crowd, and the angels were already in the crowd.

    • In "Whale of a Birthday," there is no way that Mr. Krabs' credit card could buy that much stuff. The credit card shouldn't even last. Apparently, Mr. Krabs is a millionaire.

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    Allusions (15)

    • Whenever the Tickler spoke, his mouth animation did not match his dialogue. This is a reference to all dubbed live-action Japanese films, where the voices often did not match up with the actors.

    • Ed, Edd and Eddy When it's shown that Karate Island was a scam to buy a condo, it's similar to the Ed's scams in Ed, Edd and Eddy.

    • The name of Mr. Krabs' credit card is called Master Carp. This is a parody of Master Card.

    • Filthy Phil Oodon's minion "Filthy Phil" appears to be a parody of the fighter named Bacterian from Dragonball.

    • Karate Island could be a reference to Bruce Lee's movie "Enter the Dragon". In which, he travels to an island to compete in a karate tournament.

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